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Is Weed Legal in Vermont?

September 30, 2021
Is Weed Legal in Vermont

Vermont is home to some fantastic ski mountains, including Stowe, Bromely, and Killington. You can shred down a black diamond during the winter months. Is weed legal in Vermont, and can you enjoy skiing or snowboarding with a trippy buzz? 

Let’s look at the Vermont weed laws to understand if you can possess, buy, and consume cannabis or grow marijuana seeds while in this winter wonderland state. 

Vermont marijuana laws

Is medical marijuana in Vermont legal? Yes, medical marijuana in Vermont is legal. 

In 2004, the Green Mountain State passed An Act Relating to the Medical Use of Marijuana, or S.76, which legalized medical marijuana in Vermont. 

Patients must sign up through the Vermont Marijuana Registry to get a registered medical cannabis card. Your doctor needs to diagnose you with one of the following conditions to qualify. 

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Glaucoma
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Cancer
  • Severe nausea
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • HIV or AIDS
  • Epilepsy
  • Chronic pain
  • Cachexia
  • Wasting syndrome

Patients can possess up to two ounces of medical marijuana in Vermont. There isn’t a limit to the THC percentage cannabis contains for medical users. 

Is recreational weed legal in Vermont? Yes, recreational weed is legal in Vermont. 

Governor Phil Scott signed H.511 in January 2018. This bill changed the Vermont weed laws and legalized marijuana for personal use. 

Adults 21 years and older can possess up to 1 ounce of cannabis in Vermont. When you have more than the legal amount, the penalties are as follows. 

AmountChargeFineTime in Jail
1 to 2 ounces (1st offense)Misdemeanor$5006 months
! to 2 ounces (subsequent offense)Misdemeanor$1,0002 years
2 ounces to 1 poundFelony$10,0003 years
1 to 10 poundsFelony$100,0005 years
10 pounds or moreFelony$500,00015 years

Can you buy pot in Vermont? Yes, you can buy pot in Vermont.

In 2020, Governor Phil Scott allowed Vermont S.54, which legalized and regulated the recreational sale of cannabis. Vermont dispensaries must opt to have retail sales for personal use. 

When will recreational dispensaries open in Vermont? The Green Mountain State expects retail sales of weed to begin in the fall of 2022, although marijuana is legal now. 

The Vermont marijuana law has restrictions on recreational weed. Dry herb cannabis can’t have more than 30% THC, and concentrates aren’t allowed to have more than 60% THC. 

Edibles won’t be allowed to have more than 5 milligrams of THC per serving and a total of 50 milligrams of THC per package. Vape cartridges that contain cannabis must be unflavored. 

Per Vermont recreational dispensary laws, all cannabis sales for personal use have a 14% excise tax and a 6% sales tax. 

Currently, under Vermont weed laws, patients can purchase cannabis from their designated dispensary. Medical marijuana users can buy up to 2 ounces every 30 days. Patients are exempt from sales tax on cannabis. 

Also, if a patient wants to change their designated dispensary, they can only do it once every 30 days and must pay a $25 fee. Delivery services are available in Vermont. 

The Green Mountain State is the largest producer of maple syrup, and it’s a big part of the culture. When you’re looking at what Vermont recreational cannabis to buy, it’s only natural to look for products made from the plants of Maple Leaf feminized seeds.

The harvest from these feminized seeds contains 16% THC, 0.3% CBD, and is indica dominant. This combination creates a relaxing psychedelic high. When smoked, the herb is sweet and earthy with a buttery aftertaste, resembling a warm waffle. 

Can I grow my own cannabis in Vermont? 

Can you grow cannabis in Vermont? Yes, you can grow cannabis in Vermont.

Recreational growers can cultivate up to two mature weed plants and four immature plants from Vermont marijuana seeds

Medicinal marijuana farmers can grow two mature pot plants and seven immature weed plants.

If you’re interested in cultivating your own cannabis in Vermont, look at Homegrown Cannabis Co. for an extensive line of high-quality marijuana seeds to order online. 

Snow Ripper feminized seeds are ideal for growing cannabis in Vermont because they’re hardy. The plant from these seeds boasts huge nugs covered in resin, which look like snowy ski mountains.

The crops from these high THC seeds are indica dominant, which means they’re bushy, compact, and great for indoor growing. The harvest from these seeds contains 19% THC and 0.4% CBD levels. 

Under Vermont cannabis laws, you must consume in a private space. It’s illegal to consume in a public area or within public view. If an officer catches you taking marijuana in a public place, you get a $100 fine. 

Driving under the influence of cannabis in Vermont is a serious offense. If an official pulls you over while intoxicated from marijuana, you’ll face up to 2 years in jail and a $750 fine. 

When consuming weed in a moving car, even if it’s passengers, will result in a $500 fine, even for patients. If you have an open marijuana container in your car, you’ll receive a $200 fine. 

We recommend only consuming cannabis in Vermont on private property to avoid legal troubles. 

Is weed legal in Vermont? Yes, weed is legal in Vermont

The only update to the Vermont weed laws we’re going to see in the near future is the start of Vermont recreational dispensaries in 2022. These will make it possible for adults to buy marijuana from a regulated place. 

The last run on Vermont weed laws

Is weed legal in Vermont? Yes, weed is legal in Vermont.

Understanding where marijuana is legal can be challenging, so it’s critical to stay updated as legislation changes. 

Recreational use is now legal in more than 15 states, including Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, and New York

You can find all the latest news on the United States weed laws here at Homegrown Cannabis Co.

To stay updated with legislation changes and check the latest news on the US states where weed is legal, stay tuned to our Homegrown Cannabis Co. blog and subscribe to our newsletters!

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