Is Weed Legal in Virginia? [Updated 2022]

Is Weed Legal in VIRGINIA
July 22, 2021

The southern states have many qualities that warm your heart and soothe your soul. Fried chicken, sweet cakes, jazz & blues can improve anyone’s mood. What about marijuana? This popular herb also contributes to a positive state of mind and boosts your energy levels. But is weed legal in Virginia? Yes, it is.

The Old Dominion State is the first in the south to legalize cannabis. As a result, pot users are on cloud nine and not because they’ve consumed any weed but because they now have the freedom to do so.

Continue reading to discover just how liberated they are and what the Virginia marijuana laws entail.

Virginia marijuana laws

As of 1 July 2021, the marijuana laws in Virginia have changed to legalize weed. These changes allow adults to legally possess up to one ounce of cannabis. In addition, each household can cultivate up to four plants.

Those with previous misdemeanor charges, arrests, and convictions will have their records sealed from public view.

The Virginia marijuana laws for 2021 further permits adults to share no more than an ounce of their weed with those who are 21 and older. In addition, you can only share cannabis if you don’t accept anything in return

The sale of legal marijuana in Virginia remains unlawful. Anyone caught selling, manufacturing, or trafficking weed could receive felony charges. You could also face incarceration ranging from one year to 40 years — depending on the quantity — and fines from $2,500 to $1,000,000.

Medical marijuana is legal in Virginia. However, there isn’t a formal medical marijuana program in place in the Old Dominion State. Instead, patients are to apply for written certification from a medical doctor registered with the Board of Pharmacy. 

There isn’t a detailed list of qualifying conditions. The certified health practitioners determine if the patient’s condition requires medical weed and then recommend it.

The patient can then apply online for a registration card at the cost of $50. Since cannabis oil is legal in Virginia, cardholders can only purchase products that contain the oil. 

Fortunately, with the new legislation, patients are able to grow their own weed. High CBD seeds are best suited for cultivators with medical conditions. For those suffering from arthritis and inflammation, CBD Fruit (1:14) Feminized is a strain worth considering.

The one drawback of the marijuana laws in Virginia is that the regulation governing the production and sale of weed only comes into effect on 1 January 2024. This delay means that there’s no retailer who sells weed in the state.

Currently, the Virginia medical laws only allow the sale of cannabis oil products to qualifying patients at four approved dispensaries

One way of purchasing weed seeds is online, where the vendor can discreetly make deliveries for you to grow cannabis at home.  

Can I grow my own cannabis in Virginia?

When authorities passed the legislation for weed to be legal in Virginia, cultivation of up to four cannabis plants per household was also permitted. Cultivators should be 21 years and older.

When growing legal marijuana in Virginia, you need to ensure that the plants aren’t visible to the public and safety measures are taken to avoid access to those younger than 21 years.

You should label each plant with your details and a note that indicates you’re growing it for personal use. If you’re unsure which cannabis seeds to buy or which strain is most suited to the environment, then browse online at a marijuana seed bank where all the information you need is available.

For fast-growing weed plants, have a look at the autoflower seeds in the USA. You’re bound to find a strain like White Widow autoflower, which flowers in six to eight weeks with both medicinal and recreational benefits.

Those suffering from depression or insomnia will enjoy this cultivar, and it’s ideal for those who need a burst of renewed energy.

Since the commercial sale of cannabis is illegal, it seems that growing your own crop is one of the safe ways of acquiring legal weed in Virginia. 

Consuming marijuana is legal in Virginia but only in the privacy of your home. Don’t attempt to use weed in any public space or your vehicle. Anyone caught with an open container of pot in their car could face DUI charges. 

The penalty for having more than an ounce of cannabis in your possession has been reduced to a civil violation. The perpetrator will only be liable for a $25 fine. 

Weed lovers have waited a long time for weed to be legal in Virginia. Now with both medicinal and recreational marijuana legal in the Old Dominion State, many others in the south may follow soon.

With Virginians given the freedom to grow their own cannabis in the privacy of their homes, patients now have access to a wider variety of strains to help manage their medical conditions. 

With sales of marijuana only starting in 2024, investing in cannabis seeds allows easier access to your own supply right in your garden.

Stay tuned for more

The number of US states legalizing weed is continuously increasing, with Arizona, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota joining the growing list. 

The legislation is also ever-changing, and the only way to keep abreast with the latest news and developments is to stay tuned to Homegrown Cannabis Co.