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5 Alive Strain Information & Review

5 Live Strain

Have you ever Googled ‘what is five alive,’ only to find the answer is a fruit drink from the Coca-Cola company? Chances are you’ve probably missed out on the fact that the name is also a weed variant. The 5 Alive strain is even more refreshing than the drink, and you’ll learn all about it here.

We’ll tell you about 5 Alive’s effects, flavors, and cultivating information. You’ll find out where to buy the weed seeds and discover what other growers think of this variant. Dust off your summer outfits, as this marijuana strain will make you want to journey to a tropical paradise.  

5 Alive strain (aka Five Alive strain)

5 Alive is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that’s bursting with tastes of fruity goodness. Cannarado Genetics created this tropical-flavored variant, and it’s one that veteran users will undoubtedly enjoy. You’ll find all the basic 5 Alive strain info below before we delve into the exciting aspects in more detail:

5 alive strain description

5 Alive strain description

The 5 Alive weed strain produces dark-colored leaves when it grows. The cannabis plants’ leaves can emit a purplish hue when exposed to cold temperatures, making the crop very beautiful. The sticky buds are coated in orange colors, with layers of frosty resin highlighting the strain’s potency. 

The aromas of citrus will waft up to your nose and stir your senses, making you want to tuck into it straight away. But the real joy is in the flavor. Imagine being on a white beach under a palm tree while sipping on fruity cocktails. The tastes will transport you to a tropical location as you savor the sweet, orangy citrus tangs of the 5 Alive strain.

5 Alive is perfect for daytime use as it won’t leave you feeling lazy or sleepy. You’ll feel a buzz of energy as a euphoric high instantly greets your mind. You’ll feel as energized as the sun with creative urges to promote your inner artist. Your body will feel calm and relaxed at the same time, yet ready for the action you wish to take on. 

Stressful and negative thoughts will ‘take five’ and disappear into the background. You’ll find joy and positivity no matter where you look. Newbies need to take their time with this one as overconsumption may lead to hyperactivity and cerebral imbalances. Remember, the 5 Alive strain is highly potent, and you’ll experience the best of it with a few small tokes.

5 Alive strain grow information

The 5 Alive strains will grow best in temperate and continental climates. Although the cannabis seeds are sativa-dominant, they’ll grow like indica variants and are highly robust. They can withstand harsh weather conditions and are ideal for growing in the Northern Hemisphere.

The weed seeds usually pop within 24 hours and are perfect for beginner cultivators. 5 Alive doesn’t require much attention as its branches and stems grow quite sturdy, needing little support. As the marijuana plants grow, prune the leaves regularly to avoid moisture build-up and prevent mold or mildew.

As the 5 Alive strain flourishes, you’ll soon smell its pungent aroma, as orange citrus scents circulate the air. The weed plants will grow no higher than 5ft, suiting cultivators growing their marijuana crop discreetly outdoors. The flowering time is between 8–10 weeks, and you can harvest 5 Alive outdoors in mid-October.

The Five Alive strain is a compact weed plant, and it also grows well indoors. You can boost your indoor yields by using a Sea of Green (SOG) setup with multiple 5 Alive crops. Big, sticky colas packed with THC will produce yields of up to 1.7oz. per sq ft.

5 Alive genetics

The 5 Alive strain lineage of three delicious weed variants is enough to make your mouth water. It’s no wonder cannabis enthusiasts rave about the superstar heritage that this magnificent marijuana variant proudly boasts. Check out the 5 Alive strain genetics table below to find out what we mean.

5 ALIVE strain genetics

5 Alive seeds to buy near you

The 5 Alive strain can be hard to find in recreational and medicinal dispensaries in states where weed is legal. You can find the feminized variant online here at Homegrown Cannabis Co. We’re also going to recommend a few strains that are similar to 5 Alive that we know you’d enjoy:

  • 5 Alive feminized seeds: If you want to view 5 Alive’s glorious sticky buds in all their glory, you’ll love these feminized seeds. These ladies contain 21% THC and will supply you with generous yields to enjoy the tropical tastes.
  • Amnesia Autoflower seeds: If you want to enjoy the same creative, energetic, and euphoric effects as 5 Alive, then look no further. Amnesia Autoflower will attend to your needs. With sweet lemon and earthy flavors, Amnesia packs a punch with up to 22% THC.
  • Agent Orange seeds: This sativa-dominant hybrid will delight your taste buds with orange, lemon, and sweet flavors. Agent Orange contains 19% THC and will give you a spurt of energy as you feel focused and happy. The weed plants can grow up to 10ft outdoors and will flower within 8–10 weeks. 

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Feel alive with 5 Alive

With all the exciting cultivars available to buy, the 5 Alive strain can sometimes slip under the radar. But it deserves to emerge and show itself alongside the titans of the weed universe. You have to experience the fruity flavors and cerebral highs to truly appreciate it.

If you’re starting your cultivating journey, we’d love to hear about it on our Homegrown Diaries. You can share your experiences of the strain and provide other growers with info on 5 Alive Homegrown Diaries

Our Homegrown Forum is also a great tool to discuss your cultivation with other cannabis enthusiasts. Who knows what you’ll discover.

Don’t leave the 5 Alive weed strain hanging. Reach up and give it the energetic high-five it so rightly deserves!

About the author: Derek LaRose

Also known as Kronic from The Cannabis Kronicles, Derek LaRose is a young ambitious cultivator and a staple educator for indoor cultivation.

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