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Amnesia Haze Strain Information & Review

Are you looking for a powerful cultivar that leaves you feeling blissful? The Amnesia Haze strain induces upliftment and euphoria that has you oozing positivity for hours.

Each bud is fragrant and contains a delicious terpene blend which contributes to its potency. The aromas translate into the flavor, and every toke is a treat.

Are you ready to discover more about the Amnesia Haze strain?

Let’s kick things off.

Amnesia Haze strain

This cannabis cultivar is THC-rich and delivers powerful yet energizing sensations that help you relax from head to toe. It’s a hybrid marijuana strain that leans more towards sativa traits and descends from an impressive genetic line. 

Amnesia Haze weed offers the ideal way to wash away all your worries. Let’s look at its strain profile:

  • Type: Sativa-leaning hybrid
  • THC: 22%
  • CBD: 0.7%
  • Top reported effects: Creative, euphoric, energetic
  • Top reported flavors: Citrus, spice, earth
  • Dominant terpene: Myrcene
  • Flowering time: 8–10 weeks
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Yield: 21–23 oz./m² indoors and 25 oz./plant outdoors
Amnesia Haze strain information

Now that you have a summarised version of the Amnesia Haze strain info, let’s look at the cultivar in more detail.

Amnesia Haze strain effects

The Amnesia Haze effects pair well with various activities, as the journey starts with an energizing mental boost. The sensations are uplifting, and many tokers prefer the cultivar as a wake-and-bake option.

After taking a puff, it takes a few minutes for the buzz to hit. Negativity fades from your mind, and your thoughts flow freely as a flood of creativity engulfs you. Tokers report that it encourages motivation and inspiration for artistic tasks.

The strain has mood-boosting qualities, and the euphoria lasts several hours. These effects are primarily due to the Amnesia Haze strain THC level, which often reaches 22%.

The cultivar also has a reputation for its aphrodisiac qualities, and many claim that it improves confidence in an intimate setting. It’s a social strain for those who enjoy smoking with friends, and it may make you more talkative than usual.

After the initial effects fade, your muscles feel more relaxed, and a case of the munchies sets in. There are also several reported medical applications for the cultivar, like anxiety and depression. 

Is Amnesia Haze sativa or indica? The lack of lazy sensations and couch-lock make it clear that the hybrid leans more towards the former.

Amnesia Haze strain flavors

When you light this strain, the fusion of aromas delights your senses. On the inhale, the dominant flavors are citrus and earth with sweet undertones. As you exhale, pine and peppery spice make an appearance. The aftertaste is distinctly lemon.

The Amnesia Haze smell is irresistible. The buds are aromatic, and shortly before harvest time, they exude soft citrus scents with pine notes. When crushed, the fragrances get even more robust, and you may detect hints of earth if you pay close attention.

Amnesia Haze strain growing guide

The Amnesia Haze weed strain is somewhat tricky to cultivate. If you’re diligent in your approach, the challenge rewards you with a bountiful harvest. The cultivar is available in multiple variants and is slightly susceptible to common garden pests. 

These crops need nurturing and constant care to flourish. Amnesia Haze cannabis plants benefit from a strict feed of macronutrients. They also require a balanced water schedule, as a shortage or excess fluid can cause damage. 

The plants reach heights of around 2–3 feet and thrive indoors where the environmental factors are consistent. Outdoor growers can also reap successful yields, provided they choose an area with the ideal temperature and light exposure.

The Amnesia Haze plant height is compact enough to fit most grow rooms and containers. As with most sativa seeds, outdoor cultivators can harvest by mid-October before the cold sets in. The strain doesn’t do well with lower temperatures.

The ideal conditions include temperatures at 70–85°F with humidity levels that range from 50–55%.

Applying foliar sprays to the anatomy of the cannabis plant helps keep pests at bay, while regular pruning maximizes airflow and light exposure. As a result, the risk of mold and other pathogens is lower.

The Amnesia Haze flowering time averages 810 weeks, but some feminized varieties can take up to 13 weeks. The buds are conical and typically have a covering of thick resin. Crops offer 21–23 oz./m² indoors and 25 oz./plant outdoors.

Amnesia Haze strain genetics

Unlike most cultivars that have two parents, the Amnesia Haze cannabis strain derives from a variety of ancestors. Some of these are landraces, whereas others are exotic hybrids.

The parent strains include:

  • Haze 
  • Thai
  • Afghani
  • Hawaiian
  • Jamaican
  • South Asian Indica
  • Cambodian 

Each parent contributes to the unique profile of this strain. The Amnesia Haze terpenes come directly from this fusion. The dominant ones are myrcene, limonene, and pinene. The buds are also covered in weed trichomes, adding to their visual appeal. 

Amnesia Haze strain seeds to buy near you

Are you curious about cultivating cannabis? Do you want to harvest bountiful buds? Browse through our marijuana seed bank catalog after reading this Amnesia Haze strain review and find the following variants:

FAQs about Amnesia Haze

Now that you’ve discovered most of the details regarding this strain, let’s look at some of the most frequently asked questions.

Is the Amnesia Haze strain indica or sativa?

The Amnesia Haze marijuana strain is a hybrid with sativa-leaning genetics. The THC levels come from its lineage, and the plant’s appearance is also more sativa, although its short height indicates some indica genetics.

What strain is similar to Amnesia Haze?

Many of the strain’s qualities come from multiple parents. However, there’s a distinct similarity between the cultivar and the original Haze strain.

Is Amnesia Haze good for anxiety?

Many health users turn to the cultivar for its reported medicinal traits. One of the alleged medical benefits of this strain is that it alleviates the symptoms of anxiety.

Why is it called Amnesia Haze?

Some tokers believe the strain got its name from how potent it is. It can help you forget all your troubles when the uplifting sensations hit. Some of the effects mimic the original Haze cultivar.

Is the Amnesia Haze cannabis plant mold-resistant?

Amnesia Haze is relatively tricky to grow, as it’s susceptible to pest and plant afflictions. It’s not resistant to mold, so take care of how much moisture you expose the crops to. Regular trimming also reduces your risk.

How big does the Amnesia Haze marijuana plant grow?

Despite its sativa-leaning properties, the crop is pretty compact. Most healthy marijuana plants reach a maximum of three feet when paired with a quality cannabis fertilizer.

About the author: Parker Curtis

Parker Curtis has around a decade of cannabis-growing experience, specialising in soil-less and hydro grows. He’s mastering outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor grows.

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