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Banana Cake Strain Information & Review

Banana Cake Strain

Like the baked delight it’s named after, the Banana Cake strain is a fuss-free treat that leaves your taste buds satiated. The hybrid is THC-rich and induces pleasant sensationsshortly after the first toke. 

Multiple cultivars share the name. The one we’re discussing is the sugary fusion of Wedding Cake and Monkey Banana. It exudes a sweet tropical aromathat lures you in, tempting you to try it. 

Below we look at the strain profile, flavors, and effects. We also provide handy cultivation tips and guidance for your growing journey. Let’s kick things off with an overview of the Banana Cake hybrid strain.

Banana Cake strain (aka Banana Cream Cake) 

They refer to the cultivar as the Banana Cream Cake strain, and it’s still fairly new on the 420 scene. The indica-leaning hybrid is suitable for intermediate-level tokers

Let’s take a closer look at the basic info of Banana Cake cannabis.

Banana Cake Strain Info
  • Type: Hybrid
  • THC: 25–30% 
  • CBD: 0.1–0.5
  • Top reported effects: Euphoric, creative, relaxed
  • Top reported flavors: fruity, floral, earth
  • Dominant terpene: Limonene
  • Flowering time: 8–9 weeks
  • Difficulty: Intermediate 
  • Yield indoors: 17–18 oz./m2
  • Yield outdoors: 24–32 oz./plant

Banana Cake strain effects 

Banana Cake cannabis is potent thanks to its high THC levels. Initially, your mind floods with positivity, and your daily troubles disappear. You feel uplifted and inspired to take on a creative task or accomplish a mundane project that you’ve previously postponed. 

Your mood is upbeat, and you’re more talkative than usual. The Banana Cake strain is ideal for social settings with close friends. The conversation will flow smoothly with random giggle fits that keep the atmosphere lively. 

These sensations last a few hours before the physical element hits. A numbing warmth engulfs you, starting with your neck and shoulders. Soon your whole body feels tingly, heavy, and relaxed

Banana Cake strain flavors 

Banana Cake marijuana is aromatic. The buds exude earthy, fruity scents with soft floral notes. Grind these buds to reveal more complex fragrances. You’ll detect hints of pine and citrus. 

The sweet-smelling tropical blend translates well into the flavor, with creamy banana dominating the profile. You also pick up slight pineapple undertones on the inhale, and tangy citrus is more evident on the exhale. The aftertaste of Banana Cake cannabis is reminiscent ofa sugary fruit salad on a summer’s day. 

Banana Cake strain grow information 

Banana Cake marijuana is easy to cultivate and issuitable for intermediate-level growers. Enthusiastic beginners can also try growing it but need to adhere to the guidelines provided. 

Much like its namesake, it’s fuss-free. The strain requires minimal maintenance and thrives without heavy supplementation. It’s the ideal cannabis for coco coir, as the substrate doesn’t have many nutrients. 

Cultivate it in soil, but check the pH levels often as excess notes can be detrimental to the plant’s health. The Banana Cake strain is currently only available in the feminized variant, producing an all-female crop. 

They’re photoperiod plants that flourish with plenty of light exposure and moderate humidity levels. Grow this cultivar indoors or outdoors, and the typical flowering time is 7–8 weeks.

When cultivating outside, pick a sunny spot. Provide protection from heavy rainstormswith a canopy, as a sudden downpour can damage the plants. A warm Mediterranean climate is best. These crops grow up to 9 ft tall if you don’t implement any training techniques.

Use moderate doses of neem oil to keep cannabis pests away from your Banana Cake strain crop. Organic pesticides are better during the later phases of maturity, as you don’t want to get chemicals on your precious buds. 

Growing this strain indoors requires temperatures of 65–78℉ and humidity levels that don’t exceed 55–60%. Optimize your resources by employing low-stress training. A Sea of Green (SOG) or Screen of Green (ScrOG) setup works well with Banana Cake marijuana. 

The leaf to calyx ratio is high, and thick foliage develops during the vegetative stage. Prune unnecessary sugar leaves to enhance airflow and light exposure. Use fans to improve ventilation. 

The breeze fans generate also helps strengthen the branchesof your Banana Cake cannabis crop. It acts as a natural resistance, causing the plant to grow stronger. This is essential for when the heavy buds develop. 

Each bud is a colorful spectacle of green and purple hues, frosted in trichomes and layered with sticky resin. When you cultivate Banana Cake marijuana crops, look forward to indoor yields of 17–18 oz./m2 and bountiful outdoor harvests of 24–32 oz./plant. 

Banana Cake strain genetics 

The Banana Cake strain is a sweet hybrid that stems from the fusion of Wedding Cake and Monkey Banana. It inherits its potency from the former and its mouthwatering flavors from the latter. 

Banana Cake Strain Genetics

Banana Cake strain seeds to buy near you 

If this Banana Cake strain review has you intrigued, visit the Homegrown Cannabis Co. seed store. There’s a wide selection of cultivars available. The most popular varieties include feminized, autoflower, and regular options. 

We currently don’t have stock of the Banana Cake strain, but you can cultivate similar strains in the meantime. We recommend: 

  • Wedding Cake autoflower: If you’re looking to cultivate a potent sugary strain within a short timeframe, this is the best option

These strains are relatives of the Banana Cake strain and produce sweet-scented buds. 

One last slice 

The Banana Cake hybrid strain is sweet and tropical with a bouquet of fruity fragrances. The cultivar offers powerful effects that cause euphoria and relaxation. 

Cultivating this strain is pretty straightforward. Keep track of your plant’s development by subscribing to our Homegrown Diaries. You can also join our Homegrown Forum, where a community of like-minded cannabis lovers share helpful tips about marijuana cultivation

Check out the Homegrown Cannabis Co. seed store to start your cultivation journey. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Banana Cake Homegrown Diaries to monitor your growing progress.

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Also known as Kronic from The Cannabis Kronicles, Derek LaRose is a young ambitious cultivator and a staple educator for indoor cultivation.

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