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Top 10 Strains To Grow In a Greenhouse

Top 10 Strains To Grow In a Greenhouse

December 8, 2022

The best strains to grow in a greenhouse offer growers a rewarding experience thanks to their unique adaptation. The greenhouse cultivation method is popular due to its user-friendly process and excellent harvest potential. It shelters your crops from the adversity of erratic weather patterns by providing an ideal growing microclimate.

While setting up these metal or glass shells might seem daunting, they create a perfect environment for your weed plants. The rewards far outweigh the initial investment. Besides, you can always start from a cheap DIY structure and scale your way up.

Read on to discover our rich selection of legendary cannabis seeds and start growing greenhouse cultivars like a pro.

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What the top greenhouse strains have in common

Growing weed in a greenhouse gives your plants access to warm conditions (slightly higher than outside) for a well-optimized harvest year-round.

The structure also protects crops from physical threats like damaging downpours and destructive winds. The former causes moldy flowers, while the latter results in branch snapping. A sheltered environment also keeps out pests and pathogens.

Greenhouse strains boast strong genetics combining a healthy THC and CBD balance for a wholesome puff. Their growth pattern is well attuned to these game-changing layouts to leverage the ideal cultivation conditions.

The best marijuana strains for a greenhouse require minimal expertise and no heavy maintenance to grow. If you plant them in organic, nutritious soil and water them on time, your space will flock with top-notch cannabis plants.

Autoflowering and feminized seeds are the most popular choice for this growing setup. The latter derives from ruderalis genetics, resulting in hardy cultivars that typically resist diseases, pests, and other harmful pathogens. Fem seeds offer a 99% chance of all-female crops.

Our greenhouse-friendly strains do well across wide-ranging soil and weather conditions, leaving you with robust plants to match your investmentߴs value.

We stock hundreds of the finest cannabis cultivars, from the award-winning Shiskaberry strain to the legendary Do-Si-Dos strain.

10 best strains to grow in a greenhouse

Here are the top ten greenhouse strains to choose from. 

Do-Si-Dos feminized

Do-Si-Dos feminized

Do-Si-Dos feminized is an indica-dominant hybrid neatly characterized by bright pistils, shining trichomes, and lavender and lime green blades. It’s a proud descendant of Face Off OG and OG Kush Breath (OGKB), boasting similar resilient qualities. 

This cultivar is famed for its high potency thanks to a soaring THC content of up to 27%. Toke wisely and expect soothing relaxation amid a dreamy cerebral buzz.

Do-Si-Dos oozes sweet, earthy, and spicy scents with a pinch of floral delight. On the flavor side, the smoke tastes fruity and skunky upon exhale while offering a smooth inhale. Some tokers report it benefits anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, and muscle spasms.

This greenhouse weed strain is beginner-friendly and thrives inside, outdoors, and in greenhouses using soil or hydroponics. The average flowering time ranges from 8–10 weeks, and plants typically reach about five feet tall.

Since this is a somewhat pungent grow, a greenhouse is perfect for a stealthy operation to keep the aroma under wraps. 

Shishkaberry feminized

Shishkaberry feminized

Shishkaberry feminized leans heavily toward indica and owes its adored existence to legendary parents Afghani and DJ Short Blueberry. Sometimes known as Kish, this cultivar comes packed with 23% THC for excellent evening mood enhancement. 

The initial effect is a sharp cerebral high followed by smooth relaxation and sedation with lots of chattiness. Many consumers report the potent strain helps with insomnia, anxiety, depression, stress, and chronic pain.

As the name suggests, Shiskaberry buds produce a sweet berry and fruity aroma inherited from the parent strains. Earthy, herbal tones complement the overall fragrance profile. The refreshing fruitiness extends to the palate for a flavorful puff.

Flowering takes 89 weeks for this beginner-friendly cultivar that grows up to seven feet. Distinct purple hues and dense, spade-like buds are the focal highlights. Shishkaberry is ideal for a homemade greenhouse and indoor or outside cultivation. 

Maui Wowie feminized

Maui Wowie feminized is among the best cultivars to grow in a greenhouse for an authentic Hawaiian delight. This old-school strain is predominantly sativa, and its worldwide popularity stems from a richly relaxing high, a tropical taste, and exotic scents. 

It’s sometimes spelled Maui Waui owing to its initial cultivation on the islandߴs rich volcanic soil. The strainߴs THC content ranges from 16–20%, perfect for an invigorating, uplifting buzz in the morning or afternoon. 

The bud instills an elevated sense of focus and a revitalizing energy boost. Medically, it may help with stress, depression, fatigue, and migraines. The tropical flavor of this herb is almost synonymous with a refreshing juicy pineapple blended with apple, citrus, and herbal notes.

The strain is highly pest and disease-resistant, thriving in greenhouses and indoor or outside grows. Flowering takes 10–12 weeks, and plants reach heights of 6–7 feet. 

Nikki & Swami’s Maracuya feminized

Nikki & Swami’s Maracuya feminized is among the best greenhouse seed strains to check out. It’s a powerful hybrid cultivar bred from Orange Bud and Sweet Pink Grapefruit.

Its name comes from Nikki Lastreto and Swami Chaitanya, renowned cannabis master growers, breeders, and activists in the 420 community. 

Proceed with moderation when puffing this cultivarߴs buds, as it boasts a whopping 20% THC. Such potency is enough to couch-lock you, albeit with a cerebral high for gratifying happiness and relaxation. It may help with cramps, migraines, anxiety, depression, and stress.

Thanks to its refreshing fruity, citrusy flavors, lighting up this strain at any social gathering is sure to draw a crowd. An earthy, herbal, spicy, and sweet aroma profile complements the palatable puff. 

Nikki & Swami’s Maracuya feminized is relatively easy to grow and thrives in a greenhouse, indoors, and outside, provided the conditions are optimal. Flowering takes 8–10 weeks, and heights average 3–5 feet. 

Banana Punch feminized

Banana Punch feminized is an indica-dominant hybrid tracing its roots from Purple Punch and Banana OG. Its inviting appearance features a thick layer of crystal trichomes and a gorgeous blend of dark green, blue, and purple hues. 

This marijuana strain comes packed with up to 20% THC to leave you relaxed, happy, tingly, and creative. It reportedly helps with stress, depression, arthritis, and migraines. 

The cultivar has a sweet, tropical taste with subtle citrus notes and produces an alluring smell of baked apples, pineapples, and bananas. Thanks to the clever flavor fusion, taking a toke almost feels like devouring your favorite dessert.

This beginner-friendly strain flourishes in a greenhouse and also thrives indoors and outside, provided you buy it from a trusted marijuana seed bank. It flowers after 8–10 weeks and typically stretches to a maximum of four feet. 

Skunky Jack feminized

Skunky Jack feminized is a stoner-friendly strain, kicking hard without overwhelming you. This sativa-dominant hybrid is a cross between Skunk #1 and Jack Herer, both famed for sky-high THC levels and strong cerebral effects.

This cultivarߴs potency stems from its 23% THC, leaving you energetic, euphoric, focused, and creative. Many users report it benefits fatigue, inflammation, stress, and muscle spasms.

Skunky Jack feminized is one of the best strains to grow in a greenhouse, indoors, or outside, with flowering times between 8–10 weeks.

A strong, skunky fragrance is the main highlight, coupled with sweet, citrus, pine, and spicy aromas for a delightful puff. The plant reaches up to five feet tall.

Kosher Kush feminized

Kosher Kush feminized

Kosher Kush feminized, also known as Kosher OG, is believed to originate from OG Kush and is mostly indica. This award-winning strain boasts powerful genetics and astronomical THC levels of up to 26%, enough to couch-bound you. 

The high potency induces focus, happiness, relaxation, and sleepiness, with some users reporting pronounced pain, anxiety, and stress relief. 

This delectable weed strain boasts one of the tastiest smokes in the 420 community. A unique earthy, fruity, and woody aroma dominates the flavor profile.

Growing this cultivar is easy in a greenhouse as well as indoors and outside. Kosher Kush feminized flowers after 8–10 weeks, stretching to a maximum of six feet high. 

Alien OG feminized

Alien OG feminized
Alien OG feminized

Alien OG feminized is an insanely potent marijuana strain bred from Tahoe OG and Alien Kush. This indica-dominant hybrid packs up to 28% THC ideal for an uplifting cerebral buzz and heavy body effects. 

No wonder breeders chose this name, as the potency can transport you into outer space. Many users claim it helps with anxiety, fatigue, and insomnia thanks to the euphoric, energizing, and relaxing sensations. 

Its smell borders close to other OG strains, characterized by citrusy and woody aromas. Expect lemon notes and hints of earthiness to complement the delight.

Alien OG feminized thrives in a greenhouse and also suits indoor and outside setups. It flowers after 8–10 weeks and reaches up to three feet. It requires some prior cultivating experience to flourish.

Bubba’s Gift feminized

Bubba’s Gift feminized

Bubbaߴs Gift feminized is an indica-dominant hybrid birthed from Godߴs Gift and Bubba Kush, making it the perfect daytime companion. It’s a potent greenhouse weed strain with THC content soaring up to 19%, enough to induce creativity, relaxation, euphoria, and energy. 

This marijuana cultivar boasts a sweet and fruity aroma. The smell features tropical grapes with subtle diesel and spicy undertones. It may benefit fatigue, migraines, stress, anxiety, and arthritis. 

Bubba’s Gift feminized is novice-friendly and does well indoors, outside, or in a greenhouse. It flowers in 6–8 weeks and grows to an average height of three feet. 

Rainbow Glue feminized

Rainbow Glue feminized is an incredible cultivar that ticks many boxes, including powerful genetics, striking flavors, and hard-hitting sensations. It’s an indica-dominant strain bred from Gorilla Glue #4 and Zkittlez for the best of both worlds.

This potent weed strain packs high THC content averaging 22%, enough to trigger euphoria, focus, and relaxation. Many users report it helps with anxiety, cramps, stress, and migraines. 

The buds meld various terpenes oozing citrus, floral, spicy, and herbal scents. Rainbow Glue delights your taste buds with a pinch of woody musk and notes of sour lemon and sweet grapes. 

The cultivar is suitable for growing in a greenhouse, indoors, or outside and flowers in 810 weeks. Expect heights of up to six feet. 

Become a winning greenhouse grower

The best strains to grow in a greenhouse offer a safe haven for you and your plants. Amidst pests, pathogens, and terrible weather, cannabis cultivation continues unhindered for year-round peace of mind

These top ten strains from Homegrown Cannabis Co. are your best companions when growing in a greenhouse. Leverage their flexibility to extend your marijuana cultivation season.

Ready to shop for premium strains for your greenhouse and become a winning grower? Head to our online store for top-shelf weed seeds, and visit our blog to learn more about cultivating cannabis.

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