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Top 10 Strains To Grow In Massachusetts

best strains to grow in massachussets

Recreational users may keep six cannabis plants in their gardens in the Bay State. Would you like to put the law to good use and produce buds at home? You should choose among the best strains to grow in Massachusetts.

Join us to discuss this region’s climate and the ten cultivars that flourish within it.

How climate conditions affect growing weed in Massachusetts

A successful cultivation journey begins with genetics. Even if shopping with the most reliable weed seed bank, the climate also impacts the quality of your bud. What’s it like in Bay State?

Massachusetts is in the New England region in the northeastern United States. Its climate is primarily humid continental, with hot, rainy summers and snowy winters.

Summers are warm, with average highs above 80°F and overnight lows over 60°F. Winters are above freezing on the coast and around 20°F inland. Rain comes often and is well-distributed throughout the year.

Temperature extremes aren’t unheard of. Summers might surpass 100°F, while winters see under 0°F on occasion. Adverse weather also arrives in the form of tornadoes and cyclones.

What does this mean for the best strains to grow outdoors in Massachusetts?

Best Outdoor Strains

The growing season varies between locations. The last frost is in mid-March and the freeze-free period continues for the next 3–7 months. Inland growers can cultivate till mid-September; those near the coast may push it to November.

The summers accommodate most cannabis specimens, but their duration poses limitations. If living farther from the Ocean, avoid slow sativa and opt for quick indica that ripens before the biting October cold.

If you’re keen on sativa, consider auto seeds. Their crops finish flowering before the first fall frost in the continental part of the country.

The other factor is sturdiness. Crops should be able to last through sweltering conditions for a few days. High humidity in this region requires mold resistance, too.

10 best strains to grow in Massachusetts

Here are the ten best strains to grow in Massachusetts, no matter your skill and preference.

Critical Mass feminized

Critical Mass
Critical Mass

Critical Mass feminized is an indica-dominant Afghani x Skunk #1 cross. Its smoke is old-school and intense, delivering mental peace and full-body relaxation. Despite its low CBD content, this cultivar is also favored among medicinal users.

Crops are medium-sized, thick, and bushy. They stretch to a maximum of five feet, easy to keep safe behind fences.

Critical Mass is a popular choice for first-timers, requiring minimal assistance. You might need to install branch support in late flowering and watch for signs of bud rot. Harvest in late September to avoid cold damage.

FlavorsSkunk, earth, citrus
EffectsEuphoric, relaxed, sleepy
Flowering time7–9 weeks
Yield19 oz./m² indoors and 26 oz./plant outdoors

Zombie Death Fuck feminized

Zombie Death Fuck feminized is a sativa-dominant Girl Scout Cookies x OG Kush LA breed. It smells like sugar and flowers and kicks your senses into gear. Its energizing head high supports productive, creative, and social endeavors.

This strain doesn’t grow too tall. Crops usually remain under four feet, even without vertical space restrictions.

Prune excessive leaves regularly, pick a breezy spot, and feed moderately to prevent nutrient burn. Plenty of round, resinous buds will ripen by October.

FlavorsEarth, floral, spice
EffectsCreative, euphoric, talkative
Flowering time9–11 weeks
Yield14 oz./m² indoors and 21 oz./plant outdoors

Steve’s Hellfire OG feminized

steve weed strain

Steve’s Hellfire OG is a balanced OG Kush x SFV OG Kush cross by the legendary Steve D’Angelo. Its smoke is refreshing and rejuvenating. The moderate potency and blend of indica and sativa traits make it the ideal mid-afternoon toke.

Faithful to its Kush lineage, this breed produces compact marijuana plants. Its hassle-free, highly-resistant nature makes it one of the best strains to grow outdoors in Massachusetts.

Sow Massachusetts seeds in a sunny and well-ventilated spot in mid-April. Trim and prune regularly to enable appropriate light penetration. Flowering ends in late September.

TypeBalanced hybrid
FlavorsPine, pepper, herbs
EffectsEuphoric, relaxed, giggly
Flowering time8–10 weeks
Yield17 oz./m² indoors and 24 oz./plant outdoors

Black Domina feminized

Black Domina Feminized
Black Domina Feminized

Black Domina feminized is an indica strain made by crossing Afghani, Northern Lights, Hash Plant, and Ortega. It’s sweet on the tongue, bringing a mellow head high and tingly physical effects.

These dark crops are a sight to behold but remain relatively small. Outdoor cultivators rarely get phenotypes past four feet in height.

Shelter your crops from the elements and focus on the basics: ample food, water, and regular trimming. Sow companions to prevent pests. Plant in mid-April for a mid-September harvest.

FlavorsCitrus, nut, pepper
EffectsRelaxed, sleepy, hungry
Flowering time6–8 weeks
Yield21 oz./m² indoors and 24 oz./plant outdoors

Blue Fruit autoflower

Blue Fruit autoflower is the non-photoperiod version of the indica-dominant Mexican Purple x Thai x Blueberry cross. Its aromatic bouquet is a treat; the THC hit uplifts your spirits before lulling you into a couch lock.

These colorful weed plants barely reach three feet in height. They’re resistant to common cultivation pitfalls and flower automatically after six weeks of vegging.

The strain’s short life cycle is unforgiving of mistakes, so it’s best left to intermediate cultivators. It calls for regular feeding, light trimming, and sunlight exposure. Move crops indoors during rain spells and collect buds in early October.

FlavorsVanilla, berries, earth
EffectsHappy, calm, relaxed
Flowering time7–9 weeks
Yield15 oz./m² indoors and 3.5 oz./plant outdoors

Bubba Kush autoflower

Autoflower cannabis - Bubba Kush
Bubba Kush autoflower cannabis

Bubba Kush autoflower is an indica-dominant breed of White Widow auto and Pre ‘98 Bubba Kush. Its flavors are reminiscent of incense sticks and musky forests, and its relaxing properties help you find your chill. Light up to wind down and doze off.

This speedy variety doesn’t grow very tall: don’t expect crops to surpass four feet. It’s also hardy and tolerant of mistakes, making it ideal for new cultivators.

Focus on keeping crops’ surroundings steady and shelter them from wind, rain, and pests. Don’t hesitate to leave them outdoors in early October: the nighttime cold brings out a purple hue.

FlavorsCoffee, wood, herbs
EffectsEuphoric, hungry, sleepy
Flowering time8–10 weeks
Yield14 oz./m² indoors and 5 oz./plant outdoors

Candy Cream autoflower

Candy Cream autoflower is an indica-dominant cross between Cream Caramel and Lowryder. Deceptively sweet and gentle, this bud packs a powerful psychoactive punch. It gets your mind joyful and carefree and makes your body melt into its seat.

The autoflower rarely surpasses 3.5 feet. Its squat stature suits stealth cultivation, making it among the best weed strains to grow in Massachusetts discreetly.

Crops are easy to manage and thrive in most environments. They require warmth, sunlight, and stability and do well in lightly-fertilized soil. You can cultivate outdoors by mid-October.

FlavorsCream, earth, vanilla
EffectsHappy, relaxed, sleepy
Flowering time8–10 weeks
Yield14 oz./m² indoors and 11 oz./plant outdoors

G13 autoflower

G13 autoflower is the non-photoperiod variant of a mysterious indica. It smells like old-school ganja mixed with a fruit salad. Its high THC contents ensure absolute psycho-physical relaxation upon consumption.

This cultivar dedicates most of its energy to lateral stretching, remaining around three feet in height. It thrives in most climates and surroundings.

Sow in a spot with direct sunlight exposure. Install environmental protections and provide moderate feedings. Remove excessive foliage over the six weeks of vegging and harvest in October.

FlavorsWood, earth, orange
EffectsUplifted, hungry, sedative 
Flowering time8–10 weeks
Yield19 oz./m² indoors and 3.5 oz./plant outdoors

Purple Sunset autoflower

Purple Sunset autoflower is a hybrid made by crossing Purple Punch, Sunset Sherbet, and ruderalis. Its spicy flavors come with streaks of sweetness for a satisfying sensory experience. Its balanced genetics offers a blend of uplifting and sedating effects.

Plants are short and bushy, reaching around 3.5 feet in height and expanding laterally. Purple Sunset is one of the best strains to grow in Massachusetts, thriving in the warm and moist air.

Sow in mineral-rich soil in a sunny spot and prune weekly to remove excess leaves. Crops are speedy to veg and flower, finishing their life cycle in four months.

TypeBalanced hybrid
FlavorsEarth, wood, pepper
EffectsEuphoric, creative, calm
Flowering time8–10 weeks
Yield17 oz./m² indoors and 3.5 oz./plant outdoors

Super Silver Haze feminized

Super Silver Haze Feminized
Super Silver Haze feminized

Super Silver Haze feminized is a sativa-dominant Northern Lights x Haze x Skunk #1 cross. Its smoke smells of citrus over a spicy base and makes you energetic, creative, and talkative.

Crops stretch tall in the great outdoors, sometimes reaching eight feet in height. They require a skilled hand to manage but repay the favor with heavy harvests of trichome-rich flowers.

Plant in organic soil to bypass the strain’s susceptibility to nutrient burn. Prune regularly and provide branch support in flowering. Sow early enough to harvest before mid-October.

FlavorsSkunk, earth, lemon
EffectsStimulating, uplifting, energizing
Flowering time9–11 weeks
Yield21 oz./m² indoors and 24 oz./plant outdoors

Get baked in the Baked Bean state

Growers in the Baked Bean state are in luck. Its laws are lenient enough to encourage outdoor cannabis cultivation. Even better, its climate is mild and welcoming to diverse cultivars. There’s plenty of time to collect the highest-quality sun-kissed weed before poor weather arrives.

Would you like a taste of the buds we discussed? Visit our shop and buy seeds of the best weed strains to grow in Massachusetts today.

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