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Best Strains To Grow In New York

Best Strains To Grow In New York

November 18, 2022

Are you planning to start your marijuana cultivation journey in the Empire State? Current state laws permit adults above 21 to grow up to six cannabis crops at home. We’re here to help you discover the best strains to grow in New York for optimum results.

Keep reading to find out how the Empire State’s climate can help you grow marijuana plants with a bountiful harvest. We’ll also reveal where to get premium and affordable weed seeds in New York.

Let’s hop in.


What you should know about New York’s climate

Understanding your area’s climate before purchasing outdoor cannabis seeds is essential. New York is mainly humid, with continental conditions and average temperatures of 3953°F.

The state has hot summers reaching up to 85°F in areas like Lower Hudson Valley. Winter in the Empire State is usually cold and can go below freezing. 

Prepare to protect your plants from heat waves since they’re common in this region. New York enjoys steady precipitation, slightly above 40 inches throughout the year. Snowfall in the state varies by location, with areas close to the ocean receiving the least amount.


Best Strains to Grow in New York

You’ve now learned about this region’s climate. Grab cheap weed seeds and start growing. Here are the top ten strains to choose from if you live in New York. 

Blue Cookies feminized

This indica-dominant strain has the genes of Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry. The cultivar is popular for its euphoric and relaxing effects, thanks to the high 21% THC level. 

Blue Cookies feminized is an excellent choice if you’re new to marijuana cultivation. Its strong enough to withstand common diseases and harsh climates. Remember to trim it frequently to promote growth and airflow while preventing mildew.

The strain develops medium-sized plants with eye-catching buds that can be purple, green, or blue. What’s more attractive is their frosty trichome coating. 

Blue Cookies feminized buds leave you craving more with a pleasantly-smelling berry and earthy aroma. Smoking this high THC cultivar requires discipline, as too much might overwhelm inexperienced consumers. 

Users report that it calms your senses and can help alleviate pain and reduce stress. 

  • Flowering: 8–10 weeks 
  • Outdoor yield: 19 oz. per plant 
  • Indoor yield: 14 oz./m2

Purple Gelato feminized

Combining Purple Haze and Gelato resulted in the potent Purple Gelato feminized cultivar, one of the best outdoor strains to grow in New York.

These weed plants thrive in warm, humid surroundings with plenty of sunlight. The crops are ideal for the Sea of Green (SoG) method, which promotes a heavy harvest. 

This indica-dominant cultivar also contains the genetics of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet, the parent strains of Gelato. This profile gives it a sweet citrus taste and an earthy smell to capture your attention.

Purple Gelato feminized provides a punch with 19—22% THC levels. Take a toke of this potent weed and feel a burst of energy kick in. This cultivar boosts your creativity and uplifts your mood, motivating you to finish any task ahead. 

Purple Gelato Feminized
Purple Gelato
  • Flowering: 8–10 weeks
  • Outdoor yield: 14–21 oz. per plant
  • Indoor yield: 18–21 oz./m2

Power Plant feminized

Choose Power Plant feminized seeds if you’re looking for a sativa-dominant cultivar to grow in New York. It matures quickly and delivers high yields indoors, outside, and in a greenhouse

Weed connoisseurs love its earthy, sweet taste that keeps you stimulated and active. Power Plant feminized is a must-have if you prefer hard-hitting strains with impressive medicinal properties. 

The award-winning cultivar delivers between 13—21% THC and less than 2% CBD. When matured, the flowers release a strong aroma that fills your grow room. Install an air/odor filtration system to minimize the scent.

Due to its rich sativa content, many people use Power Plant to assist their mental health. This potent strain can comfort your brain and help you deal with anxiety, depression, or stress. 

  • Flowering: 8–10 weeks 
  • Outdoor yield: 21 oz. per plant
  • Indoor yield: 18–21 oz./m2

Kyle Kushman’s Skywalker feminized

Kyle's Skywalker feminized is a result of crossing Skywalker and OG Kush. This exceptional cultivar by master grower Kyle Kushman is among the best strains to grow in New York. 

Skywalker feminized produces gorgeous flowers that fill your garden with an earthy aroma. These weed plants can shoot up to five feet tall and boast numerous buds to reward your efforts. Smoke this strain and enjoy the pine scent with a touch of diesel.

Approach Skywalker feminized with respect and caution as it packs 15–20% THC. Expect a cerebral kick of happiness after a few tokes of this marijuana. Fans of this strain report calming effects that cause couch-lock if you consume too much.

This cultivar is best for experienced growers as it requires strict care. Beginners can also take up the challenge with the relevant knowledge. Under the right conditions, you can expect maximum yields.

  • Flowering: 8–10 weeks 
  • Outdoor yield: 21–25 oz. per plant
  • Indoor yield: 8–21 oz./m2

AK-47 fast version

 AK47 Marijuana Plant
AK-47 fast version

Breeding AK-47 and a secret hybrid produced the sativa-dominant AK-47 fast version that rewards growers generously. The strain’s high THC levels of 19–22% can take you to a different galaxy within minutes. 

This cultivar, named after a popular assault rifle, also shoots medium-intensity effects on your body and brain. Weed lovers crave its woody musk with hints of incense and a fruity taste. 

AK-47 fast version is beginner-friendly and can grow outdoors or indoors. These weed plants reach about three feet high with dark yellow buds and reddish pistils to beautify your garden.

Smoke this strain and feel a light buzz that energizes and clears your mind. Serious physical effects motivate you to sit down, relax, and relish the moment. Some users also claim that this cultivar is suitable for inducing sleep. 

  • Flowering: 6–8 weeks 
  • Outdoor yield: 21 oz. per plant 
  • Indoor yield: 18 oz./m2

Alien Gorilla Glue feminized

Breeders crossed two potent weed cultivars, Alien Technology and Gorilla Glue #4, to produce Alien Gorilla Glue feminized. It’s ideal if you’re looking for the best strains to grow in New York. 

This resilient cultivar performs well in various environments but prefers hot, humid conditions. Give your plants enough nutrients, sunlight, and water, and prepare to smile when harvesting. 

These high THC seeds are suitable for beginners and experienced growers. The plants typically reach a maximum of seven feet, and mature buds display a deep green color. 

With about 24% THC, be prepared for this strain’s hard-hitting effects. The cultivar emits a spicy and earthy flavor. Users report soothing relaxation to kick out stress while increasing their appetite.

  • Flowering: 8–9 weeks
  • Outdoor yield: 18 oz. per plant
  • Indoor yield: 14–21 oz./m2

Sour Diesel autoflower

Sour Diesel
Sour Diesel

The Sour Diesel autoflower is the bud child of two potent parent strains: Chemdog 91 and Super Skunk. It’s a must-grow if you have limited space and want weed plants that deliver multiple harvests

This sativa-heavy marijuana strain is a hard hitter that can pack up to 23% THC and minimal CBD. Users swear by it for its cerebral effects, followed by a burst of energy that motivates tokers to complete tasks. Remember to take it slow if you’re a beginner. 

These autoflowering seeds aren’t suitable for cultivators who want to stay discreet. They grow into fragrant plants with citrus and herbal aromas with a diesel smell. 

  • Flowering: 8–9 weeks 
  • Outdoor yield: 12 oz. per plant
  • Indoor yield: 11 oz./m2

Big Devil autoflower

Big Devil
Big Devil

The name Big Devil autoflower might trick you into thinking it’s hard to cultivate. The truth is it’s one of the best outdoor strains to grow in New York. 

This award-winning marijuana contains Big Devil #2 and Jack Herer auto genes. If you’re looking for a sativa-dominant strain that delivers medicinal and recreational benefits, go for this cultivar.

Growing Big Devil autoflower is straightforward as it matures quickly and doesn’t require transplanting if you germinate it in soil. 

Users report sedative, relaxing, and lucid effects that wake the sleeping giant within you. Enjoy the skunk smell when you inhale this marijuana and its sweet flavor after tasting it. The 15–21% THC levels do the trick for weed connoisseurs looking for a wake and bake strain. 

  • Flowering: 7–8 weeks 
  • Outdoor yield: 9 oz. per plant 
  • Indoor yield: 14–19 oz./m2 

Zkittlez feminized

Crossing Grape Ape and Grapefruit formed the indica-dominant Zkittlez feminized marijuana cultivar. This award-winning strain captured the attention of weed enthusiasts with high THC levels of 16–20%, mouth-watering buds, and balanced effects. 

Smoking a Zkittlez blunt stimulates your brain and gives you a kick of motivation. Positive physical effects follow to help you perform light activities. As the high leaves the body, your eyes start to close, and it's time for a peaceful sleep. 

These cannabis plants can grow up to four feet tall with healthy buds that release a sweet and fruity smell. Inhaling the smoke leaves you with tasty notes of citrus. Zkittlez feminized requires regular trimming to deliver generous rewards.

  • Flowering: 6–8 weeks 
  • Outdoor yield: 16 oz. per plant
  • Indoor yield: 18 oz./m2

Grape Ape feminized

Grape Ape feminized is a product of crossing Afghani, Mendocino Purps, and Skunk #1. This indica-dominant cultivar delivers THC levels as high as 25% with less than 2% CBD content. 

The terpenes in this strain give it a sweet grape candy aroma with hints of sour skunk. Users report euphoric feelings and positive physical effects that take a while before kicking in. 

Order snacks before toking on this strain, as it might give you an ape-like appetite. Some medical users rave about its potential to alleviate pain and reduce muscular tension.

Grape Ape feminized is among the best strains to grow outside in New York. Have a breeze cultivating this disease-resistant and rewarding cultivar. The plants thrive in warm and relatively humid conditions and require regular pruning.

  • Flowering: 6–8 weeks 
  • Outdoor yield: 18 oz. per plant
  • Indoor yield: 12–18 oz./m2

Become a grower in New York 

The Empire States climate is ideal for growing healthy marijuana plants with plentiful harvests. We've made things easier if you were wondering which strains to cultivate.

Select one of the ten cultivars we’ve highlighted and kick off your marijuana cultivation journey in New York. Buy the best strains from our premium seed bank and get them on your doorstep within a few days.

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