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Black Jack Strain Information & Review

Black Jack strain

The Black Jack strain shares one characteristic with the card game of the same name—it’ll get your brain working. Unlike the casino activity, though, you can’t lose with this cultivar.

This gorgeous sativa-dominant cannabis plant is the recipe for a good time. Each sweet flower carries the potential to make your day. Now’s your chance to learn about everything it has to offer.

Black Jack strain

We’ll soon go into all the reasons we’re in love with Black Jack marijuana strain. 

Before we do, let’s run through the basic info about this cultivar for those of you whose minds are already made up:

  • Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid
  • THC: 17%–19%
  • CBD: 1%
  • Top reported effects: Happy, focused, relaxed
  • Top reported flavors: Sweet, earthy, incense
  • Dominant terpene: Terpinolene 
  • Flowering time: 6–7 weeks
  • Difficulty: Beginner-friendly
  • Yield: 14–19 oz./m² indoors / 8 oz./crop outdoors
Black Jack strain info

Black Jack strain effects

Black Jack strain THC contents of close to 20% make sure that it delivers its full scope of effects.

A soaring cognitive high is immediate. A buzz starts in the head, erasing the last hints of worry as it makes its way to your fingertips and toes. 

You’re uplifted and focused on whatever’s before you. A puff of this stuff gets the creative juices flowing as you see your latest task or project in a new, more artistic light. 

As you’re enjoying the cerebral ride with the Black Jack strain, a pleasant warmth spreads onto your limbs. The body high is healing and relaxing. It doesn’t glue you to your seat, but it leaves you feeling supremely lazy. 

Black Jack strain flavors

The Black Jack cannabis strain doesn’t only feel good. It also tastes amazing, enchanting palates left, right, and center. 

Maturing flowers emanate scents of pine and sandalwood, deep and rich yet surprisingly light on the nostrils. You’ll notice hints of tobacco in this unique perfume that promises layers upon layers to uncover.

Connoisseurs catch floral notes on top of this more mature base. The complexity of the smoke only deepens upon combustion. 

The weed strain Black Jack won’t induce coughing fits, but it’s anything but simple. The creamy, smooth smoke tastes different than its fragrance would suggest, surprising the toker with yet another avalanche of flavors. 

The aromatic bouquet is all refreshing pine and ripe blueberries on the inhale. A creaminess reminiscent of coffee coats the tongue and lingers in your mouth.

Black Jack strain grow information

Growing Black Jack strain is as suitable for novices as sativa cannabis gets. All it requires is standard gardening practices to award you with lush harvests of sticky colas. This cultivar thrives in most environments. Controlled grow rooms help you manage stretchiness and provide optimal conditions for future development. 

Up the temperatures and regularly prune for optimal results. You can expect up to 19 oz. of fresh buds per square meter of your grow room after short seven weeks of flowering. 

Pick a sunny spot and sow your Black Jack strain seeds in organic soil outdoors. It’s a hungry plant that responds well to nutrient-rich growing circumstances. You’ll collect a comparatively small but just as resinous yield of 8 oz. per crop in early October. 

Black Jack strain genetics

The Black Jack has legendary parents and a stellar gene pool to ensure its qualities stand out in every cannabis garden. 

It merges the calming, therapeutic effects of indica-dominant Black Domina with the potent and energizing Jack Herer sativa hybrid. The strain is a gorgeous meeting of blissful qualities for the mind and body

In short, here’s how the Black Jack strain came to be:

Black Jack strain genetics

Black Jack strain seeds to buy near you

At the moment, Homegrown stocks only the autoflowering version of the Black Jack weed strain. 

Are you a fan of non-photoperiod cultivars to replenish your bud stash in no time? In that case, head over to our shop. If not, here’s what you can get until we acquire all three seed varieties:

  • Black Jack regular — grow like nature intended with Agent Orange regular, another sativa day saver that puts a smile on your face.
  • Feminized Black Jack — Jack Herer meets with another sativa-dominant plant in Critical Jack feminized for the social buzz of your life.
  • Black Jack autoflower — enjoy lightning-fast yields with this superstar strain.

Black Jack strain reviews

Our product page features real reviews to get you confident in your purchase. These Black Jack strain reviews are here to prove its quality:

John H. on Black Jack auto

Sticky is the word

Alan S. on Black Jack auto

My first indoor grow, my first auto, my first time ordering seeds, but it want be the last! Thanks homegrowncannabisco.

Aaron B. on Black Jack auto

It definitely comes quickly. 1.8 oz average under 2x 4000w spider farm Was growing with amnesia auto and blue dream and I must say it took the cake.

John F. on Black Jack auto

This is my new favorite strain of auto. Easy to grow. Colorful buds. Great aroma and taste. The buzz starts in the head and after about 30 minutes it hits the body. Mine tested out at 24%. It is really a help managing my chronic pain and arthritis. I wish I had grown more than 3 plants but as soon as my present grow hits flower. I will be planting more blackjack. You all needs to try this out.

Justin J. on Black Jack auto

Another strong grower. Waiting for some buds to produce but gives off a great, almost coffee line smell.

Once you give it a shot, please leave a strain review of Black Jack and spread the word to the community.

A sticky cannabis legend

The Black Jack strain deserves a spot on your to-smoke list. Its sativa-style head-to-toe bliss blends perfectly with the smooth flavor profile that has you reaching for more. 

A Black Jack strain yield might not be massive, but it’s potent and pleasant enough to keep you smiling throughout the winter. 

Explore the Homegrown Forum for all things cannabis and uncover other superstars of the weed world. Subscribe to the Black Jack Homegrown Diary for real-life grower experiences, and savor the stickiest nugs on the market. 

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About the author: Parker Curtis

Parker Curtis has around a decade of cannabis-growing experience, specialising in soil-less and hydro grows. He’s mastering outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor grows.

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