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Black Widow Strain Information & Review

Black Widow Strain

Black Widow is one of the strongest indica-dominant strains out there. The Black Widow strain lineageis a cross between a Brazilian sativa and a South-Indian indica. This strain is one of the surest ways to get yourself the rest you deserve—whether that’s physical or mental.  

That whopping THC content also makes the Black Widow a concentrate strain par excellence. Ready to know more about it and perhaps look intogrowing the Black Widow strain for yourself?

Say no more!

Let’s get into the mix with our detailed Black Widow strain review.

Black Widow strain

Let’s be clear about one thing—the Black Widow strain isn’t the best choice for first-timers. It might not even be a first choice for second- or third-timers. Thanks to the heavy THC content and epic high.

If you can handle yourself after going overboard on an edible, the Black Widow weed strain’s THC levelshould be no problem for you.

A quick primer on everything you need to know to get the basic cultivar infodown:

  • Type: indica-dominant hybrid
  • THC: 24-28%
  • CBD: 0.7% 
  • Top reported effects: Happy, relaxed, hungry
  • Top reported flavors: Skunky, fruity, pine
  • Dominant terpene: Humelene
  • Flowering time: 8-10 weeks
  • Difficulty: Beginner-friendly
  • Indoor yield: 12.5-16 oz/m2 
  • Outdoor yield: 10.7-14.2 oz/m2
Black Widow Strain Info

Black Widow strain effects

After going over the basics of this wonderful strain above, you must already be excited to try it out. For everyone missing out on theBlack Widow weed strain’s time-altering effects, we’ll walk you through the strain’s most important effects.

Taking that first hit gives you a pronounced head buzz right off the bat. That’s the sativa part kicking in. So where are the indica properties?

As time passes after your first toke, you will notice the Black Widow strain’s indica effects taking over. You will likely be glued to your seat for a while, as waves of happiness and relaxation wash over you gently.

Anxiety, stress, pain, depression, or insomnia—these are just some of the maladies this strain can help melt away.

The Black Widow weed strain’s THC level is high enough to induce couch-lockfor most users. Veteran smokers will, however, be able to ride the peaks and valleys of its effects well enough to get creative. For users seeking a strain rich in CBD, the Black Widow strain won’t be a great fit, as it has just 0.7% CBD.

Black Widow strain flavors

Now the million-dollar question: does it taste good?

Smoke or vapor from the Black Widow strain tastes earthy, spicy, and woody—a little like tobacco, with a hint of fruity sweetness on the exhale.

Its herbaceous flavor profilemakes the Black Widow strain a satisfying after-dinner treat. Like a cigar, but better!

Black Widow strain grow information

Despite its intimidating name and effects, the Black Widow marijuana strain is actually quite easy to grow. Black Widow seeds are currently available as feminized. These seeds will grow to medium height, about three feet tall, making both indoor and outdoor growing feasible options.

On top of being a forgiving plant for newbies to grow, it’s naturally hardy against mildew, mold, and a variety of garden pests.

If you plan on growing this strain outdoors, try to target October as the main Black Widow strain harvest time for optimal yields.

Remember that this cultivar has a very strong smell. The skunky aroma is at its most prominent with the buds still developing on the plant.

If you have any neighbors, you can bet they will get a whiff of it, too. Consider the intense aroma of the Black Widow strain before growing outdoors.

The strain is also quite generous come harvest time. You definitely won’t feel that your (easy) work with the Black Widow strain went unrewarded!

You can expect yields of 12.5 to 16 oz/m2 for indoor plants, and 10.7 to 14.2 oz/m2 for outdoor plants. Quite a haul for a plant that takes just eight to 10 weeks to flower!

The best climate to grow your feminized Black Widow weed strain is warm and sunny—think Mediterranean climates.

Black Widow strain genetics

The Black Widow strain is a hybrid that inherits the best traits of its parents.

The Black Widow strain gets its head buzz and enhanced creativity effects from the Brazilian sativa, while its strong body stone is pure South Indian indica, a landrace cultivar with middling THC content.

Black Widow Strain Genetics

Black Widow seeds to buy near you

If our Black Widow strain review has you interested in weed seeds for sale, you can easily find them at Homegrown Cannabis Co.

We offer some of the finest cultivars in the land, including the strain of the hour: Black Widow!

  • Black Widow Feminized. Veteran growers might want a bit more of a challenge. Newbies will definitely appreciate not having to deal with the hassle of growing male plants—at least until a few more grows under their belt.

We don’t sell the regular and autoflowering version of the Black Widow strain just yet, but who knows what the future holds?

Ready to Tangle with the Black Widow?

So it’s pretty clear that we love the Black Widow strain—we’re sure you’ll love it too. Not only does it deliver in potency, taste, and effects, it’s quite easy to grow too!

We highly recommend that you get Black Widow seeds and try growing them yourself. 

While the Black Widow strain is a forgiving plant to grow, it’s always better to have a few friends to exchange notes with.

Don’t have any friends who grow? Check out Black Widow Homegrown Diaries instead. Track your plant’s progress there and get instant helpwhen you need it. You can also find growers of the Black Widow cannabis strain to emulate here.

You can get great advice from new friends over at the Homegrown Forum too. This is a great spot for new growers who don’t have someone to ask for Black Widow cannabis strain growing tips.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about getting your seeds to sprout, and growing the Black Widow weed strain all the way to harvest. It’s a great strain to work with, especially for new growers.

About the author: Parker Curtis

Parker Curtis has around a decade of cannabis-growing experience, specialising in soil-less and hydro grows. He’s mastering outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor grows.

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