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Blackberry Kush Strain Information & Review

Blackberry kush strain

While overshadowed by its blueberry relative, the Blackberry Kush strain has placed itself firmly into the hearts of connoisseurs. The indica-dominant hybrid boasts elevated THC levels and a body melting high that puts you on cloud nine.

As the name suggests, this marijuana breed offers a sweet and fruity taste, making it a welcome treat for nighttime tokers. What’s more, its calming effects are indicative of its Indica-dominant label, rooting you to the couch for hours.

If you’re interested in cultivating this sought-after breed, keep reading our Blackberry Kush strain review. We take you through everything worth knowing about this magical herb and how to grow it at home.

Blackberry Kush Feminized Bud
Blackberry Kush Feminized Bud

Blackberry Kush (aka BBK)

Although the breed’s precise origin is widely disputed, we can all agree on its effects. Created as a result of the boom in medical marijuana around California, these weed seeds are here to stay.

Before we dig into the nitty-gritty, it’s worth having a basic understanding of the Blackberry Kush strain as a whole.

  • Type: Indica-dominant hybrid
  • THC: 20%
  • CBD: 0.5%
  • Top reported effects: Relaxed, Creative, and sleepy 
  • Top reported flavors: Tart fuel and sweet berries, earthy aftertaste
  • Flowering time: 8 – 10 weeks
  • Indoor Yield: 1.5 oz sq/ft
  • Outdoor Yield: 19 oz/plant

Blackberry Kush strain description

You can easily identify the Blackberry Kush by its gorgeous green buds, densely saturated in purple hues. The burnt orange hairs, or stigmas, pop out due to its darker contrasting base colors.

As soon as it enters your mouth, your taste buds salivate, thanks to its sweet, fruity notes identical to its namesake. The flavors then transform, leaving the iconic fuel-like aftertaste in your mouth as you contemplate the world from your chair.

The Blackberry Kush strain’s THC levels can reach as high as 20%, creating a body high that can unsettle beginners. The reason for its powerful calming effects is because of its Indica-dominant genes, coming in at a whopping 80%

Users report feelings of happiness and euphoria upon first ingesting this herb. Soon a relaxing sensation takes hold of your body, similar to a soft blanket draped over you.

While some allow their minds to drift off, others use the calming effects of the Blackberry Kush for sex. Regardless of your intentions, you’re sure to find bliss.

It’s not only about embracing your inner couch potato. The Blackberry Kush marijuana strain also promotes medicinal benefits for its users. Individuals suffering from anxiety, insomnia, and pain will find solace in these cannabis seeds.

Blackberry Kush Feminized Flower
Blackberry Kush Feminized Flower

Blackberry Kush strain grow information

Growing Blackberry Kush strain seeds is by no means an easy task. While beginners can produce decent yields, the breed performs better in slightly more experienced hands.

We suggest placing your cannabis plants in an indoor growing setup, as it’s susceptible to fungus as well as spider mites. However, its resistance to mold means that it can handle outdoor conditions.

The Blackberry Kush marijuana strain usually takes between eight to ten weeks to flower, while the autoflower option produces results slightly quicker. An indoor environment will return just over five ounces per square foot, while outdoor plants usually offer around 28 ounces each.

Throughout the growing stages of your Blackberry Kush, you should pay close attention to its intake of magnesium. You’ll notice this deficiency when your leaves show burned tips and turn yellow long before harvest.

You should give it plenty of nitrogen in the vegging phase and keep the humidity at 60% in your grow room. By the time your Blackberry Kush strain seeds reach the flowering stage, these levels need to come down to 40% gradually.

Here are a few tips to maximize the quality of your plants and their succulent buds:

  • Avoid using soilless mediums like coco coir, as it can worsen the magnesium deficiency that your crops are susceptible to.
  • Regularly prune your plant’s leaves. The increased airflow through the foliage helps you avoid mold and mildew, especially with indica cultivars.
  • Consider using a SCROG net to support the heavy colas during the flowering phase. Without one of these structures, the stems of your Blackberry Kush plants can break.

Blackberry Kush strain genetics

As we mentioned earlier, the heritage of the Blackberry Kush strain remains a hotly debated topic. The leading theory suggests a cross between a blackberry breed and Afghani. Others believe this bud is a result of crossing DJ Short Blueberry with Bubba Kush.

The reason that many believe the former theory is because of the taste that the strain delivers. It also has a softer lethargic effect compared to that of the sudden daze felt when smoking Bubba Kush.

Regardless of where you buy blackberry kush marijuana strain seeds, the store should provide its genetics.

Afghani (parent)

Blackberry Kush

White Buffalo (child)

Blackberry (parent)

Kimbo Kush (child)

Blackberry Kush strain seeds to buy near you

If the Blackberry Kush strain is ticking all your boxes, you can find these dreamy seeds at the Homegrown Store, as well as in a few variety packs. Here’s what’s available:

  • Blackberry Kush Feminized: A collection of quality female seeds that promise to grow into one of the best strains on the market.
  • Trail Mix pack: A healthy mixture of Blackberry, Mango, and Banana Kush seeds.

Blackberry Kush strain: Frequently asked questions

Has our Blackberry Kush strain review got you licking your lips for more? Don’t worry! We’ve put together the most common questions on this fruity, sweet cultivar to decide if this cannabis is for you.

Is Blackberry Kush a sativa or indica?

What kind of strain is Blackberry Kush? The delicious Blackberry Kush strain is predominantly indica (80% to be exact!), boasting many typical traits of this marijuana type. Just a puff or two of the berry-tasting nugs melts your body into pure bliss—ideal for those looking to drift off to sleep. 

The indica influence also shines through when combatting pain, which gets blasted away almost immediately. The calming effects lock you to the couch for hours on end, so don’t consume if you’ve got a busy day ahead. However, some users who go low and slow with doses enjoy Blackberry Kush as an arousal strain for sex.

This cultivar is also very indica-like when it comes to growing. The crops remain short in stature—around 3 feet—and they’re quite resistant to mold.

How strong is Blackberry Kush?

The Blackberry Kush strain THC levels reach 20%, making it pretty potent, especially for newcomers. Taking this cultivar one puff at a time is best to gauge the effects if you’ve never tried it before.

At first, you feel creative and euphoric, but before long, the indica and high THC kick in. You soon become increasingly lazy and find solace with your couch before dozing off.

It’s common to experience cottonmouth and dry eyes when consuming the Blackberry Kush marijuana strain, so keep hydrated and use eye drops to avoid redness.

What does Blackberry Kush taste like?

With a name like the Blackberry Kush strain, you’d expect something sweet and fruity, and you wouldn’t be far off. The berry aromas fill your grow room as harvest approaches, tempting you in for a taste. 

Once you light up, the fruity flavors glide across your tastebuds, leaving a delicious sweetness in your mouth. After you exhale, you might detect a slightly earthy taste that lingers for a while. 

How long does Blackberry Kush take to flower?

The Blackberry Kush strain takes between 8–10 weeks to fully flower—the autoflower variant usually blooms quicker than this. Buds glisten with trichomes, indicating it’s time to harvest.

Once you’ve plucked the nugs from the plants, dry and cure them to emphasize the terpene profile further. These processes bring out the fruity flavor in the Blackberry Kush marijuana strain and get rid of the bitter vegetable-like taste.

Is Blackberry Kush strain good for anxiety?

A couple of puffs from the Blackberry Kush strain has been known to do wonders for individuals with anxiety. The cultivar provides users with a rush of euphoria and happy thoughts while relaxing their entire being. After some time, the sedating and soothing sensations help consumers drift off into a blissful night’s slumber by blocking worry and calming nerves. 

Is Blackberry Kush CBD?

The CBD content in the Blackberry Kush strain is very low, at less than 2%. While many cannabis connoisseurs associate CBD with wellness effects, that doesn’t mean this cultivar has no benefits to your wellbeing. 

The Blackberry Kush strain THC levels may help consumers in various ways, including:

  • Calming your mind and nerves if you have anxiety or depression. 
  • Eliminating pain that comes with various conditions, like arthritis, back pain, or fibromyalgia. 
  • Helping you get a decent night’s sleep if insomnia stands in your way.

Let the Blackberry Kush strain tuck you in

While its genetics are disputed, the hypnotic effects of the Blackberry Kush strain are not. It can get slightly tricky growing this breed’s seeds to perfection, but put in the effort, and you’ll reap the rewards.

Whether it’s to enjoy your very own cloud nine or find relief in its healing properties, Blackberry Kush will tuck you into bed, read you a story, and leave a sweet kiss on your cheek.

A little help always goes a long way, so join our Homegrown Forum for assistance and tips for every stage of your plant’s growth. Plus, you can use the Blackberry Kush Homegrown Diaries to keep track and share your progress with like-minded cultivators.

About the author: Derek LaRose

Also known as Kronic from The Cannabis Kronicles, Derek LaRose is a young ambitious cultivator and a staple educator for indoor cultivation.

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