Blue Cookies Strain Information & Review

Blue Cookies strain
Author avatar By Derek LaRose
September 28, 2021

If you enjoy the sweetness in your cannabis products, then you’ll love the blue cookies strain. It’s a hybrid that packs a punch both in flavor and effects. Veteran users love it as it has high THC levels, which uplifts the spirit and boosts happiness.

Our blue cookies strain review will fill you in on all the information you’ll ever need to know for those who aren’t familiar with this variant. 

Blue Cookies strain (aka Blueberry Cookies, Blue GSC)

If you’re looking for blue cookies strain info, then you’re in the right place. We take a closer look as to what this strain can offer you 

Blue Cookies Information

Blue Cookies strain description

Curious to know what strain is blue cookies?

This flavorful strain is mostly indica, and no one is sure exactly where it originated. We do know that it contains two other hybrids, namely girl scout cookies (GSC) and blueberry, but no one has any idea who first created the blend

It can be cultivated both indoors and outside. The blue cookies weed is well known for its potency and high THC content, making it popular for all marijuana users. 

The blue cookies strain boosts your mood with a euphoric push before sinking into the body to relax you. It’s relatively sweet and fruity, with many users stating that it brings memories of home-baked cookies to mind. 

Not at all surprising, considering that one of its components is the famous Girl Scout cookies hybrid. It’s both uplifting and relaxing at the same time, a perfect weekend indulgence. 

Blue Cookies strain grow information 

If you’re planning to plant the blue cookies outdoors, then you can expect the bushes to flower in late September. The plants grow 1-1.5 meters tall and thrive in a mild to warm environment. 

Beginners could find this one a little finicky to cultivate as it requires some care to enjoy a fruitful harvest. 

The blue cookies strain feminized seeds, sprout buds quickly when using the paper towel method. You’re guaranteed a 99% female turnout. Blue cookies weed strain seeds can be grown using a hydroponic system. They like the outdoors and even more so sunny and warm environments. 

The blue cookies strain THC content is high, up to as much as 25%, and if you want an even more potent result, then extend the harvest time by a week. 

Blue Cookies strain genetics

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding when this was first created. What is known, though, is that the strain blue cookies contain a couple of well-known hybrids that enhance the unique flavor combination of berry and biscuit. 

The blue cookie strain genetics contain the following two strains:

Blue Cookies genetics

Blue Cookies strain seeds to buy near you

If your tastebuds are itching to get a taste of the delicious berry cookies strain weed, you can try one of the seed variants below to curb the craving.

  • Blue cookies feminizeda great seed with high germination rates will get you started with this strain.
  • Blue cookies autoflower – if you want multiple yields for less work, autoflower is the way to go

Those of you looking to experience Blue Cookies parentage, check these out:

  • Blueberry regular – this strain forms part of the blue cookie mix but gives you more berry for your buck. It’s a great strain for beginners.
  • Girl Scout cookies autoflower – This strain forms the cookie part of the blend and is available in various pack sizes. 

Blue Cookies strain reviews

So far, we’ve had two very happy customers review Blue Cookie strain. If you’ve had some success with it, too, feel free to write about it.

Marques C.
First, let me say that customer service here is dope. Second, the blue cookies remind me of the cookie monster. And lastly, got my beans in a timely manner (considering the current state of things), and now it’s time to put this 4×4 to work. Definitely a long-time customer with homegrown cannabis co.

The O.
100 Percent – All popped. 

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about seeds from Blue Cookies parent line.

Leon H. Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower
TWO DAYS TO GERMINATION – Using the established paper towel process, germination for all seeds used took two days and an additional 2-3 days for initial leaves. Amazing!

AC R.Blueberry Feminized
Every seed has sprouted, all very healthy and lush. Sprouted quickly without issues. Very pleased so far; I will probably look for more strains with this lineage. Another winner.

Ken. Blueberry Feminized
1 indoor plant under a 240w QB. Heavily topped (about 10 times) and is a bush. Easy even canopy with some training. There are a lot of bud sites. Very heavy top buds. Will grow a lot more of this.

Blue Cookies for the sweet tooth

One of the most pleasant tasting strains, the blue cookies strain, is a berry lover’s dream. Loaded with high THC contents, it’s both uplifting and relaxing. After successfully growing the seeds into luscious bushes, many users report boosts of creativity when they ingest the blue cookies weed strain. 

You’ll find plenty of information on how to cultivate all of our strains at our Homegrown Diaries and Homegrown Forum pages, so hop on over and take a look at what else makes the blue cookies strain so popular.

If you’ve had experience with this cultivar, tell us more at our Blue Cookies Homegrown Diary. Our readers can benefit from your knowledge.

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