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Blue Haze Strain Information & Review

Blue Haze Strain

The Blue Haze strain is a 420 community favorite for its sweet berry flavors and ability to uplift both body and mind

It descends from award-winning parentage that the 21st-century marijuana scene can’t get enough of in their own right, so a mash-up of the two was bound to be a hit. 

This Bluehaze combo is also held in high regard within the medicinal marijuana crowd for suppressing symptoms of anxiety, depression, and arthritis, to name a few. 

If you’re on the hunt to find your next go-to smoke, you can’t ignore the 1st place High Times cup winner (2001).

Continue reading our Blue Haze strain review and learn why it won’t be disappearing off of our shelves any time soon.  

Blue Haze strain description

Let’s put this top-shelf strain under the microscope. Below you’ll find the basic Blue Haze strain information

Blue Haze Information

The Blue Haze strain is a powerful smoke with up to 26% THC. Its heritage shines through, offering a mentally stimulating buzz thanks to its Amnesia Haze parentage. 

At the same time, courtesy of its Blueberry lineage, you’ll experience a state of relaxation throughout your Bluehaze session. 

The indica dominant Blue Haze strain provides a balanced head-to-toe sensation. You’ll feel awash with euphoria and an energized focus without feeling disoriented. As time progresses, it’ll transport you into a soothing calm that melts all your worries and tensions away before sending you off into a peaceful slumber.

The Blue Haze flower will have your mouth watering even as you roll it. A sweet berry scent lingers as you light up and leaves behind an earthy, tangy fragrance reminiscent of blue cheese. As you take a toke, it’ll fill your tastebuds with sweet flavors followed by a strong kick of spiced herbal flavors. 

Blue Haze grow information 

Blue Haze plants are notoriously difficult to grow. They’re leggy and slender, needing expert hands to train and support their huge colas during the flowering stage. 

Bluehaze is also sensitive to environmental factors and fades fast if underfed. For these reasons, these plants are more suited to indoor growing, where you can control the environment and monitor them more closely. 

If given adequate TLC, you’ll receive the reward of bountiful yields. This member of the Blue marijuana strains family can produce up to 21 oz per m2 indoors and around 20 oz per plant outdoors.

The Blue Haze strain prefers a Mediterranean climate when grown outdoors. If you opt for this approach, you should provide extra nutrients within a strict feeding schedule and have a watchful eye for illness.

Blue Haze strain flowering time is between nine and ten weeks. Therefore, outdoor growers should aim to bring in their harvest before the first frosts at the end of October. 

Blue Haze strain genetics

Many fans say that Amnesia Haze makes up one-half of the original Blue Haze strain. Others claim Super Silver Haze is a parent. The latter is responsible for the difference between Blue Haze vs. Blue Dream.

Both blue marijuana strains hold Blueberry ancestry, that’s for sure. However, Blue Haze weed is related to Amnesia Haze, while Blue Dream is the offspring of Super Silver Haze. 

The swirl of berry and Haze strains being created worldwide makes keeping track of the facts increasingly difficult. Blue Heaven strain is another of the famous blue marijuana strains but also has unknown and argued origins. 

For easy viewing, take a look at the Blue Haze strain genetics chart below.  

Blue Haze genetics

Blue Haze strain seeds to buy near you

Homegrown Cannabis Co. doesn’t only stock high-quality Blue Haze weed seeds; you can also find its heritage strains.

  • Blue Haze Feminized– These premium feminized seeds offer you a 95 – 99% female plant germination guarantee. That means you can grow entire crops of bud-capable Bluehaze plants ready to harvest in 10 weeks. 
  • Blue Haze Autoflower – currently not stocked, this one is ideal for those of you in a hurry to get two yields a year. 

If you want a taste of Blue Haze’s famous parents, we’ve got you covered too.

  • Amnesia Haze Autoflower– These Amnesia Haze autoflowering seeds are sativa dominant and pack a punch with up to 23% THC and 0.6% CBD. Thanks to their autoflowering properties, you can grow all year round indoors and can expect around 16 ounces of potent bud after 12 weeks of flowering. 
  • Blueberry Regular – In comparison to Amnesia Haze and Blue Haze weed, Blueberry regular seeds are easy to grow as long as you obey the growing season. They’re mostly indica leaning, and you can harvest up to 17 ounces of 20% THC and around 1% CBD buds. 

Blue Haze strain reviews

Don’t take our word for it; so far, two very happy customers have spoken up in their Blue Haze strain reviews. Have you had success with this cultivar? Why not let us know in our review section.


‘Smells like I’m in a blueberry patch… Blue Haze is an incredible strain.’


‘Best Seeds Ever… Blue Haze is my all-time favorite. Best tasting bud on the market.’

These happy campers have found success with one of the parents too:

Richard s. – Amnesia Haze Autoflower

‘Great service and product all seeds have come up and bloomed just as stated. No issues so far.’

Larry P. – Amnesia Haze Autoflower

‘Very nice so far!’

David – Amnesia Haze Autoflower

‘Got this one in my electric sheep auto mix pack was def my fav of the 3 low maintenance and high yields I will definitely be ordering more of this strain in the future.’

Berry Bliss with Blue Haze

Blue Haze weed is a champion in its own right. It brings together the loyal fans of berry-flavored strains and lovers of old-school Haze highs.

It provides a balanced and complex experience starting with an energetic buzz and ending with complete body relaxation. 

Growing Blue Haze strain cannabis seeds may require a little more homework and elbow grease, but the yield size, mood-altering effects, and medicinal properties are more than worth the effort. 

Remember as you set out on your Blue Haze marijuana strain growing adventure to document your journey at Homegrown Diaries. Never feel alone or at a loss when growing your weed; join our Homegrown Forum for even more cannabis chat. 

Last but not least, use our Blue Haze Homegrown Diaries to track your progress and collect advice from our community of like-minded and passionate growers. 

About the author: Parker Curtis

Parker Curtis has around a decade of cannabis-growing experience, specialising in soil-less and hydro grows. He’s mastering outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor grows.

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