Blueberry Auto: Fruity, Fast And Fantastic.

Blueberry autoflower homegrown
Author avatar By Kyle Kushman & Homegrown
April 24, 2020

When you picture a strain with deep, blue colors and a distinctive, fruity aroma, you are more than likely picturing a member of the Blueberry cannabis family. At the head of this family sits the Original Blueberry cannabis strain, creation of legendary marijuana breeder, DJ Short.

Original Blueberry cannabis seeds first hit the market in 1998, having been popularized by Dutch Passion, a seed bank based in the Netherlands. But the story doesn’t begin in Holland, this cultivar’s story begins in Oregon, USA, home of DJ Short.

DJ Short spent a great deal of time collecting exotic landraces from all over the world, analyzing and isolating the traits he desired for his own line of cannabis strains. This was a painstaking process, growing out hundreds of plants over countless generations, weeding out weak genes and selecting for color, flavor, vigor, aroma… all the ingredients needed to create a championship marijuana strain. After fusing genetics from Thailand, Mexico and Afghanistan, he finally settled on his masterpiece, the famously fruity Blueberry.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. Blueberry Auto carries on the Blueberry tradition, combining a wealth of amazing traits in a super-stable, fast-growing cannabis strain. You have the same happy high, the same beautifully blue buds and the same gorgeous aromas. Our breeders have created a genuine work of art and they are rightfully very proud.

Blueberry Auto: The Facts

  • Type: Hybrid
  • THC: 20%
  • Recreational: Euphoric and giggly
  • Medical: Pain and depression
  • Flowering Time: 8 – 10 weeks (from seed to harvest)
  • Harvest Month: n/a
  • Yield: 400 – 450 g/plant

Blueberry Auto Feminized Cannabis Seeds: The Benefits.

The addition of the super-hardy ruderalis gene has an amazing effect on the cannabis plant, with the most immediate difference being the flowering time. A photoperiod Blueberry takes up to ten weeks to fully mature once flipped into flowering, but Blueberry Autos can complete their ENTIRE CYCLE in the same time. The amount of money, time and effort saved makes a HUGE difference.

The Cheapest Way to Grow Cannabis Indoors?

When you choose autoflowering seeds over the standard photoperiod, you can expect the cost of your grow to plummet. Autos grow quicker and therefore require fewer nutrients, less water and less electricity. Humidifiers, de-humidifiers, your fans and timers… these will all be used for a much shorter period of time with autoflowers.

It is much cheaper to set up for an auto grow, too. You can buy a smaller tent, you won’t need as much light coverage… if photoperiod strains are Hummers then your autos are Teslas. The difference being that autos are good for the environment AND your wallet.

Beginners Growing Cannabis Indoors

How else can you benefit from growing Blueberry autoflowering cannabis seeds? Well, ask yourself some questions. Are you a novice? Do you want to cultivate hardier, more robust and disease-resistant plants? Do you want to produce numerous yearly harvests? Are you limited in terms of grow space? If you have answered yes to ANY of these questions then feminized Blue Berry Autoflowering weed seeds should make you very happy indeed.

Novice growers are disadvantaged when it comes to adjusting light settings and cycles, but with autos they do not need to worry. Blueberry Autos flip themselves into flower and don’t care about light-spill (there is zero danger of plants flipping back into veg – a very real possibility with photoperiod cannabis plants).

Pest, Disease and Mold Resistant Cannabis

Blueberry Autos are much more able to cope with diseases, molds and newbie mistakes than standard Blueberries. They can tolerate under or over feeding (within reason), they can outgrow pathogens and deal with adverse environmental and growing conditions. 100% Ruderalis plants are small and unproductive, but their autoflowering properties and general robust hardiness bring a lot to the table of any standard photoperiod.

Harvesting Multiple Crops of Cannabis Per Year

When cannabis plants no longer have to rely on photoperiod, a well-organized set-up can produce numerous yearly harvests. Droughts could become a thing of the past as staggered planting churns out crop after crop after crop. You can use the same light at the same height by moving the plants instead of the lamp, and you can pump it 24/7 if you wish.

Growing Marijuana in a Tiny Space

Whether your operation is big or small it’s easy to recognize the benefits of smaller plants. Your apartment might be cramped enough without having to squeeze a 5 x 9 grow tent next to the fridge. Growing on a bigger scale with many hands and you could see up to four harvests per year, with pretty much every part of the plant turning a profit. Blueberry Auto doesn’t need a garden the size of a football pitch or the banquet hall of a medieval castle. A balcony, a window ledge, a closet, a garage cupboard will do… they don’t need much space at all. What’s more, they are far easier to keep hidden from kids, pets and half-welcome guests.

Is Blueberry Auto High in CBD?

Blueberry Auto is a cultivar bred for pleasure, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have medicinal properties. It’s heavy, indica-dominant hit is great for pain-relief, arthritis, migraines and, once the laughing has died down, insomnia. It is an enjoyable analgesic and very happy sedative.

We would not recommend this high-THC cannabis strain to a patient that didn’t want to get high. It has a fast-acting stone that lasts and lasts: you’re looking at a two hour high or more. The euphoria lingers longest and insomnia is often broken by a very satisfied grin.

The cerebral side of Blueberry Auto isn’t as pronounced, but there’s nothing like fits of giggles to ease stress and depression, even if it’s just a temporary reprieve.

Does Blueberry Auto Get You High?

Blueberry Auto is renowned for its hard-hitting Indica effects. A little goes a long way and even a small bowl is enough to give you hours of deep relaxation.

The high is mild to begin with, soothing and chilled, but you’ll quickly notice a profound disinclination to move. You certainly won’t be doing Breakfast Club-style cartwheels around your living room! A friendly rush of euphoria soon follows with giggles and almost uncontrollable laughter. This makes it a great companion for comedy flicks and the ‘one bowl: one movie’ ratio is perfect for when you can’t (or won’t) leave the house.

Blueberry Auto is a hybrid and while the indica hit is unmistakeable, it does have a touch of Sativa, too. You should expect a clear, mental uplift alongside the surge of happiness but the initial body stone becomes a full-blown physical heaviness after one or two hours. Plenty of time to finish your movie and drift off to sleep.

How does Blueberry Auto Smell?

The dense, colorful nugs of this hybrid almost hum with a deeply alluring fragrance of fresh blueberries. A mix of sweet and tart that most likely stems from the Purple Thai genes. You have to break the nugs apart before you meet its other, Afghan parent. This releases complex notes of spice and musk that complete a delicious, mouth-watering aroma. Blazing the Blueberry adds even more depth: pungent skunk and boiled candy dominate the exhale, and your mouth will tingle with tangy fruit long beyond the last toke.

How does Blueberry Auto Taste?

Tasting Blueberry Auto is akin to preparing and cooking a delicious blueberry pie. Freshly foraged blueberries on the inhale, beautifully baked on the exhale. It blankets the taste buds with a rich explosion of cream and vanilla and the spicy, fruity aftertaste lingers for hours. This is a cultivar rich in terpenes, a flavor finely-seasoned with Caryophyllene, Myrcene and Pinene. It’s velvety smooth, rich and extremely moreish.

Tips for Growing Blueberry Auto

Autoflowering cannabis plants are famously easy to grow and Blueberry Auto is no exception. You don’t need to germinate them any differently than you would a photoperiod strain, but if you need a recap then just check out our easy-to-understand germination guide.

A simple guide to germinatining Blueberry Auto seeds

Growing Blueberry Auto indoors is highly recommended. The plant has the bushy structure of an Indica but with a much more manageable height. It shouldn’t ever reach more than 30 inches tall, making it ideal for restricted spaces like closet grows. It’s optimal leaf-to-bud ratio removes the need for constant pruning. At any rate, autos should never be subjected to any form of high-stress training.

You can also grow Blueberry outdoors. Make sure the daytime temperature sits between 72-80°F (22-27°C) and humidity is kept within optimum parameters. If grown in the right conditions with no major issues, Blueberry auto can deliver between two and four ounces per plant.

Blueberry: Automatic Pilot

Autoflowering Blueberry takes a user-friendly classic and makes her even more accessible. While the yields from individual autos are generally not as heavy as standard, photoperiod plants, turning your tent into a multiple-harvest production line will see fresh buds all year round. This auto makes it easy to experience the finest traits of Blueberry with far less effort and investment. Truly blue sky thinking.