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Blueberry Kush Strain Info & Review

Blueberry Kush Strain

Blueberry Kush strain is a potent Sativa that’ll leave you couch-locked. Its flavorful buds will transport you to a place of joyful relaxation as the cares of the day drift away. 

This strain is a joy to grow and offers many significant advantages. With its masses of splendid frosted Colas, the variety is worth the effort it takes to succeed

Let’s delve into it.

Blueberry Kush strain (Blueberry OG Kush, Blueberry OG, Blueberry x OG Kush)

The most common name for this strain of marijuana is Blueberry Kush. Different people have other names for it, and Blueberry x OG Kush gets used the most. Other alternatives include Blueberry OG Kush or simply Blueberry OG.

While the Blueberry Kush isn’t for beginners, it’s worth the journey. This strain has remained popular since its debut, thanks mainly to its high THC content.

Here’s a quick look at the essential elements of the Blueberry OG Kush strain:

  • Type: Indica
  • THC % / CBD: 15-24% THC, 0-2% CBD
  • Top reported effects: Euphoria, relaxing, pain-relief
  • Top reported flavors: Fruity, sweet, earthy
  • Flowering time: 8-10 weeks
  • Difficulty: Expert
  • Indoor yield: Up to 6 oz. per square foot indoors and up to 21 oz. per plant outdoors.

Blueberry Kush strain description 

The Blueberry Kush strain is renowned for its massive, densely packed colas. Each bud has a light scattering of red stigma hairs and a dense layer of frosting. The powdered sugar look reflects in the taste, which is undeniably sweet.

This enjoyable strain offers an excellent night-time toke. If you like to wind down with a couple of cannabis nuggets, this variety is for you. 

The Blueberry Kush uses include relaxation, pain relief, and antidepressant purposes. With its high THC content and excellent taste, just one breath can transport you to a home away from home.

If you decide to use Blueberry Kush as a medical strain, you should know a few things. 

Most smokers of this variety report suffering from cottonmouth, which isn’t unusual for high-THC cannabis types. Drink plenty of water to combat this symptom.

It’s a hard-hitting strain, so try to get comfortable before you inhale the first toke. While the mental effects are excellent, the physical reaction will leave you couch-locked.

The Blueberry Kush marijuana strain can also lead to dry eyes and sometimes insomnia. If you suffer from THC sensitivity, anxiety, paranoia, and dizziness are potential side effects of this variety of weed. Keep your doses small, or smoke a type with a lower THC content.

We recommend enjoying this variety in the early evening, so you have time to recover before bed. Prepare beforehand, then allow the Blueberry Kush to remove you to a more peaceful world.

Blueberry Kush strain grow information 

Growing the Blueberry Kush strain of cannabis isn’t easy, even with our excellent range of cannabis seeds. Many seasoned cultivators don’t consider this a beginner weed plant, and you’d do well to gain some experience before hopping into this one.

With an expected indoor yield of 3-6 ounces per square foot and an outdoor yield of up to 21 oz. per plant, the Blueberry Kush is a production superstar.

The average flowering time for this variety is 7-9 weeks, making it one of the faster-producing cannabis types. 

If you have a dry fall climate, you can grow the Blueberry OG Kush strain outdoors. Generally, cultivators produce the best results in controlled indoor setups.

This cannabis type prefers a temperature range between 68 and 80℉. The Blueberry Kush is highly susceptible to mold, requiring a humidity of less than 40% during the flowering stage. 

Many growers cultivate this strain in monitored hydroponic setups. Considering the plants’ high CalMag and Nitrogen requirements, this type of grow makes it easier to monitor nutrient levels.

The Blueberry Kush marijuana strain produces short, stocky bushes that grow to a little over three feet. Its small stature is another reason that it does well in hydroponic systems.

Some of this strain’s most successful cultivators claim that combining hydroponics with screen of green (ScrOG) and low-stress training (LST) techniques yields the best results.

As we’ve noted earlier, this is an expert variety, and beginners may find it daunting. Nevertheless, the sweet calm of this variety is well worth the extra effort. The beautiful colas are rewarding in and of themselves and bring great joy. 

Blueberry Kush strain genetics 

You might find yourself wondering, ‘What is the dominant strain in Blueberry Kush?’ We’ve researched the genetic background of this variety to help answer that question.

This strain wasn’t an accidental hybrid but one intentionally created by Barney’s Farm. It’s one of the varieties that they created with great care in Oregon.

This chart demonstrates the origins of the Blueberry Kush. 

Blueberry Kush Strain Genetics

Blueberry Kush strain seeds to buy near you

If this Blueberry OG Kush strain review has you itching to grow your own, it’s time to buy weed seeds! Homegrown Cannabis Co. stocks the best variety, like:

  • Blue Quartz Feminized – A variety that’s guaranteed to produce female cannabis plants but still requires changes in the light cycle to trigger blooming.
  • Blueberry Kush Autoflower – This version of the Blueberry OG Kush may produce weed plants of either gender but doesn’t require light changes to start blooming.
  • Blueberry Kush Regular – The standard variety of this strain. A fast-growing, photosensitive type that may produce either male or female marijuana plants.

Blueberry Kush Strain reviews

The number of five-star reviews that customers leave helps reveal the popularity of the Blueberry Kush strain.

Ivan V. – Five Stars

Beautiful plants growing fast and healthy

Evangelo P. – Five Stars

So far liking this strain still in veg easy grow and takes nutrients well.

Exhale and grow your own

Considering the Blueberry Kush strain THC level, this variety is the ideal choice to help you kick back and unwind after a long day. Inhale the rich, flavorful smoke and allow the day’s pressures to drift away as you settle in for a peaceful state of relaxation.

If this Blueberry Kush strain review helped you, we have other resources you might find useful. Check out our Homegrown Forum for a friendly, like-minded community that can help you learn more about your favorite hobby.

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