The Blueberry Strain: A Fruity Beauty

Blueberry Cannabis Strain
Author avatar By Kyle Kushman
October 23, 2020

What are the origins of the Blueberry cannabis strain?

There is a family of cannabis cultivars renowned for beautiful, blue colors and ambrosial, blueberry aromas, and they all stem from one matriarch: the original Blueberry cannabis strain.

Blueberry was introduced to the Dutch market in 1998, the creation of DJ Short – an American breeder based out of Oregon. DJ Short had a collection of exotic landrace strains taken from all four corners of the globe. He spent years and years looking for the perfect strain, eventually deciding to create his own using genetics brought home from Thailand, Mexico, and Afghanistan. His mission involved growing and rejecting thousands of plants, breeding out the weaker, and choosing the stronger, limiting any tendency towards hermaphroditism and selecting for flavor, high, aroma, and general vigor.

His painstaking efforts paid off and when he introduced Blueberry to the world, the world took notice. It bagged the High Times Cannabis Cup, created an army of fans and spawned hundreds of Blueberry hybrids that dominate the market even to this day.  

Blueberry cannabis strain: the facts

Blueberry Regular Marijuana Seeds
  • Type: Indica dominant
  • THC: 20%
  • Recreational: relaxed and euphoric
  • Medical: tension and stress
  • Flowering Time: 8 – 10 weeks 
  • Harvest Month: October
  • Yield: 350 – 400 gr/sqm

What’s the Blueberry high like?

The deeply relaxing effects and the sense of euphoria creates an unbelievably enjoyable high that lasts and lasts. It hits quick and it hits hard, which can be unnerving for newbie tokers, but those with mileage absolutely LOVE the deep, muscular massage and the sedative effects. It’s the perfect nighttime smoke and the number one, go-to strain for insomniacs.

What does the Blueberry cannabis strain taste like?

The taste of pressed blueberries enhances the sense of calm that sinks into the body with every toot, toke, or vape. The smoke thickens with creamy vanilla on the exhale, and connoisseurs might catch subtle notes of sandalwood, grape, and forest fruits that linger on the tongue for hours.

What is the Blueberry cannabis strain good for?

Medical patients look to Blueberry for its analgesic and stress-relieving properties. The relaxation is instant and long-lasting, it soothes tension, lifts spirits, and stretches a full grin from ear to ear. It’s a fantastic cure for insomnia and the pain-relieving qualities help with chronic conditions like migraine, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and multiple sclerosis.

How high will your Blueberry cannabis strain grow?

Blueberry cannabis plants image submitted by @thecannabiskronicles

Your final height depends, as always, on when you decide to flip your Blueberry into flower. She won’t stretch much more than 100% but the tallest Blueberries can reach 70 or 80 inches, especially outdoors or in a greenhouse.

How much will your Blueberry cannabis strain yield?

Blueberry Regular Marijuana Plant Zoomed In

An outdoor grow with long hours of full sun will produce the biggest yields, up to 18 ounces per plant if all goes well. If you’re growing in a tent, we really recommend setting up a SOG (sea of green)  to maximize your Blueberry yields. SOG grows can expect up to 17 ounces per square meter, dropping to 12 or 13 ounces for a standard, indoor set-up.

What are the best Blueberry strains ever created?

Blueberry Feminized

Besides the original Blueberry cannabis strain, which is a regular seed, there is a fantastic feminized version, too. Feminized cannabis seeds produce almost exclusively female plants (nothing in nature can be 100% guaranteed) which can save a lot of time and effort identifying and removing males from your grow. Of course, if you are planning to breed then you will need regular seeds, but for those of you growing just for flower, feminized seeds are the way to go.

Blueberry Autoflower

The autoflowering version of Blueberry is popular for a number of reasons. It is effortless to grow and beginners love the low-maintenance, especially not having to worry about when and how to flip it into flower. A successful grow should see yields of around 4 ounces per plant, and it matches the 20% THC level, flavor profile and high of the original Blueberry cannabis strain.

Blueberry x Big Devil Auto

A delightful addition to the Blueberry family, this auto has delicious, fruity flavors with danky hints of Skunk. It yields about the same as Blueberry Auto, and is a fine candidate for a well-executed SOG. Effects-wise, it’s a little more cerebral than most Blueberry hybrids, creative and giggly in equal measure – making it the perfect strain to share with friends. 

The beautiful Blueberry marijuana strain.

Blueberry Cannabis Strain Growing High

A good way to judge the merit of a cannabis strain is to look at the volume of hybrids and crosses made with its genetics. In this regard, Blueberry is up there with the White Widows and Northern Lights of this world. Growers love her because she is vigorous and forgiving. Connoisseurs love her because she smells and tastes better than most strains on the planet.

This is a bucket-list strain that any grower of any level is almost obliged to try out. We know you won’t regret it.