Bubble Gum Strain Information & Review

Bubble Gum Strain
Author avatar By Parker Curtis
July 16, 2021

The name Bubble Gum strain may conjure memories of your youth, gnawing your way through Halloween candy, but this variant isn’t one to be taken lightly. It’s rather potent, packed with THC, and will leave you with a couch-locked full-body stone. 

Before the heaviness kicks in, Bubble Gum weed will induce feelings of blissful but hazy creativity and euphoria. Recreational stoners rather than medical tokers predominantly use the strain. 

It’s sweet and fruity in both flavor and aroma, which makes it a delicious complement to your evening dessert. Let’s find out more about this strain.

Bubble Gum Autoflower
Bubble Gum Autoflower

Bubble Gum strain (aka Bubba Gum) 

This cannabis strain leans more towards its indica genetics and has low levels of CBD. It’s beginner-friendly, but veteran stoners also find this weed enjoyable. Let’s get a better idea of what this variant offers by checking out the Bubble Gum info below. 

  • Type: Hybrid
  • THC: 17% / CBD: 0.3%
  • Top reported effects: Creative, relaxed, and uplifted 
  • Top reported flavors: Tropical, floral, and fruity
  • Dominant terpene: Myrcene
  • Flowering time: 8–10 weeks
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Yield indoor: 1.15-1.64 oz/sq ft
  • Yield outdoor: 21.16 oz/plant

Bubblegum strain description 

Bubble Gum strain is a variant with mysterious origins and a flavor that’s loved by those with a sweet tooth. There’s consensus that the Old Time Bubble Gum originated in Indiana in the early 1970s, but the details are unknown. 

If you enjoy this type of cannabis, you might also like these similar options.

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There’s a subtle hint of Bubblegum flavor in each of these marijuana variants, despite the dominance of the alternative flavors. Trichomes and bright orange pistils cover the Bubble Gum strain buds.

Bubble Gum has bagged several awards. The strain won the High Times Cannabis Cup four times and snagged prizes at the Expogrow and Spannabis Champions Cup. 

The THC levels in this marijuana variant can reach as high as 20%, making it pretty potent. 

The effects are typically euphoric and uplifting, bringing about creativity and hazy mental focus. The cerebral effects are largely due to the Bubble Gum strain’s sativa properties the hybrid contains. 

These feelings are soon followed by laziness and couch-lock. Some tokers also report being chatty. 

It’s best to kick back with this strain once all your important projects are completed and you need to unwind. Stoners usually save the Bubble Gum weed strain for early evenings when they want to relax while their minds wander freely

The fragrance and flavor translate well with fruity floral notes that are reminiscent of candy. It’s creamy and not likely to induce coughing in veteran users. 

Medical tokers report benefits from Bubble Gum. The conditions typically treated include:

  • Depression 
  • Anxiety 
  • Arthritis 
  • Inflammation 
  • Insomnia 
  • Pain
  • Migraines
Bubble Gum Feminized Buds
Bubble Gum Feminized Buds

Bubble Gum strain grow information

Growing the Bubble Gum weed is beginner-friendly. It’s a heavy-yielding forest green cannabis plant that has resilient properties.

The brightly colored buds are usually ready after 8 to 10 weeks, and they’re liberally coated in sticky golden resin. The best harvests are between mid-September and early October for photoperiod varieties of Bubble Gum strain. 

A wonderful attribute of this hybrid is its suitability for growing in indoor and outdoor settings. Greenhouse growers report success with these crops when using a Sea of Green (SOG) setup. 

Bubble Gum is also easy to maintain outside, provided that the climate is warm, sunny, and not too humid. The strain can grow hassle-free if you keep these handy tips in mind.

  • Utilize a SOG setup when growing indoors.
  • This cannabis strain flourishes in warm, moderate temperatures
  • Low humidity is best, as too much moisture breeds mold even in hardy strains.
  • If you’re growing a photoperiod plant, don’t harvest later than early October

Bubble Gum strain genetics

The Bubble Gums genetics is shrouded in mystery. The only known predecessor is Indiana Bubblegum. 

Indiana Bubble Gum strainBubble Gum strain

Bubble Gum strain seeds to buy near you 

If you’re intrigued by this candy-like strain and would like to cultivate these crops, you can find support and tracking tips when subscribing to our Homegrown Diaries. You can also apply helpful hints given in this Bubble Gum strain review to enhance your chances of success. 

Strains typically come in three varieties, which are

  • Bubble Gum feminized: If you want a completely feminized crop where you don’t need to remove the males.
  • Bubble Gum autoflower: These quick-growing options are suitable for growing all year round. Their progress isn’t dependent on light schedules, and they’re convenient for greenhouse cultivation.
  • Bubble Gum regular: The most natural of all the options grow just as nature intended and flourish with the right care.
  • Bubblegum Haze Feminized: A notable member of the Haze cultivars family, cultivars like Super Silver Haze are famous for many amazing reasons.

We currently stock the autoflower and feminized cannabis seeds but should have the regular variant soon. 

Bubble Gum strain reviews

Below are some Bubble Gum strain reviews from growers who’ve cultivated these marijuana seeds.  

Paul G – Bubble Gum autoflower


Been using HGCC for a long time now love the product and the customer service

Atomikpunk – Bubble Gum autoflower 


This girl took off in FF Strawberry Fields and never looked back! She grew to about 4′ tall and yielded 2 oz of super delicious mind-bending flowery goodness from under an SF1000!(100w) Very pleased and will be getting a brighter light!

As far as the business end of this deal? Purchase was easy and the product arrived as promised on their timeline, with no hiccups. I was looking forward to my next purchase easily. Thanks for being genuine, Homegrown!

Donker – Bubble Gum autoflower 



Ed – Bubble Gum autoflower


I had 7 of 8 germinations for Bubblegum. My order of ‘Cheap Weed Seeds’ included 8x Jack Herer, 8x Lavender, 8x Bubblegum, and a bonus of 4 Gelato. So far, all the Bubblegum plants are very healthy. My order was processed quickly considering the Covid situation and was received in a plain unmarked package arousing no suspicion.

Robert F – Bubble Gum feminized

I had some germination problems, but received replacement seeds very fast. I did receive four geleto seeds with my order. All four germinated and are my strongest plants. The center plant is a free geleto seeds. With the exception of the gemination problem that was fixed. I am happy with my purchase. Will definitely order again and recommend to my friends.

Popping the bubble

The Bubble Gum strain is a sweet and flavor-filled hybrid that’ll leave your tastebuds satisfied, and your body relaxed while your mind buzzes with creative thoughts. The mysterious lineage of this strain doesn’t detract from its popularity with tokers. 

If you’re considering giving cannabis cultivation a shot, this strain is a great starting point, and the resulting yield is sure to be rewarding. Browse our seed store and track your growing progress on our Bubble Gum strain Homegrown Diaries. 

Join our community by checking out our Homegrown Forum, where like-minded individuals discuss a wide range of marijuana-related topics. The Bubble Gum is sturdy and resilient, which means minimal maintenance for a newbie cultivar.

You’ve got nothing to lose. Select a variant and start your Bubble Gum strain crop today.

About the author: Parker Curtis

Parker Curtis has around a decade of cannabis-growing experience, specialising in soil-less and hydro grows. He’s mastering outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor grows.