Bubblegum Kush Strain Information & Review

Bubblegum Kush Strain
Author avatar By Parker Curtis
March 31, 2022

The Bubblegum Kush strain is an indica dominant hybrid that boasts high THC levels and relaxing effects. If you’re looking for a cultivar to pair up with pajamas and your favorite movie, this may be the one for you.

Would you like to find out more about this sweet-tasting, aromatic cultivar? We’ve got all the answers you’ll need in this comprehensive guide on the Bubblegum Kush strain info.

So light one up, and let’s get cracking.

Bubblegum Kush strain (AKA Bubble Gum Kush)

Are you interested in getting to know more about the Bubblegum Kush strain? Here’s a brief rundown on all the vitals:

  • Type: 80% indica hybrid
  • THC: 14 – 23%
  • CBD: 0.12%
  • Top reported effects: relaxed, sleepy, creative
  • Top reported flavors: bubblegum candy, sour lemon, orange
  • Dominant terpene: Myrcene
  • Flowering time: 8 weeks
  • Difficulty: Beginner-friendly
  • Yield: 2.4 oz. per ft sq indoors, 30 oz. per plant outdoors
Bubblegum Kush Strain

Bubblegum Kush strain description

The Bubblegum Kush strain is an indica dominant hybrid perfect for late-night chats with friends, listening to your favorite song, or zoning out on old episodes of Cheech and Chong. 

When lighting up a jay of the Bubble Gum Kush strain, you’re sure to be left reminiscing about the bubblegum candy you used to munch down on in the playground. Most people don’t expect but are thrilled by the added twists of lemon, orange, and floral undertones combined with the sweet candy taste that Bubblegum Kush weed offers. 

The first thing you’ll likely notice when opening up a bankie of the Bubblegum OG strain is densely packed, resinous buds staring back at you. The Bubblegum Kush strain’s name comes from its sticky, hard to separate buds that have thick layers of trichomes.

As with most indicas, the Bubblegum Cookies strain boasts relaxed, sleepy, and sometimes paralyzing effects. This variant is best enjoyed after dinner when you have no commitments other than dozing off while watching your favorite show. 

Even though the Bubblegum Kush strain has low CBD levels, users still benefit from a wide range of medicinal properties. When sparking up with this cultivar, you can look forward to relief in muscle aches, increased appetite, and a break in depression. If you have a serious medical condition, it may be best to consult your practitioner rather than self-medicating using Bubblegum Kush weed.

Bubblegum Kush strain grow information

The Bubble Gum OG strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors with success. With an eight-week flowering time, this happy-go-lucky strain is easy to grow, and beginners shouldn’t have any issues caring for it.

Garden growers will need to keep in mind that the Bubblegum Kush strain requires daytime temperatures between 70 and 80°F and humid conditions to thrive. Be cautioned that high humidity levels may give rise to powdery mildew, mold, and bud rot. 

Experts advise that the most successful way to cultivate the Bubble Gum Cookies strain indoors is to grow it in a hydroponic setup. The sea of green (SOG) method has also proven to produce high yields from inside plants. 

Bubblegum Kush strain genetics

If you’re a keen grower looking to breed your own Bubblegum Kush strain or would like to compare it to its parents, you might be intrigued to find out what the origins are of the Bubblegum OG strain.

Let’s take a look at the genetics behind this sweet and sour-tasting wonder. There’s a little bit of mystery surrounding one of the parents, which keeps everyone guessing; we have our own suspicions, though.

Bubblegum Kush Strain Genetics

Bubblegum Kush strain seeds to buy near you

Do we have you keen enough to get your hands on some seeds? Well, why not visit our seed bank and have them shipped right to your doorstep. 

We, unfortunately, don’t stock the Bubblegum Kush strain yet, but we’ll soon have the following fantastic offers available.

  • Bubblegum Kush Regular. Kick it old school with some regular seeds. You’ll have a 50/50 male to female ratio and need to remove any males you aren’t keen on keeping for pollination purposes. A fantastic alternative to this is the Hindu Kush Regular strain.
  • Bubblegum Kush Feminized. These female guaranteed seeds are aimed at keeping things simple for growers who don’t intend to breed. You’ll be able to germinate to your heart’s content without worrying about unwanted pollen getting to your precious bud producers. While you await their arrival, why not try out some Bubblegum Feminized or OG Kush Feminized?
  • Bubblegum Kush Autoflower. Autoflower variants are ideal for beginners who don’t quite have light cycles down yet. These easy-to-grow seeds will flower no matter how many hours of brightness they receive. You might like to try out Bubblegum Autoflower or OG Kush Autoflower.

The final toke

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