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Burkle Strain Information & Review

Burkle strain

The Burkle strain, with its high-THC content and Christmas-like flavors, is quickly becoming a fan favorite. Why wouldn’t it? After all, it hails from two of the world’s most popular strains. 

Join us as we learn about this marvelous bud.

Weed buds and joint
Weed buds and joint

Burkle strain (A.K.A Berkle strain and Berkel strain)

We’ve tracked down some critical information about the Burkle strain to show you what’s what.

Burkle information
Burkle information

Burkle strain description 

The Burkle strain has an impressive history that starts with its parentage. This unique indica-dominant hybrid won the third best indica flower prize at the 2016 High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver.

If you enjoy growing colorful weed types, then the Berkel strain is for you. This type is a little dwarfish but makes up for it with a kaleidoscope of colors that reflect every spectrum. You’ll see intensely purple leaves marked with green and just a touch of frost.

Most Berkle strain connoisseurs claim that it tastes like peppermint and spice with just a hint of fruit. In short, it’s a peppermint spice holiday latte but wrapped in a doobie.

Burkle strain users mention an entire host of different effects. While we see scattered claims of creative effects, it’s not the most common. 

Most smokers report that this variety is incredibly calming, and some even use it as a sedative. The other dominant effect is happiness or euphoria. 

While this isn’t a high-CBD strain, it offers a sizable amount of THC. You can expect a CBD content of up to 0.2% and THC as high as 19%.

If you have trouble sleeping, then consider the Burkle strain. You’ll drift off to sleep with the taste of Christmas on your tongue and joy in your heart. 

Healthy cannabis flowering
Healthy cannabis flowering

Burkle strain grow information 

Many new cannabis growers need the basic Burkle strain grow info. Most cultivators consider this a beginner strain as it isn’t extraordinarily picky.

One advantage that the Berkle strain plants offer is that they’re short and compact. Most cannabis plants only grow to around 2.5 feet tall. This height is advantageous for the grower who only has a small indoor area or grow room.

Overall, plants of the Burkle strain do better in indoor setups than outdoors. You can provide the ideal temperature and humidity range without the risk of mold from overly wet or dry conditions.

If you do intend on growing this variety outdoors, consider your climate carefully. It does best in warm, Mediterranean temperatures. It’s not fond of overly humid conditions nor of being dry for extended periods.

If you need a crop in a hurry, the Berkel strain is ideal. This variety has a flowering time of only 8–9 weeks, placing it firmly in the early-flowering category.

If you think that such a dwarfish cannabis plant can’t possibly produce large yields, you’re probably right. The Burkle strain produces moderate yields both in and outdoors. 

You can expect up to 1.5 ounces per square foot indoors and up to 1.7 ounces per plant outdoors. The Burkle strain makes up for its minimal yield by offering large amounts of THC in each bud.

It’s worth noting that if you want your plants to display the full range of color, you should allow nighttime temperatures to drop by between 10 and 15 degrees just before the plants start flowering. 

Burkle strains genetics 

Breeders developed the Burkle strain from two beloved favorites: Grandaddy Purple and Pre-98 Bubba Kush. Some experts believe that the cross may have involved Purple Urkle rather than Grandaddy Purple, but most sources agree on Grandaddy Purple.

We’ve constructed a genetic chart based on the common consensus of Burkle strain genetics.

Burkle genetics
Burkle genetics

Burkle strain seeds to buy near you 

We’ve listed some of the most popular variants of the Burkle weed strain. Unfortunately, we don’t have all of the varieties at present, so we’ve offered closely related strains:

  • Burkle Strain Autoflower – A magnificent variety that doesn’t require any lighting or temperature changes to make it bloom. Until we can offer you this type, try out Bubba Kush autoflower seed., This high-yielding favorite is one of the parent strains for Berkle.
  • Burkle Strain Feminized – Feminized strains offer the best value. You have 99% assurance that any seed you plant will grow into a female cannabis plant. Try out Bubba Kush feminized seeds and Grandaddy Purple feminized seeds for the best quality plants.
  • Burkle Strain RegularGrandaddy Purple regular seeds are an excellent alternative to regular Burkle seeds. You’ll get all the thrill of growing cannabis the way nature intended and a huge yield.
Smoking marijuana in a pipe
Smoking marijuana in a pipe

Let the smoke speak for itself 

The Burkle strain is a beautiful wonder that’s well worth growing and smoking. Something about the dwarfish plants with their purple and green highlights brings warmth to the heart (the THC count certainly helps).

There’s nothing like growing your own, though, so why not head over to our Homegrown Diaries to see what you need to start your first Burkle grow. Our diaries record the experiences, past and present, of growers around the world.

If you decide to grow this purple marvel, be sure to pay special attention to the Burkle strain Homegrown Diaries.

If you run into trouble or want to be part of a community of growers, our Homegrown Forum will serve you well. You can gain experience, knowledge, and advice from growers worldwide. You may even find someone who specializes in growing the Burkle strain. Check it out for yourself.

About the author: Derek LaRose

Also known as Kronic from The Cannabis Kronicles, Derek LaRose is a young ambitious cultivator and a staple educator for indoor cultivation.

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