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Cake Strains Information & Review

Cake strains

Nothing pleases a sweet tooth like a nice piece of cake. The Cake strain is the perfect option for weed smokers who love sweet flavors. Most Cake strains are hybrids with an indica leaning heritage, excellent to help you relax after a difficult day. 

Think for a moment about the most relaxed experience you can get in a bakery. Ordering a slice of cake with a cup of tea sounds terrific. With the cannabis Cake strains, you get a taste of baked perfection without the calories.

The Cake marijuana strains are filled with flavor. They also boost your mood and make you feel relaxed. It’s an intense, rewarding experience and something worth looking forward to if you choose to grow any of these cultivars. 

Cake strains 

With most Cake strains, you get the benefit of indica genes, but not all of them are designed to get you couch-locked. Many of these cultivars can fire up your brain with a sudden rush of euphoria and spark your creative juices to wrap up your day on a high note.

The following is the average features contained on most Cake strain cannabis seeds:

  • Type: Indica-dominant hybrid
  • THC: from 15–27%
  • CBD: less than 2% 
  • Top reported effects: Euphoric, relaxed, creative
  • Top reported flavors: Sweet, fruity, natural
  • Dominant terpene: Caryophyllene and Alpha Cedrene
  • Flowering time: 8–10 weeks (average)
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Indoor yield: 15–21 oz./m² (average)
  • Outdoor yield: 21–28 oz./plant (average)
Cake strains info

Cake Strains effects

The nugs you get from most Cake strains can take hold of your senses in a matter of minutes. Most of them are fast-paced in their takeover, with the first wave of effects hitting your brain hard and fast. The first rush is mostly a cerebral experience that eventually evolves into physical wellness.  

Most of them lean towards a relaxed feeling and heavy body stone, but you get a buzzing effect pounding your brain for a while. This rushing high can stay with you depending on the Cake variant you’re consuming.

Wedding cake can improve your experience with your favorite media. Cinderella cake melts away all tension from your muscles and improves your creativity. This cultivar helps you appreciate music, art, and films in a whole new light. 

Cake bomb can increase your cognitive process and help you throw ideas like bombshells but eventually knock you out. All Cake strains cannabis variants should be consumed with ease to avoid anxiety attacks or any increased sense of paranoia.   

Cake Strains flavors

There’s a lot to digest regarding the flavors contained on the Cake strains catalog. A commonality between these cultivars is the sweet touch that’s easily picked by your palate. Breaking nugs releases a diverse combination of undertones hidden on each variant.

Ice Cream cake goes for natural flavors such as herbs and pinewood. Wedding cake is filled with the taste of berries and spices. As the name suggests, Lemon cake tastes like citrus fruits mixed with Kush. It’s hard to pick a favorite among such uniqueness on every choice of seed.

Cake Strains grow information 

Growing any Cake strain seed variation can be pretty tricky, depending on your choice of seeds. The genetic lineage on most of them determines how easy it’s to handle the process, but it’s safe to say most Cake cultivars require an intermediate experience.

It’s safe to grow your Cake strain seeds indoors or outdoors if you can provide the right conditions. Most Cake strain cultivars love a dry climate. If you live in an area with a Mediterranean climate, you already have half the work done.

Some Cake strain seeds can be susceptible to mold, mildew, and fungi. You can solve this issue by growing indoors and securing a suitable space for them to grow properly. If you live in the northern regions of the USA, you might find a bit more obstacles. 

Some variants like Cinderella cake or Cake Bomb can easily tower above six feet tall. You must learn a few training techniques and keep a fixed maintenance schedule. If you’re working indoors, ensure they get 14 x 10 lighting cycles, unless you’re working with autoflower seeds. 

Sea of Green combined with deep pots filled with rich nutrient soil work excellent for most Cake strain seeds. Make sure the room temperature is at 70°–80°F at all times, and relative humidity never goes below 40–50%.

Cake strains genetics 

One of the features making Cake strain cannabis such a delightful experience it’s the vast array of genes found on them. There’s no such thing as a base Cake strain, so all of them are obtained following specific recipes.

  • Lemon Cake is obtained by combining Amnesia Lemon with Cake Bomb. 
  • Wedding cake comes from the mix of Girl Scout Cookies with Cherry Pie. 
  • Ice Cream Cake is created by mixing Gelato # 33 with Wedding Cake. 

These hybrids have their unique set of properties while offering great weed. 

Cake strains seeds to buy near you

If this Cake marijuana strain review has you interested in this cultivar, you have to try and grow cannabis seeds for yourself. There are three main variants of cannabis seeds, and you’ll find all of them here at Homegrown Cannabis co. There are some of the most popular options:

  • Cake regular seeds: regular marijuana seeds have normal development, with 50% turning to males during the flowering stage. We recommend an alternative since we currently don’t have regular cake variants. Lemon Pie regular is an excellent choice.  
  • Cake feminized seeds: growing feminized seeds is a breeze since this variation of seeds has altered genetics, so they only produce female plants. We recommend Wedding Cake feminized seeds in this stance.
  • Cake autoflower seeds: Autoflower seeds are the best option for experienced cultivators looking to speed up their yearly harvests. They require a bit more attention, but they offer rewarding yields. We recommend Cream autoflower for a similar sweet experience.

Cake strains reviews 

Here’s a compilation of our top verified reviews found on the Homegrown Cannabis Co. website. All of these come from established clients who partake in our community and have experience with multiple cultivars:

Ryan M. – Wedding cake feminized

Just finished my first indoor grow, to much success I might add. Ran one of these Wedding Cake fems out of the 6 plants I ran, and it turned out amazingly. Thick, heavy buds (several cola can thick, at least) and an overall heavy yield, although I haven’t actually weighed it all dry yet for totals. Sweet, fruity and desserty terpenes are rich on these buds. Lovely coloration, some light purples and bright greens with appealing brown hairs throughout. 10/10 in my book, have two more beans popping as I prepare for my second run as we speak!

Mike H. – Wedding cake feminized

Got my seeds fast and all have germinated that I tried, and the plants are looking lovely! Can’t wait to see the buds on these girls! Will definitely be ordering more of these and many others

Ronald B. – Wedding cake autoflower

Germinated all 2 seeds I planted, very fast with the use of a warmer kept at 82 degrees. It took only 4 to 5 days. The seeds grew a small tail after 3 day in a small plastic cup filled with spring water. All under a 24 watt T5 light.

Kevin N. – Wedding cake autoflower

Mine is going slower than what was noted and they are growing at different rates. Even so they are both healthy, germinated quickly and growing strong. Very happy overall!

Indulge your sweet cravings with Cake strains

The Cake strains are a fine way to close a rough day. Almost all of these indica-dominant cultivars playfully tease your palate with sweet undertones spiked with fruit and spices while washing away stress. Wrap up your evening with a toke of any of these options and get your mind blown away.

You need to step up your gardening game if you plan to grow Cake strain cannabis. These plants love a dry climate, and they can be pretty susceptible to mold and mildew in the cold. Make sure to understand the logistics of keeping a controlled environment if you live in the northern states. 

If you feel you have what it takes to grow any of the Cake strains, place your order of cannabis seeds today. You can share your knowledge about these cultivars with other cultivators and compare results. Open a log to track the progress of your plants in the Homegrown Diaries.
If you have questions, make sure to join the Homegrown Forum and get the best expertise from professional cultivators. You can discuss growing techniques, ask for assistance or share any thoughts about this wonderful industry.

About the author: Derek LaRose

Also known as Kronic from The Cannabis Kronicles, Derek LaRose is a young ambitious cultivator and a staple educator for indoor cultivation.

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