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Cement Shoes Strain Information & Review

Cement Shoes strain

After an arduous day, the Cement Shoes strain is great when you feel exhausted, defeated, and beat up. This herb could be the medicine you need to relax and forget all your troubles.

You’ll have a sense of calmness long after you use this slightly indica-dominant strain. The high won’t just give you an inflated view of yourself; rather, you’ll have ‘concrete’ reasons to feel good about yourself.

In our Cement Shoes strain review, you’ll learn of its effects, how to grow, where to get the best seeds, and more. It’s high time we build on this wonderfully tranquilizing strain!

Cement Shoes strain (aka Concrete Slippers, Concrete Shoes)

The sedating high is strong and intense — what you should expect with a name like Cement Shoes. Before we dig into all of that, here’s a quick rundown on this strains’ features:

Cement Shoes strain information
Cement Shoes strain information

Cement Shoes strain description

The Cement Shoes weed name is fitting because it renders your entire anatomy immovable while managing to keep your mind stimulated. The long-lasting and steady buzz is perfect for an overall body decompression

You’ll be stuck for a while in total bliss, courtesy of the strains’ average THC content of 19% to 22%. With optimal growth conditions, the Cement Shoes strain’s THC can clock an impressive 24%.

From the Cement Shoes strain’s pictures, you can tell that it’s just begging to be smoked. The oversized, popcorn-shaped olive green nugs feature a thick coat of bright, white crystal trichomes and amber pistils that pop in the contrasting hues. They are also quite sticky, but we’re not complaining.

The strain emits a light minty and berry scent. Once lit up, the bud releases a pungent earthy scent. This bud has a citrusy and earthy taste for a savory combination. You’ll also notice hints of pine, pepper, and fruitiness from the aroma rounded off with a minty note when exhaling.

The heavy, thick smoke from the Cement Shoes strain is a precursor to the heavy couch-lock effect. This characteristic makes this robust slightly indica bud a true knockout. 

You’ll first experience a cerebral high that starts with a tingling sensation on your temple. The calming sensation then spreads out to the rest of your body as your mind settles into a deep bliss.

The high is a serious creeper that builds up slowly but lasts long after the last hit—so puff cautiously. Beginners should take the Cement Shoes strain in moderation because the high THC can be overwhelming, and they might become anxious.

For most users, the only adverse reaction to overindulging is couch lock. Keep a glass of water nearby to help handle dry eyes and cottonmouth, and you’re good to go.

Because of its sedative nature, this strain is great if you have trouble sleeping. It also helps alleviate:

  • Chronic stress
  • Chronic pain
  • Muscle spasms
  • Cramps
  • Depression
  • Migraines
  • Anxiety

Cement Shoes grow information

The Cement Shoes strain responds well indoors or outdoors and thrives in a sub-tropical climate. It’s as tough as they come, and beginner cultivators will appreciate that. It’s naturally resistant to pests and mold.

Keep humidity (RH 40% to 50%) and temperature (68 – 79 degrees Fahrenheit) at moderate levels. Pathogens such as mold and mildew are deterred if you maintain these conditions and manicure its leafage properly.

Despite an average height of five feet, the Cement Shoes strain’s yield is plentiful because this weed gets bushy. Indoors, expect to harvest in only 8 to 10 weeks and yield up to 17 ounces per square meter. 

Outdoors, harvest buds from the Cement Shoes strain anytime during the year, but before mid-October to avoid frost if you’re further north. Here, expect a yield ranging from 19 to 21 ounces per plant.

Even though it does not affect this floras’ potency, expose it to cool night temperatures during flowering to make the bud sweeter, more colorful, and ultimately increase the bag appeal. However, keep temperatures above 55 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent cold damage. 

Cement Shoes strain genetics

The Cement Shoes strain is a cross between three elite cultivars: OG Kush Breath, Animal Cookies 09, and Wet Dreams. The resultant hybrid is a slightly indica-dominant hybrid—60% indica 40% sativa. Here’s its genetic makeup:

Cement Shoes strain genetics
Cement Shoes strain genetics

Cement Shoes strain seeds to buy near you

Like the Cement Shoes strain? Then get this strains’ pristine seeds right here at Homegrown Cannabis Co. Here are the three seed variants you can order today.

  • Autoflower Cement Shoes seeds: These seeds germinate into fertile mothers regardless of lighting schedules.
  • Feminized Cement Shoes seeds: 99.9% of these seeds bloom to fertile and potent mothers.
  • Regular Cement Shoes seeds: Half of these seeds germinate to fertile mothers, while the rest become pollen sacks. Only get regular seeds if you want to create new hybrids.

Regular and autoflower varieties will be available soon: till then, consider these fan-favorite alternatives with similar characteristics to the Cement Shoes strain:

  • OG Kush Autoflower: This indica-dominant hybrid provides a relaxing high. It’s great for depression and pain.
  • Purple Punch Feminized: Yet another numbing, creatively named slightly indica-dominant heavy hitter. It’ll certainly knock you out and slowly sink you deeper into your couch. It has high THC (up to 23%,) grows easily, and matures fast. 

There will be footprints in cement, not sand

Keep an eye on this top-shelf strain because of the healthy dose of couch-lock it provides.  Despite usually knocking you out, the Cement Shoes strain’s effects will leave an indelible mark, as the memories of the high are etched deep.

This weed is recommended for nighttime or evening use. You could also use the Cement Shoes strain in moderation to depend on its creative effect as you carry on with your chores. In most cases, the worst this strain could do is send you to sleep.

Once you get your Cement Shoe strain seeds, consider joining our Homegrown Diaries to track your grow like a pro. Here, you’ll get advice tailor-made for this couch-locking strain from our active community. 

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About the author: Parker Curtis

Parker Curtis has around a decade of cannabis-growing experience, specialising in soil-less and hydro grows. He’s mastering outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor grows.

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