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Cheese Strain Information & Review

Cheese Strain

Cheese is a famous indica dominant hybrid strain from the UK rightly dubbed the stinky socks of cannabis. 

Cheese boasts a consistent high that bringscerebral waves of relaxation and happiness. It’s been a staple for fans to relax with after a hard day for decades. These uplifting effects, and its moreish flavor profile, makes this weed stand out from the crowd.

Want to know more? Read on to learn everything you need to know, including how to grow this classic. 


This indica-dominant hybrid is a cross between a Skunk #1 phenotype and several landrace strains. Cheese is a household name in the 420 community and boasts top-tier genetics, out-of-this-world effects, and one-of-a-kind flavors and aromas.

Here’s a brief overview of this smelly strain’s top characteristics:

  • Type: Indica-dominant
  • THC level: 15–20%
  • CBD: <1%
  • Top reported effects: Relaxed, euphoric, uplifted
  • Top reported flavors: Cheese, earthy, herbal
  • Dominant terpene: Myrcene
  • Flowering time: 8–10 weeks
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

Yield: 16–19 oz./m² indoors and 18–21 oz./plant outdoors

Cheese Strain Effects

Its Indica ancestry allows waves of relaxation to roll over you until you’re at peace.   

It has a solid reputation for calming the user holistically. Cheese also induces bouts of happiness, and its potency suspends you in long-lasting bliss. Together these benefits have made Cheese a go-to for medicinal purposes. 

The Cheese weed strain is perfect for you if you work in a high-pressure job or suffer from anxiety, depression, or insomnia. One puff of Cheese in the evening will help melt all your woes away, leaving you ready for a good night’s sleep.   

Cheese Strain Feminized Flower
Cheese Strain Feminized Flower

Cheese strain flavors

The dank cheesy smell is this strain’s top selling point. Expect a potent aroma of warm cheddar, earthiness, herbs, and tangy sweetness. The intense aroma can be intimidating for newbies, but many beginners quickly become fans of this unique infusion.

The flavor is equally powerful and bursts with sharp, sour, earthy, and herbal tones. Expect a relatively smooth smoke with a pungent twist.

Cheese strain Grow information

This strain is a relatively easy bush to cultivate. However, beginners should approach the task with caution. It can grow in optimal conditions to be one of the tallest Indica strains, reaching over 8 feet

Climatic conditions

The crops fare best in an outdoor Mediterranean climate or greenhouse, which can accommodate their size and thirst for the sun’s natural illumination. A well-maintained indoor setup will also get the job done if you don’t live in an area with the necessary conditions. Ideal temperatures range from 64–79°F with humidity levels around 40–50% during the flowering stage.

Facts about growing

  1. Cheese weed plants have a flowering time of 8–10 weeks.
  2. Total life cycle from germination to harvest spanning approximately 5–6 months.
  3. The average yield is 16–19 oz./m² indoors and 18–21 oz./plant outdoors.
  4. Cheese crops respond well to the Sea of Green (SOG) method, encouraging even more explosive growth.

Like its stink, Cheese is unique to many. Its hybrid roots make this cannabis plant showcase Indica and Sativa traits. Its appearance and structure are a mix-match of winning features that aim to make the growing process easier. 

The long but sturdy branches can support its large colas withno additional support. A surprising fact when you see the abundance of flowers it produces. Its height also leaves plenty of room for juicy nugs to grow. 

Cheese strain genetics

The origins of the classic UK Cheese strain lead us back to the legendary Skunk #1 phenotype from Sacred Seed Co. Its pungent cheddar cheese fragrance and colossal crops caught the attention of everyone in the weed community. Soon other big-name breeders wanted to use it. 

Big Buddha seeds improved the strain’strichome production andpotential yield in the 80s. They did this by introducing Afghani Indica DNA. The union of these winning traits birthed the Cheese weed strain as we know it today. 

Like its Skunk mother, this strain is now a base strain for a rainbow of other hybrids. The most popular of these include theBlue Cheese strain, Bubba Cheese strain, and Gorilla Cheese strain. 

Here’s a breakdown of the UK Cheese strain lineage for easy viewing. 

Cheese Strain Genetics

Cheese seeds to buy near you 

Are your green thumbs twitching to get started? If the answer’s hell yes, then pop over to the store today and select your cannabis seeds. There are currentlythree strain weedoptions available. Each one is slightly different in terms of growing style, THC potency, and CBD levels.

  • Cheese FeminizedBuds galore. With these seeds, you have a 95-99% guarantee rate of growing all female weed plants. Perfect for producing luscious mother crops withfruitful buds.
  • Cheese AutoflowerLet the science behind the marijuana seeds do all the work for you. Autoflowering takes away the stress of maintaining the perfect light conditions.  
  • CBD Cheese AutoflowerIf you prefer a higher CBD hit over THC, then this autoflower option is a perfect choice for you.


If our strain review has you licking your lips for some more stinky goodness, look no further! The following answers to commonly-asked questions will enlighten and excite you about the popular cultivar.

Is Cheese strain indica or sativa?

The Cheese strain is indica-dominant. These hardy cultivars originate in the Hindu Kush mountain region close to Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan. 

A common trait of indica plants is that they’re short and sturdy and have bushy foliage with large leaves that grow laterally. However, the Cheese cannabis in this article is one of the tallest indicas in existence! These crops grow faster than their sativa counterparts and produce more nugs. 

How does the Cheese strain make you feel?

Users favor this strainbecause its indica effects offer an intense full-body relaxation. Upon toking, the herb fills you with a blissful and calming feeling as your anxiety and stress melt away. Before long, it soothes you and lulls you into a deep slumber. These sensations make the Cheese marijuana strain perfect for use at night after a hard day. 

What is Cheese strain good for?

The ability of the Cheese strain to calm the nerves helps people who feel stressed, have anxiety, or suffer from depression. Those with insomnia or sleeping disorders find it easy to drift into a deep slumber. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to unwind after a grueling day. The Cheese cannabis strain uplifts you and fills you with happy thoughts if you need a mood boost. Some users claim relief from nausea as well.

What is the original Cheese strain?

The marijuana community claims that the Cheese strain comes from Skunk #1. Sam “The Skunkman” created the latter in the 1980s and brought it to the Netherlands from California. The former got its name from its strong scent and taste reminiscent of cheddar. In 1988, it found its way to the UK, where breeders cloned it, and its popularity soared in the 1990s.

Who invented Cheese strain?

Sam “The Skunkman” created the original Cheese strain in the 80s. However, the cultivar, a phenotype from his other renowned creation, the Skunk #1, gained acclaim after UK breeders cloned the plant. 

Where did Cheese strain come from?

Although Sam “The Skunkman” introduced the Cheese in the Netherlands, its popularity rose in the United Kingdom. When the country’s breeders saw its abundant yield, they cloned it. The cultivar’s success spread through the 420 community. Today, the UK Cheese strain is widely available all over the country and in other places where marijuana is legal.

What does Cheese strain smell like?

As the name suggests, the Cheese weed strain smells like its namesake dairy product, specifically cheddar. Its unique terpenes blend to create a combination of rotten acidic scents with sweet, fruity aromas. In scientific terms, its fragrance is a mix of octanoic acid, methyl tert-butyl ether, ethyl methyl acetic acid, isovaleric acid, and hexanoic acid.

Everybody loves a cheeseboard

The Cheese weed strain has been a popular choice for many veteran stoners over the years and remains a champion. How could you not love it? It has legendary parentage. Proving itspotency and perfection, it’s the base in countless fascinating crosses

Once you’ve fallen in love with Cheese, you’ll want to try all the different ones. There’s the Blueberry Cheese strain, Alien Cheese strain,Exodus Cheese strain, and the list goes on. 

For home growers with the right setup, it’s a breeze to cultivate, and its yields won’t disappoint either. Once your weed seeds arrive, why not join the Cheese Homegrown Diaries? Here you can track your progress as you grow and share your success with other fans. 

For further support on your cannabis journey, subscribe to our Homegrown Forum. It’s full to the rafters with tips and tricks to get the best out of every seed.

About the author: Derek LaRose

Also known as Kronic from The Cannabis Kronicles, Derek LaRose is a young ambitious cultivator and a staple educator for indoor cultivation.

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