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The Top 5 Cheese Strains You Must Try

Cheese strains

Hello, is it cheese you’re looking for? You’re in luck because we’ve got the ultimate Cheese strains detailed for your reading pleasure. If you’re tired of smoking the same old joints and you desire a toke that’ll please your refined palate, you’ve come to the right place.

Read on aswe tell you what makes Cheese cultivars so great and where they came from. We’ll also give you our top 5 Cheese strains list and throw in a few cheesy puns. 

Critical x Cream Cheese flower
Critical x Cream Cheese flower

What are Cheese strains?

Cheese strains are as gouda as it gets when it comes to skunky, dank cannabis. They have a strong, cheesy aroma that stands out from the other sweet, herbal flavors found in other cultivars. 

These scrumptious buds are famed for their uplifting, laid-back effects, making them the toke of the town since the 90s’. With THC levels averaging 18%, you’ll experience a beautifully balanced buzz with both relaxing and uplifting features. 

Weed Cheese strains get their name from their strong cheese scents, but there’s more to it. The effects of these cultivars melt away your stress, aches, and negative feelings like cheddar in a grilled cheese toastie. 

The Cheese terpenes created a whirl in the medicinal marijuana world for their many possible health benefits. Dominant terpenes caryophyllene and limonene may help individuals with inflammation and anxiety, respectively. 

So to answer the question ‘what are Cheese strains’? They’re cannabis cultivars with lip-smacking cheese aromas, soothing effects, and an array of beneficial terpenes—what more could you want? 

The history of the Cheese strain

It’s storytime, friends. The history of Cheese strains begins in the mid-1980s’ when cannabis legend Sam the Skunkman began experimenting with Skunk #1 in the Netherlands. The Dutch loved how quick his Skunk strain flowered, but they were looking for something less dank. 

Sam cross-bred, providing cultivars with a sweeter, more inconspicuous cannabis plant which was wildly popular and far from the aroma of stinky Cheese strains. 

In the late 80s’ a grower bought a pack of Skunk #1 cannabis seeds. As he began growing them, he paid attention to one plant that stood out from the rest. 

This unique crop had the savory scent of cheese compared to the sweet aroma of the other plants. It also had fatter buds packed with a delicious earthy flavor and a thick resin coat. Cultivators rushed to clone and sell the Cheese strain of weed in the UK, which is still a big hit there and globally.

Black Water Purple OG Cheese
Black Water Purple OG Cheese

Cheese terpenes

Hitting a Cheese toke is like doing a cheese tasting at an exquisite dining room. Cheese cultivars have a diverse set of flavor profiles. 

Experience everything from stinky Cheesy strains reminiscent of the finest blue variety to classic flavors, unearthing the nostalgia of a good ol’ American slice. Use the best rolling papers to get the purest taste from Cheese cannabis.

The complex aromatics are all thanks to the Cheese terpenes. You may be wondering what cannabis terpenes are. You’re not alone; many smokers enjoy the deep flavors of marijuana without recognizing terpenes. These are the naturally occurring chemical compounds that give them taste and aroma

Terpenes do more than season your blunt; they also have several beneficial properties. The dominant Cheese terpene is caryophyllene, creating a spicy, peppery scent with a tasty savory undertone. It boasts many health benefits, including binding to CB2 receptors to reduce inflammation, relieve anxiety and pain, and treat seizures. 

The other prominent terpene in Cheese strains is limonene, which has an aromatic citrus tang that uplifts you with its refreshing scent. It may be beneficial for stress relief, acid reflux, and improving the absorption of other terpenes. 

Myrcene is also a common Cheese terpene, adding a herbal, earthy flavor to the palate. It boasts a wide range of possible medicinal benefits like anti-inflammatory elements and assisting with regulating the circadian rhythm. Studies show that myrcene may even possess anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties.

Cheese weed effects 

The cheesy flavor pulls people in, but it’s the Cheese weed effects that keep them coming back for more. Most Cheese marijuana strains hit up to 18% of THC and genetically lean towards the indica side. 

Don’t be fooled because the effects are potent enough to send experienced smokers soaring. It’s important to know your limits and how much weed is too much for you. 

Weed Cheese strains are beloved for their calming yet uplifting effects. From the first few tokes, you’re happier and instantly peaceful as a sense of tranquility washes over you from head to toe. 

As the effects build, euphoria floods your veins, pumping pure glee into your system, leaving you giggling like a schoolgirl. The cheerful energy fills your mind with cerebral waves that calm your stress, doubts, and worries. 

Another tremendous benefit is these strains make you feel like the big cheese. You’ll be more confident, sociable, and chatty, making it perfect for gatherings or family reunions. 

One of the classic effects of all weed strains of Cheese is the munchies. Just like cheese, it’s so goodyou’ll be tempted to eat until your tummy hurts. The increased hunger is excellent for people experiencing appetite loss or if you want to eat as much pizza as possible on your cheat day. 

When the Cheese weed effects start to decline, a gentle buzz caresses you like a warm hug. It removes all pain and releases any tension in your body, leaving you feeling like you just returned from a day at the spa. You’ll be locked into the nearest soft surface and, soon enough, have the deepest sleep you’ve ever had.

CBD Cream & Cheese bud
CBD Cream & Cheese bud

5 best Cheese strains for you to try

Many cannabis enthusiasts argue that Cheese strains aren’t for everyone. The truth is, not all Cheese cultivars are smelly or give you couch-lock. Just like with the delectable yellow treat,there’s something for everyone on the board, so read through our top five picks and slice a piece of your favorite. 

1. Original Cheese feminized

The indica dominant Original Cheese feminized cultivar—famed since the 80s’—is still one of the best Cheese strains out there. Strong cheesy aromas penetrate your senses with the pungent umami aromatics that’ll get your mouth watering with every puff. 

The THC content between 16–20% makes Original Cheese a suitable strain for smokers of all levels. Side effects are rare because this toke is gentle enough to puff for hours without going over the edge. 

From the first inhale, dreamy clouds fill your mind, instantly wiping away any anxieties and creating a sense of calm. The intense relaxation spreads to your limbs, relieving all pain and tension. When the Cheese weed effects hit their peak, you’ll be sedated into a deeply comforting snooze. 

The Original Cheese strain of weed is easy to grow and does well in any medium. Trim occasionally and nurture in a warm and sunny climate. After eight weeks of flowering, you’ll be rewarded with up to 18 oz./m2 indoors and 21 oz. per plant outdoors. 

Original Cheese feminized
Original Cheese feminized

2. Blue Cheese feminized

Imagine smoking a blueberry cheesecake; now open your eyes and try Blue Cheese—the taste match is uncanny. Sweet, fruity notes of blueberry dance with warm notes of spice and cured cheese in this indica dominant tango. It’ll forever be one of the greatest Cheese strains for its delectable flavor and heavenly effects

Blue Cheese feminized is the epitome of mellow strains with a THC content between 16–20% and a buzz that hits the spot. 

Relaxation captures you almost immediately as the peaceful waves wash over your body, massaging away pain and relieving stress. Warm, soothing sensations gently embrace you, making you feel safe, happy, and oh so sleepy. The Blue Cheese strain of weed is perfect for nighttime or pre-bedtime use because it makes you so calm you’ll float to your mattress. 

Beginners are welcome to grow this resilient strain that’ll flower for only 8–9 weeks and rewards growers with up to 19 oz./m2 indoors and 21 oz. per plant outdoors. 

Blue Cheese feminized
Blue Cheese feminized

3. Cheese Diesel feminized

Who says all weed strains known as Cheese have to be for relaxing or sleeping? The Cheese Diesel feminized cultivar is a sativa dominant hybrid with an uplifting, energizing buzz. Strong aromas of pungent cheese and the chemical-like sweetness of Dieselcome together to deliver a powerful blue cheese tang.

This high THC cultivar boasts a range of 19–22%, providing strong yet balanced effects making it one of the best Cheese strains for daily use. 

Waves of creativity and intense focus gush through your mind making it ideal for working or artistic outlets. You’ll become the ultimate social butterfly as all your worries fade away, and it gently relaxes your body and eases pain without couch-locking you. 

Minor side effects occur if you overdo it, like dry eyes, cottonmouth, and mild paranoia from very high doses. Puff the right amount, and Cheese Diesel can be some seriously trippy weed. 

Cheese Diesel is beginner-friendly, but the odor is insanely strong, so odor filtration systems are necessary. This stinky Cheese strain goes through flowering for 8–10 weeks and rewards growers with up to 21 oz./m2 indoors and up to 25 oz./m2 outdoors. 

Cheese Diesel feminized
Cheese Diesel feminized

4. CBD Cream Cheese feminized

Reap the full medicinal benefits of cannabis by opting for a high CBD strain like CBD Cream Cheese feminized. This unique indica dominant cultivar boasts between 18–22% CBD. It’s one of the less pungent Cheese strains with slight hints of cheese and notes of sweet fruit and warm earthiness. 

The CBD Cream Cheese weed effects are gentle yet prominent with a THC content of 18–22% and an equal CBD amount. Complete relaxation streams through your body, taking you to a place of blissful tranquility. 

Thanks to its largely non-psychoactive effects, you won’t experience anything too crazy, but the health benefits are out of this world. CBD Cream Cheese is said to work wonders for pain relief, insomnia, and anxiety by soothing aching muscles and sending waves of serenity through the mind. 

This Cheese strain of weed is effortless to grow and flourishes in any medium. It gives a generous harvest of around 21 oz./m2 indoors and up to 28 oz./plant outdoors and flowers for 8–9 weeks. 

CBD Cream Cheese feminized
CBD Cream Cheese feminized

5. Strawberry Cheese autoflower

What better way to end the greatest Cheese strains list than with a dessert toke? Strawberry Cheese autoflower isbursting with sweet, juicy flavor complemented by the sharpness of the cheese. This hybrid cultivar provides users with well-balanced effects. 

THC levels range from 15–21%, and the effects are just as contrasting as the flavors. 

Surf’s up! Gigantic waves of uplifting euphoria rapidly charge through your brain, electrifying your senses and washing away tension. Make sure you find lots of things to do while high on Strawberry Cheese because the energy surge lasts a while. 

The munchies hit hard with this sweet Cheese strain of weed so preparing some actual dessert isn’t a bad idea. As the intense cerebral waves billow, you receive a call from Dreamland, and you’ll soon be totally relaxed in a deep slumber

Strawberry Cheese auto is one of the best Cheese strains because it’s delicious, has powerful effects, and is super easy to grow. After flowering for 8–9 weeks, these sugary plants reward you with up to 19 oz./m2 indoors and 6 oz. per plant outdoors.

Strawberry Cheese autoflower
Strawberry Cheese autoflower

Cheese the day!

Cheese strains are all brimming with delicious umami flavor and mouth-watering aromas. There are different cheesy cultivars for everyone’s tastes and desires, and most have moderate THC levels and soothing effects. The cherry on top is Cheese cannabis strains are easy to grow and reward you with heaps of cheesy buds. 

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Until next time and take it cheesy, friends. 

About the author: Derek LaRose

Also known as Kronic from The Cannabis Kronicles, Derek LaRose is a young ambitious cultivator and a staple educator for indoor cultivation.

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