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Cherry Punch Strain Information & Review

Cherry Punch Strain

Are you ready to experience a powerhouse combo of two delicious and hard-hitting cultivars? Try out the Cherry Punch strain, a well-balanced hybrid that produces relaxing and mood-boosting sensations.

Discover why cannabis enthusiasts worldwide love this plant for its sweet-tasting, uplifting, and easy-to-grow qualities. Crops have short flowering times, producing jaw-dropping yields of high-THC buds in ideal conditions.

Stick around if you want to find out more about this mouth-watering cannabis cultivar. Our Cherry Punch strain review provides an in-depth look at all its enticing properties, including how to grow it.

Ready to tease your taste buds? Let’s begin.

Cherry Punch strain

This gorgeous marijuana cultivar won third place for “Best Personal Sungrown” strain during the Emerald Cannabis Cup Awards in 2018. The prize is a testament to the phenomenal outdoor results you can expect when growing Cherry Punch.

It thrives well inside, too, producing buds with attractive characteristics. Here’s a brief overview of the top qualities:

  • Type: Balanced hybrid
  • THC: 20–24%
  • CBD: <1%
  • Top reported effects: Relaxation, happiness, focus 
  • Top reported flavors: Cherry, candy, fruity
  • Dominant terpene: Caryophyllene 
  • Flowering time: 7–9 weeks
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Yield: 23 oz./m² indoors and 42 oz./plant outdoors
Cherry Punch Strain information

Cherry Punch cannabis inherits its top-shelf genetics from the indica-dominant Purple Punch and sativa-leaning Cherry AK-47. Although you can expect similar qualities to its parents, it has unique ones that make it stand out. Let’s dive further into each of its breathtaking aspects.

Cherry Punch strain effects

The first thing you notice after taking a few puffs of Cherry Punch weed is an instantly uplifted mood. The high takes you out of any slump you may be in, transporting you to a mental realm filled with possibilities. Enjoy a heavenly balance of mind and body sensations taking over.

You feel the sativa side first as bursts of mental invigoration wake up all corners of your brain. Tiredness and lack of motivation wash away as you experience the initial Cherry Punch strain effects. Jolts of creative and motivating energy let you fulfill any task you may be busy with.

Smoking the buds provides a perfect pick-me-up to start your day positively or give you a midday boost.

A delightful sense of euphoria settles in, helping you to forget your worries for a few hours. You gain inspiration to listen to your favorite music, watch an engaging TV show, or go for a walk.

The Cherry Punch THC level sits comfortably at around 20–24%, ideal for more experienced tokers. If you’re new to cannabis, stick to one or two puffs as you ease into the effects.

While you enjoy the energizing and uplifting emotions, you start feeling the indica qualities. A profound sense of calm settles in as your mind and body enter “mellow” mode. You may notice the corners of your mouth curl up as you feel joyful sensations coursing through you. 

The Cherry Punch weed strain contains minimal traces of CBD, not surpassing 1%. Some users report pleasant medicinal effects when consuming it, including stress and anxiety relief. You might experience an increased appetite that sends you to stockpile snacks.

Others state this strain might help alleviate depression by boosting your mood. It could chase those dark storm clouds away and allow you to enjoy your favorite pastime without interruption. Some reports claim it may ease muscle tension, mental fatigue, and insomnia.

There are no reported adverse reactions from Cherry Punch marijuana. Some common side effects after smoking weed may include dry red eyes, paranoia, or dehydration.

If you experience any negative sensations, alleviate them by drinking water, eating, and using eye drops.

Cherry Punch strain flavors

What’s better than sinking into the couch with a bowl of your favorite treats? Adding the Cherry Punch marijuana strain to the mix can fire up your taste buds by complementing your snacks.

It delivers mouth-watering flavors that feel like heaven on your tongue and leave you wanting more.

Once you take your first puff, satisfying cherry flavors flood in, settling on your palate when you exhale. You taste a blend of refreshing berries, like eating a fresh fruit dessert on a hot summer day. 

Considering what strains Cherry Punch is a product of, expect similar aromas to its parents. Like the buds from Purple Punch feminized seeds, this offspring’s nugs smell like blueberries and grapes, with hints of skunk and earth. 

Cherry Punch strain growing tips

Astounding outdoor production earned this cultivar a spot at the 2018 Emerald Cup. It thrives in warm, sunny Mediterranean climates but also fares well in cooler weather. 

The Cherry Punch strain has indica and sativa qualities, so expect short to medium-sized plants. They typically reach two to four feet inside and up to seven feet outdoors. Once they mature, attractive dark green buds appear with specks of purple and vivid orange pistils.

The nugs are gluey and sweet, proving their high potency by gently sticking to your fingers when you handle them. Leaves are painted purple and emerald, with a thick layer of crystalline trichomes covering the surface of the plants.

The Cherry Punch strain is versatile and resilient. If you opt for indoor growth, ensure you have enough horizontal space as the plants enjoy stretching out. You may need to lightly prune and top them during the flowering stage to boost lateral growth and bud production.

Crops are suitable for intermediate growers, but beginners can attempt them as they don’t require much maintenance. They have robust and rigid frames and are relatively resistant to mold and pests.

Growers who have gathered Cherry Punch strain info report indoor yields of around 23 oz./m². If you want accentuated purple and red bud colors, briefly expose your crops to slightly colder temperatures when they start flowering.

To get the most out of this cultivar, plant your crops outdoors. They require plenty of sunlight and a healthy dose of nutrients. Use organic soil and follow the correct germination technique using paper towels.

After about 7–9 weeks of flowering outside, Cherry Punch produces up to 42 oz. of fruity, sparkling nugs per plant. Sow your seeds at the end of July or the beginning of August for a mid-October harvest.

Cherry Punch strain genetics

Expect similar traits from Cherry AK-47 and Purple Punch in this hybrid of both fruity cultivars. 

Below are the characteristics of each parent strain that Cherry Punch weed comes from:

  • Purple Punch: Produces bright, fluffy, purple buds that taste like berries when you smoke them. It induces euphoric and relaxing sensations, and the plants are easy to grow without much maintenance.
  • Cherry AK-47: Delivers delicious flavors that mirror its name, with earthy undertones and a creamy aftertaste. It produces uplifting cerebral effects and a deep calm that lets you sink into the couch and forget your worries.

Cherry Punch strain seeds to buy near you

Are you ready to cultivate sweet, THC-packed Cherry Punch cannabis buds? Homegrown Cannabis Co. is the ideal place to purchase high-quality marijuana strains with stable, world-class genetics.

If you enjoy this cultivar, check out our collection of purple weed seeds. Select between feminized, autoflower, regular, and fast version variants based on your preferences. 

FAQs about Cherry Punch

Do you still have burning questions about the Cherry Punch strain? Find bite-sized answers to the most common queries below.

Is the Cherry Punch strain indica or sativa?

Cherry Punch is an indica and sativa hybrid, offering the best of both worlds in one tasty package. Enjoy soothing and peaceful sensations that complement energized and focused effects. 

What strain is similar to Cherry Punch?

If you enjoy this strain, try ones that possess similar traits, like Purple Punch autoflower, Kyle’s Cherry AK feminized, Purple Haze feminized, or Blueberry autoflower.

Is Cherry Punch good for anxiety?

Anecdotal reports claim that it does help alleviate anxiety. The Cherry Punch strain’s THC level ranges from 20–24%, delivering potent effects that may help calm your nerves. 

Why is it called Cherry Punch?

The name combines the monikers of its two parent strains: Cherry AK-47 and Purple Punch. Expect the best qualities from both cultivars in this unique offspring.

Is the Cherry Punch weed plant mold-resistant?

Yes. Growers who successfully cultivate the Cherry Punch weed strain claim it’s highly resistant to common mold and pest problems. 

How big does the Cherry Punch cannabis plant grow?

This cultivar has indica and sativa characteristics, so crops typically reach medium heights. Expect plants that grow to around two to four feet tall indoors and up to seven feet outside.

About the author: Derek LaRose

Also known as Kronic from The Cannabis Kronicles, Derek LaRose is a young ambitious cultivator and a staple educator for indoor cultivation.

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