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Cream Caramel strain

Cream Caramel Strain Information & Review

February 17, 2022

Cream Caramel strain is like comfort food you can smoke. Treat your tastebuds to decadent hints of sweet caramel and rich buttery goodness with this delicious indica-dominant cannabis strain. Her buds feel like a soothing massage for your mind, almost like a trip to the spa without leaving your couch. 

This award-winning phenotype is known for its comforting cerebral effects that feel like a warm hug. Do you want to learn how to grow this sweet treat from the comfort of your home? 

We’ve got you covered with this cream caramel strain review. Let’s dig in. 

Cream Caramel Strain (aka Caramel Cream Strain, Royal Caramel)

This dessert strain has a lot to offer for both users and growers. Her buds are drenched in stunning white crystals, but the Caramel Cream strain is more than a pretty face. 

Here are some of the reasons why this is such a popular strain among weed lovers:

Cream Caramel Information
Cream Caramel info

Cream Caramel strain description

Kick your shoes off, prepare a hearty meal, and end the day on a positive note with the Cream Caramel strain. This 90% indica is perfect for a relaxing afternoon watching your favorite tv shows, and the 10% sativa sprinkle will keep a smile plastered onto your face. 

The mouth-watering Caramel strain releases a sweet, inviting aroma when puffed. As tempting as it is to keep smoking, you’ll discover it takes heed, and just one monster hit can lull you into a deep slumber. Just like a slice of cake, you have to enjoy it slowly. 

Cream Caramel will give you a body buzz like no other. Although it’s mostly a cerebral high, it’s known for causing tingling body sensations too. This makes it a great choice for medical users who suffer from pain. Thanks to its calming mental effects, it also works wonders for anxiety and insomnia. 

The sweet, smooth aromatics of Cream Caramel strain means you can have dessert before dinner. It's a good idea to smoke before you eat if you suffer from a suppressed appetite because it’ll evoke monster munchies

Its terpenes create a sweet and slightly spicy scent, so savory foods would pair beautifully. If you’re in the mood for something truly sweet, try Honey Cream strain.

There’s no doubt this caramel marijuana packs a hard THC punch. There aren’t many negative effects, but too much will buy you a first-class ticket to dreamland. To avoid dry eyes, you should stay hydrated; a fruity beverage like strawberry tea would compliment the flavors well. 

Cream Caramel grow information

Indica’s are typically celebrated for their hardiness, and Cream Caramel strain is no different. It’ll thrive pretty much anywhere you plant it. It’s not high maintenance either, which makes it a good first-time grow. 

The strain is known for giving generous yields. To get the best bang for your buck, use feminized seeds to ensure you make the best use of your space, time, and effort. On average, the Caramel Cream strain takes 60 days to flower and will create branches decorated in luscious buds. 

Growers describe the strain’s appearance as having impressive bud structure. The resin-coated buds almost look like they were tossed in cinnamon sugar, fitting for a Caramel strain. The dense, sticky flowers are pure beauty with hints of purple and yellow.

Cream Caramel strain typically flowers around late September to early October when planted outdoors. Bear in mind that it needs tons of sunlight, so make sure you plant it somewhere with plenty of light. Outdoors you can expect a yield of around 12–22 oz/m2. 

The Cream Caramel strain has a lot to offer for indoor growers. If you feed her well and give her ample light, she’ll reward you with 14–20 oz/m2. Using low-stress training techniques such as the SOG or the ScrOG method will grant you a bigger harvest and healthier plants. 

Cream Caramel strain genetics 

Reigning from the beautiful country of Spain, the Caramel Cream strain is the result of a mixture of three popular cultivars. It has 90% indica genes, making it a pleasure to grow, and 10% Sativa genes to add some interesting effects and aesthetics. Here’s exactly what it's made of: 

Cream Caramel Genetics
Cream Caramel genetics

Cream Caramel strain seeds to buy near you

Is your mouth watering at the thought of a sweet, decadent Caramel strain? The Homegrown store has top of the range cannabis seeds to feed your appetite: 

Treat yourself to Cream Caramel strain

Give in to your sweet tooth and enjoy some caramel cream strain for the best dessert ever. With a wide array of terpenes and medicinal benefits, it's the perfect choice for medical users. The cerebral indica buzz and rejuvenating sativa effects make it an absolute treat to smoke and grow. 

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About the author: Parker Curtis

Parker Curtis has around a decade of cannabis-growing experience, specialising in soil-less and hydro grows. He’s mastering outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor grows.

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