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Critical 2.0 Strain Information & Review

Critical 2.0 Strain

Critical 2.0 strain is the new and improved version of the original. Critical+ has many attractive qualities, but when the climate isn’t perfect when cultivating, bud rot is a problem. This feature made many growers reach for other strains. 

One day, a Critical+ phenotype matured, and the crop was excellent with moisture resistance. The breeder knew they had a special specimen, so they backcrossed it with the original, and the rest is history. We now can enjoy Critical 2.0, which is sturdy, fights off pests and diseases naturally, and produces a potent harvest. 

Do you want to know more about this upgraded marijuana strain? Discover the Critical 2.0 strain info including, the effects, flavors, grow information, genetics, reviews, and the best place to purchase Critical 2.0 seeds. 

Let’s begin on this critical matter. 

Critical 2.0 strain

Before we get into the details, let’s look at the Critical 2.0 strain’s essential information to know what we’re working with. 

  • Type: Indica dominant
  • THC: 18–22% / CBD: 0.3% 
  • Top reported effects: Uplifting, euphoric, relaxing
  • Top reported flavors: Herbal, floral, citrus
  • Dominant terpene: Alpha pinene, beta pinene, myrcene
  • Flowering time: 6–8 weeks 
  • Difficulty: beginner-friendly
  • Yield: 25 oz/ m² indoors and 31–46 oz/ plant outdoors
Critical 2.0 strain info

Critical 2.0 straineffects

Users know and love the Critical 2.0 strain for its powerful head high. With just one hit, it gives you a psychedelic buzz. Suddenly, it heightens your senses, colors are saturated, foods taste better, and sounds are clearer

The slight sativa side wakes you up, and it energizes you. Critical 2.0 uplifts your mood, and you have no stress cluttering your head. Use this before a chill session with friends because everyone will be laughing or discussing abstract topics. 

If you have boring work to be done, use Critical 2.0 to focus and motivate you. You’ll have mental clarity and won’t be anxious about tasks. It’s especially great for those with a creative block who need a boost

After some time, the indica takes the steering wheel. Your body is overwhelmed with a sense of relaxation. Not one joint or muscle will have pain or tension. Although your mind will be going wild with thoughts and ideas, your anatomy is sluggish. 

You won’t be couch-locked with Critical 2.0, but don’t plan activities like dancing, exercise, or going out in public. You’ll feel like you’re on cloud 9 in a utopia of calmness. As the high THC head high comes down, your mind is in bliss without any worries. You can drift off to sleep peacefully. 

Critical 2.0 strainflavors

The Critical 2.0 strain has a refreshing flavor that excites your tastebuds. The smoke fills your mouth with hints of pine, pepper, and bitter citrus on the inhale. The complex tastes play ping pong, lighting up every part of your muzzle. 

The exhale has a more herbal flavor with stronger lemony undertones. Critical 2.0 leaves your lips with the reminisce of Critical 2.0, making you want to reach for the joint to consume more. 

Critical 2.0 strain grow information

The breeder specifically bred Critical 2.0 to be a better cultivar, and the results show. The strain is ideal for beginner growers because of its sturdy branches and natural resistance to mold, mildew, and other pathogens. 

The crop matures to about five and ½ feet, making it manageable for indoor growing. The climate needs to be from 70 to 80°F with a relative humidity of 50 to 60%. Make sure there’s plenty of air circulation. To reduce the height and encourage outward growth, use the Sea of Green method. 

Perform this technique by placing 4 to 7 Critical 2.0 strain plants about a foot apart. Bend the branches slightly during the early vegetative stage. The crops will begin to intertwine with each other. You must have enough high-quality lights and evenly distribute them.  

Plant Critical 2.0 seeds in soil to enhance the trichome profile, resulting in a more fragrant and flavorful harvest. The crop flowers quickly in only 6 to 8 weeks. It’s a high-yielding strain with 25 ounces per m² indoors and 31 to 46 ounces per plant outdoors. 

Critical 2.0 strain genetics 

The Critical 2.0 strain comes from Critical+ that was backcrossed with itself, creating a better version of the original with more moisture resistance. Critical+ is the offspring of Big Bud and Skunk #1. 

Critical 2.0 strain  genetics

Critical 2.0 strain seeds to buy near you 

We know you want to get your hands on some Critical 2.0 seeds now. Dispensaries don’t always carry all of the best strains, so these highly sought-after cannabis seeds. 

You can purchase Critical 2.0 seeds online exclusively at Homegrown Cannabis Co. We guarantee high-quality seeds, potent harvest, and fast germination. 

Homegrown Cannabis Co. currently carries Critical 2.0 feminized seeds and Critical+ 2.0 autoflower seeds. Order today, and the cannabis seeds will be at your doorstep in just a few days. 

Critical 2.0 strain reviews

Here are some Critical 2.0 strain reviews from our customers:

Logan D. – Critical 2.0 feminized seeds

Shipped quickly and sprouted right away, seeds popped within 12 hrs!!! It’s an early start where I’m at but they are doing great! I will definitely share more around harvest time!!

Uziel T. – Critical 2.0 feminized seeds

Germination and vegetation with this strain was seamlessly quick and easy. The batch I’m growing had minimal complications. I am looking forward to growing more strains from this company!

Charles M. – Critical+ 2.0 autoflower seeds

Admittedly my first time sprouting & planting autos. As advertised, they flower quickly – almost too quickly for my liking. As they flower so fast, they stay really small, my five are all under 30 inches. They do smell good, but I’m not going to get much harvestable flower.

Final thoughts on Critical 2.0 strain

It’s hard to find anything negative to say about the Critical 2.0 strain. The creator bred it to be an even better copy of the OG, and we’re not complaining about it. The plant is resistant to pathogens while producing a huge harvest. When consumed, it takes you on an uplifted head high and relaxes your body. 

Do you want to talk with our real-life customers? Begin your own Critical 2.0 Homegrown Dairy to start the discussion. Connect with others on the Homegrown Diaries to see how others are growing the seeds. Check out the Homegrown Forum to join the conversation on all types of strains. 

What’s the hold-up? Buy your Critical 2.0 seeds today. It’s a critical matter!  

About the author: Parker Curtis

Parker Curtis has around a decade of cannabis-growing experience, specialising in soil-less and hydro grows. He’s mastering outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor grows.

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