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Critical Purple Strain Information & Review

critical purple strain

The Critical Purple strain is the embodiment of something we like to call “the quiet delivery.” A single toke of this cannabis doesn’t feel harsh until you pay closer attention to your body.

Critical Purple weed is a slow crawler. The plant comes laced to the brim with indica heavy genetics, and it steadily takes hold of your senses. The gorgeous nugs adorned with mild violet hues offer an enticing experience if you’re seeking relief.

We’re going to share everything we know about the Critical Purple marijuana strain, including effects, fragrance, and its robust flavor. 

Critical Purple strain

The Critical Purple strain is a renowned favorite among stoners. With the expansion of seed banks, it’s now easier to find Critical Purple seeds to grow in your garden. See with your own eyes why this strain is a top choice for people seeking relaxation and relief.

As we dive deep into the soothing effects offered by Critical Purple cannabis, let’s take a look at the general info of this strain

  • Type: Indica-dominant 
  • THC: 20–25%
  • CBD: <1%%
  • Top reported effects: Relaxing, strong, sedative 
  • Top reported flavors: Sweet, critic, and earthy
  • Dominant terpene: Alpha pinene
  • Flowering time: 7–8 weeks
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Yield: 14 oz./m² indoors or 7 oz./plant outdoors
critical purple strain info

Critical Purple strain effects

One toke of Critical Purple weed is enough to relax. A sudden rush of adrenaline clears your head. You feel uplifted, joyful, and calm. Your eyes follow every motion until the mellow effects kick in.

The Critical Purple strain is the kind of weed to try if you need to internalize something. When the indica genes take over, your limbs get heavier, and you’ll need a couch or a bed to lie down. This weed is perfect for shutting down any distressing thoughts or uncomfortable sensations.

You can consume Critical Purple cannabis if you want to meditate peacefully—one toke is enough. If you enjoy two puffs or more, your body succumbs to total slumber.

It’s best to consume Critical Purple weed in the afternoon due to the sleepy effects. Remember to keep bottled water and some eye drops close by to deal with red eyes and a dry mouth.

Critical Purple strain flavors

The plants from Critical Purple seeds develop a powerful fruity aroma closely tied to the flavor. The strong Kush genes of the strain make their presence felt in the acidic undertones mixed with natural musk.

After inhaling the smoke from Critical Purple cannabis, your taste buds become overloaded in a matter of moments. The sweet, floral flavors present themselves. After a few moments, your tongue senses citrus and spices.

Critical Purple weed leaves earthy essences playing with your senses for a bit—something your nose and mouth won’t forget for a while.

Critical Purple strain grow information 

The Critical Purple seeds are a top choice for seasoned cultivators seeking more substantial THC levels and relief. Critical Purple plants grow four feet tall, and they’re incredibly resilient to mold and pests.

You can work with Critical Purple seeds indoors or outdoors, but they offer better yields in controlled environments. These crops require steady temperatures at 70–80 degrees Fahrenheit with RH levels no lower than 50%.

To achieve these conditions in the open, you need a Mediterranean climate. If you do everything right, you’ll harvest around 7 oz. per plant. 

To grow potent Critical Purple weed, use hydroponics combined with a Sea of Green setup. If you get the Critical Purple seeds autoflower variant, you don’t have to worry about the lighting cycles.

Critical Purple marijuana plants require a fixed schedule of nutrients to offer high yields. By the time you’re done, you can harvest up to 14 oz./m² of weed indoors.

Critical Purple strain genetics 

When you look at the genetic history of the Critical Purple strain, you realize the reason behind its relentless strength. This hybrid combines two different strains: Critical Mass and Big Bud

Critical Purple weed is full of sweet flavors and acidic undertones stemming from the substantial content of Kush genes. This marijuana plant hits your senses with a 20–25% THC content and almost zero CBD.

critical purple strain genetics

Critical Purple strain seeds to buy near you 

You’re probably pumped by now, waiting to get started with your Critical Purple strain garden. Head over to Homegrown Cannabis and place your order of this wonderful relaxing cultivar. You can currently find three variants:

  • Critical Purple regular seeds: You can’t find Critical Purple regular in our seed bank right now, but you can try Rainbow Glue regular if you have a sweet tooth. Remember, regular seeds grow male and female flowers. 
  • Critical Purple feminized seeds: If you’re looking for a similar mellow experience that doesn’t take away your senses, you can try Purple Punch feminized seeds. You don’t have to worry about pollen sacks or male buds with this choice.
  • Critical Purple autoflower seeds: This choice is perfect if you’re looking to get the full Critical Purple experience without having to worry about switching the light cycles.

Critical Purple strain reviews 

Take a look at some tried and tested reviews of the Critical Purple strain at Homegrown Cannabis Co. Our customers are pretty enthusiastic when it comes to letting us know about the quality of our seeds. 

Janeen S.Critical Purple autoflower seeds

“This is an easy to grow, healthy plant with high THC levels. I recommend this to anyone who likes the high C. indica produces.”

Jerome M.Critical Purple autoflower seeds

“Germinated fast as per instructions on site. This is the first time I’m growing indoors they’re doing great, that being said I can’t wait to see how they do outdoors.”

stevebgz9ya s.Critical Purple autoflower seeds

“So far so good, no problems in growing them, they’re about 6 inches high right now, i bought 8, got 8 for free…. I have never owned a cell phone in my 56 years so I can’t take a picture of them growing, but they look fine to me, will definitely buy from them again”

Isaac H.Critical Purple autoflower seeds

“I bought some Critical Purple Auto seeds and wow! I was also growing WiFiOG, Cherry Pie, and Lemon Zkittle, but this plant was the one I was most excited about. Strong plant, high yield, amazing smell, and potent AF.”

MattCritical Purple autoflower seeds

“I germinated and planted 4 of these critical purple seeds about a week ago. They sprouted tap roots in under 24 hours and are still going strong after being put in soil. I look forward to seeing them grow.”

Detach yourself from reality with Critical Purplestrain

Everyone has a bad day now and again, and we all wish to do something to put it past us. Critical Purple cannabis manages just that—swiftly and efficiently. The sweet fruity flavors can improve your mood and help you relax. Let the effect run its course until you feel like you’re walking on clouds.

As you gain experience, make sure to keep an online record of your experience in a Critical Purple Homegrown Diary. You can track your progress, and other cultivators can offer their insight or learn from your hard work. 

If you need to learn other tricks to help you grow Critical Purple weed more efficiently, check the Homegrown Forums. Ask questions to experienced users or share your insight with other people in the same boat as you. What are you waiting for? Get growing today!

About the author: Derek LaRose

Also known as Kronic from The Cannabis Kronicles, Derek LaRose is a young ambitious cultivator and a staple educator for indoor cultivation.

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