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Critical Widow Strain Information & Review

Critical Widow strain

You mustn’t take the Critical Widow strain lightly; it provides a knock-out blow to even experienced users, so take it easy to start with. 

We’re talking about buds that are caked in resinous crystals and packed with THC. Not difficult to grow and suitable for beginners, Critical Mass demands the attention of cannabis enthusiasts globally.

Enjoy lively social events, relaxed dinner parties, or chilled activities like gaming or watching TV with the mellow assistance of the Critical Widow marijuana strain. A soaring high that’s long-lasting and has you laughing and chatting away without a care in the world. 

Are you ready to find out all about this remarkable strain? Let’s go.

Critical Widow strain 

A THC-rich hybrid that can unlock the mysteries of the universe. The Critical Widow strain combines the resin-powerhouse of White Widow with the stony monster Critical Mass

Let’s get an overview of the Critical Widow before going into the specifics:

  • Type: sativa-dominant hybrid
  • THC: up to 27%
  • CBD: 0.7%
  • Top reported effects: uplifted, giggly, and carefree  
  • Top flavors: earthy, citrus, and spice
  • Dominant terpene: Limonene 
  • Flowering time: 8–10 weeks, harvest at the end of fall—around October 
  • Difficulty: beginner-friendly
  • Yields: up to 18oz. per m² indoors, and 20oz. per plant outdoors
Critical Widow strain info

Critical Widow strain effects

Huge THC levels give the Critical Widow marijuana strain a powerful punch that hits the mind fast. A hazy, relaxed feeling is first, followed by a euphoric and relaxed buzz. The high mellows out into a talkative and giggly sensation that lasts hours. 

The Critical Widow strain is amazing to enjoy late afternoon or early evening—just as long as you don’t have things to do. 

Consume Critical Widow before a party for a confidence boost. 

Creatives enjoy the Critical Widow to open up new ideas and free the imagination. 

Medicate with Critical Widow for pain relief and stress reduction.

Be prepared for the descent back down to earth and make sure you are well-stocked on snacks—the munchies hit hard at the tail-end of a session. 

The Critical Widow cannabis strain has the power to overwhelm newbies, so moderate your dose to start with. 

Critical Widow strain flavors

The sweet fruitiness of the Critical Widow marijuana strain is well-balanced by a strong earthy taste—think fresh soil with a touch of tropical.  

There are some spice and citrus flavors mixed in too. When smoked, the flavor is rich and thick but velvety smooth. 

Critical Widow strain grow information 

The Critical Widow strain is great for beginners. The plant doesn’t get too bushy, and it has thin leaves, meaning maintenance is easier than other cultivars. Installing a trellis or support is important to support the weight of the main cola. 

Critical Widow is a hardy plant that is naturally mold resistant and robust enough to survive most conditions thanks to its genetics. 

To maximize yields, maintain a temperature of 70–80°F and keep humidity between 40–50%, reducing it to 30–40% for the last two weeks. 

The plant grows very tall and in a limited grow space. Applying the screen of green (ScrOG) method or topping helps keep it manageable. 

Outdoors, the Critical Widow marijuana strain loves a Mediterranean climate and needs harvesting in mid-late October. 

With the right amount of care, you can expect generous yields of up to 18oz. per m² indoors, and 20oz. per plant outdoors at harvest time.

Critical Widows strain genetics 

Critical Widow inherited the best genetics of both parents. 

A sativa-dominant hybrid, the Critical Widow marijuana strain has about 60% sativa and 40% indica.

You get huge resin production from one parent, the classic desirable effects of being friendly, chatty, prone to laughing, and an uplifting cerebral high. Thanks, White Widow.

On the other side, Critical Mass’s genetics give us the quick-flowering time and huge colas. 

Let’s look at the family tree. 

Critical Widow strain genetics

Critical Widows strain seeds to buy near you 

Right now at Homegrown Cannabis Co., we only have Critical Widow feminized in stock, so here are some alternatives from the family tree:

Critical Widow strain reviews 

When you try the Critical Widow strain for yourself, leave a review. Other users can learn more about the strain, and we always love to hear from you

JR – Critical Widow Feminized

Man if you want big, stinky, sticky, crystaly buds this one is for you. I ordered 4 seeds that all germinated. They were transfered outside when the first couple nodes formed and it was topped. They grow shorter than the other plants I started but the colas are nothing short of huge. I was late to cover the plants when it rained and did lose one cola due to the start of mold and bud rot. The colas are that dense so care must be taken when budding starts. The rest of the plant is ok. looking to harvest in the next week. This bud smells like the “STUFF”. My guess is I could have up to half a pound of bud per plant when dried. This is a quality over quantity plant for sure.

Critical Widow strain for all social occasions

That’s Critical Widow for you, a THC-packed strain that grows well even under trying conditions. Social marijuana, great for coffee or dinner with friends. Delicious cannabis that relieves pain and stress. 

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About the author: Derek LaRose

Also known as Kronic from The Cannabis Kronicles, Derek LaRose is a young ambitious cultivator and a staple educator for indoor cultivation.

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