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Different Strains Of Weed: 9 Marijuana Types You Must Try

The world of marijuana is made up of different strains of weed, each giving us a new perspective on life. Some wipe away the fog of uncertainty, encouraging creativity and motivation. Others weed strains remove the pain in our bodies, allowing us to feel rejuvenated.

We look at these main marijuana types, where they came from, and what they offer. You’ll learn how to pick the perfect weed for any situation and find a list of nine cannabis cultivars you have to try. 

Let’s dig in!

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Where do all the types of cannabis plants come from?

Before you start looking for different strains of weed, you need to understand the categories of these cultivars. There are four varieties of cannabis available to recreational and medicinal users. These are:

  • Indica
  • Sativa
  • Ruderalis
  • Hybrids

Cannabis that falls into the indica family has a knack for calming the mind and body. This type of weed originates from landrace countries found on the Asian continent. The term indica is Latin for India, which is where the western world first documented this variety.

Seeds from this type of weed made their way to the US after people returned from the Hippie Trail in the ’50s. This pilgrimage began in Europe and finished in Bangkok. Many of the different strains of weed belonging to the indica family still reference their country of origin in their name.    

On the other side of the cannabis spectrum, we get energizing sativas, which is the Latin word for “cultivated.” Pot strains belonging to this weed family originate from South America and display vastly different growing characteristics to indica plants.

Ruderalis originate from the northern regions of Asia in countries like Russia and Siberia. What these marijuana varieties lack in potency, they make up for in growing speed. Rather than enter the weed market on their own, breeders use them to create autoflower seeds.

Hybrid marijuana is a result of human engineering, where breeders began to cross indica and sativa plants. The result saw types of cannabis that produce a mixture of properties from both varieties.

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What are the different strains of weed?

Different strains of weed contain unique effects that tell them apart from the others available. Cultivators have also found the appearance and growing requirements of these plants differ from one another.

For the most part, cannabis from the indica family offers soothing capabilities, mainly targeting your physical sensations. The term “body stone” best describes these effects, and they can often leave you lethargic and feeling tired.

Sativa strains of marijuana primarily target the mind, producing an energized sensation. These cultivars are popular for their cerebral highs and psychoactive qualities. You’re far less likely to feel sleepy with this variety, but an increase in appetite regularly occurs.

Hybrids tend to induce both of these sensations in different ratios. They can also display a mixture of growing characteristics depending on the genetic makeup of the parent cultivars. It’s the perfect way to experience the best of both worlds.

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How many strains of weed are there?

There are over 700 different strains of weed available, with more on the way. Each cannabis seed brings something new to the table and receives its name based on its capabilities and characteristics.

Over the years, hybrids have flooded the market, containing the majority of different strains of weed available under it.

9 strains of marijuana you must try

To fully appreciate the world of cannabis, you need to sample different strains of weed. To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of the top nine cultivars you have to try. Here, you’ll discover what family they fall under, their genetics, and what sensations you can expect.

1. Skywalker

Skywalker feminized seeds produce a cannabis plant dripping in berry flavors with up to 23% THC.

Strain type: Sativa-dominant hybrid.

Parent strains: Blueberry and Mazar.

Why you should try it: This beautiful specimen will leave you feeling uplifted and euphoric, indicative of its sativa heritage. Interestingly, the profound body stone that accompanies these sensations makes it the perfect candidate for nighttime sessions.

Skywalker feminized
Skywalker feminized

2. Durban Poison

If you’re looking to take your mind and taste buds on a cultural trip, Durban Poison feminized seeds are how you’ll do it. This marijuana strain delivers 17% THC and a mixture of sweet wood and spicy earth flavors that are sure to pique your taste bud’s interest.

Strain type: Sativa

Parent strains: South African landrace

Why you should try it: It’s known to improve any mood and trigger creativity and focus. We’re not saying you can take on a lion, but you’ll feel like it’s a possibility.

Durban Poison feminized
Durban Poison feminized

3. Disco Bizkit

It’s hard not to stare at the beautiful nuggets produced by Disco Biskit feminized seeds and not smile. Plus, its sweet and creamy flavor will have you coming back for more.

Strain type: Balanced Hybrid

Parent strains: Girl Scout Cookies and Do-Si-Dos

Why you should try it: These nugs will defy belief; their green and yellow colors almost resemble a pineapple to a tee. Its potent 23% THC level induces a sedated euphoric high that’s best kept for evenings.

Disco Bizkit feminized
Disco Bizkit feminized

4. Zombie Death Fuck

There are a handful of different weed strains that can get you excited at the mere mention of its name. Although Zombie Death Fuck was an unexpected creation, it doesn’t disappoint, carrying a massive 25% THC

Strain type: Sativa-dominant hybrid

Parent strains: Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush L.A.

Why you should try it: As its spicy floral flavor sits in your mouth, you’re blasted into euphoria, leaving behind a relaxed body. You’ll want to save this one for social gatherings as it tends to loosen your lips.

Zombie Death Fuck feminized
Zombie Death Fuck feminized

5. Hindu Kush

If you’re after purity, then look no further than Hindu Kush feminized seeds. This cultivar has a long history, traced back to the Afghani mountain ranges. This marijuana strain offers 17% THC and earthy flavors indicative of its homeland.

Strain type: Indica

Parent strains: Afghani landrace

Why you should try it: Its effects are predominantly relaxing. At the same time, you’ll feel a sense of happiness descend on you.

Hindu Kush Feminized
Hindu Kush Feminized

6. White Rhino

White Rhino pays homage to the powerful mammal that is on the brink of extinction. True to its moniker, this indica cultivar packs a powerful punch containing up to 20% THC.

Strain type: Indica

Parent strains: White Widow and an unknown American indica

Why you should try it: This cultivar offers sweet honey flavors that sweep you off your feet and lay you down for a period of relaxation that’s hard to describe.   

White Rhino feminized
White Rhino feminized

7. Mango Kush

Beaming with gorgeous orange and green hues, Mango Kush contains around 18% THC. If its mango and banana flavor profile doesn’t get you excited, the range of effects sure will.

Strain type: Indica-dominant hybrid

Parent strains: Mango and Hindu Kush

Why you should try it: This strain of weed brings out your fun side and will have you giggling on the floor. It then turns into a more relaxed sensation, perfect to end your evening.

Mango Kush Feminized
Mango Kush Feminized

8. CBD Harlequin

Not everyone is after the psychoactive effects that many different strains of weed induce. Some prefer to reap the rewards of cannabis without them. This is where CBD Harlequin shines, containing only 1% THC and 18% CBD.

Strain type: Sativa-dominant hybrid

Parent strains: Harlequin and CBD OG Kush

Why you should try it: This is a fantastic cultivar that offers an uplifting effect without the psychoactive element. It also tastes like mango and citrus, making it the perfect way for medicinal users to start their day.

CBD Harlequin Feminized
CBD Harlequin Feminized

9. CBD Girl Scout Cookies

CBD Girl Scout Cookies is where medical marijuana strains and psychedelic highs meet. It offers a balanced THC and CBD ratio of 1:15.

Strain type: Indica-dominant hybrid

Parent strains: Girl Scout Cookies and an unknown CBD strain

Why you should try it: Its sweet citrus flavor and soothing qualities of CBD complement each other perfectly. You’ll receive a soothing sedated stone that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world.

CBD Girl Scout Cookies Feminized
CBD Girl Scout Cookies Feminized

What should you look for to understand the different weed strains’ effects

Finding the perfect strain of weed to accompany a particular event is much easier than you think. All you need to do is pay close attention to the percentage of cannabinoids present and which family the cultivar belongs to.

Start by filtering your options by picking the type of weed that best provides the high you’re after. Are you looking for the calming capabilities of indicas, the energizing effects of sativas, or a hybrid combination?

The next aspect you’ll need to consider is the THC content present in different strains of weed. This percentage indicates the cultivar’s psychoactive strength. The most potent strains usually hit around the 30% mark.

Finally, you’ll need to consider the amount of CBD held by the cultivar you choose. This cannabinoid is responsible for marijuana’s healing properties and benefits. Medicinal users will want a strain of weed with higher concentrations of CBD for this reason.

Medical Marijuana Strains
High CBD Marijuana Plant

How to choose the best marijuana strain for you

Once you know what kind of effects you’re after, it’s time to pick a cultivar that suits your needs. You should pay close attention to the time of day you plan on ingesting cannabis, as some types of cannabis tend to leave you tired.

The last thing you’ll need to consider when choosing from the different strains of weed is the flavor they produce. Are you looking for sweet, fruity tastes or perhaps a more sour option? Whatever your pallet desires, you’re sure to find a cultivar that possesses it.

Final Points about marijuana types

Understanding how to tell the many different strains of weed apart will help you pick a cultivar that’s perfect for any occasion. We recommend using our list of the nine best cannabis types to begin your marijuana pilgrimage.

You can also purchase these marijuana seeds from our online store and begin growing your chosen cultivar at home. We offer discreet delivery and growing advice to help you cultivate the cannabis of your dreams. 

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Why are there different strains of weed?

The reason why there are different strains of weed is due to our fondness for this incredible plant. While there are a handful of cannabis types that grow naturally around the globe, human intervention has led to hundreds of interbred cultivars.

How to make different strains of weed?

To create different strains of weed, breeders take two distinct cultivars and force pollination. Usually, the mother has the most effect on the physical outcome of the plant. At the same time, the male and female contribute towards the effects and flavor profile.

How to grow different strains of weed?

Cultivating different strains of weed requires a solid understanding of that cultivar’s needs and vulnerabilities. Some varieties prefer indoor environments, while others thrive outside.

Luckily, online seed banks like Homegrown Cannabis Co. provide all the necessary growing instructions for a particular marijuana plant.

What happens if you store different strains of weed together?

It all depends on the growing requirements for a particular cultivar. Some types of weed strains can grow together, while others can’t. If the two aren’t compatible, one or both of the plants will become sick and die.

What makes different strains of weed give different highs?

The high that you experience from different strains of weed have to do with its THC content and the family it belongs to. Indicas tend to offer calming effects to our bodies, while sativas target the brain creating an energized sensation.

How to identify different strains of weed?

Without a cannabis strain guide, determining the type of cultivar in front of you can get tricky. You’ll need to look at the shape of the leaves and the flower that the plant produces. You’ll then need to ingest the herb to discern the taste and effects before fully identifying the cultivar.

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