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Divorce Cake Strain Information & Review

Divorce Cake strain

Are you happily married to an indica-dominant weed variant, with eyes for no other in your life? Things are about to change as here comes the Divorce Cake strain, leading you astray with its delicious, seducing flavors and powerful THC presence.

Don’t be fooled by the off-putting name of this rare indica-dominant strain. Divorce Cake weed is a delectable treat for cannabis connoisseurs and a wholesome challenge for veteran users.

What are the effects and flavors of the Divorce Cake variant, and is it easy to cultivate these cannabis plants? You’ll find the answers to those questions right here.

Resistance is futile, so give in to temptation and experience the thrilling, potent powers of the Divorce Cake strain!

Divorce Cake strain

Before we grab a knife and slice into the powerful effects of this weed variant, here’s some brief Divorce Cake strain info: 

  • Type: indica-dominant
  • THC: 19–27%
  • CBD: 1%
  • Top reported effects: sleepy, relaxed, happy 
  • Top reported flavors: vanilla, creamy, fruity
  • Dominant terpene: limonene
  • Flowering time: 8–10 weeks
  • Difficulty: intermediate
  • Yield: 10 oz./m² indoors and 10–15 oz. per plant outdoors 
Divorce Cake strain info

Divorce Cake strain effects

This one is for nighttime consumption when you have nothing to do except chill out and watch TV. Divorce Cake weed is not for the faint-hearted, and a single toke is enough for you to sit back and fully enjoy the effects.

First, a cerebral euphoric buzz swoops down, furnishing your mind with uplifting feelings and positive thoughts. Amid the happy haze, you find inner peace and tranquility surrounding your being.

Tingling sensations engulf your body, making you wiggle your fingers and toes in delight as you embrace the soothing calm wave washing over you. The Divorce Cake strain also strengthens your appetite, and the lust for devouring tasty treats becomes too hard to ignore.

Ensure your couch or chair is comfy, as you’ll find it hard to stand up during the long-lasting body stone. Through droopy eyes, you can meditate or enjoy singling out hidden meanings in your favorite movies.

The Divorce Cake strain relaxes your body and mind to the core, enabling you to let go of racy and rushing thoughts. It’s the perfect cannabis for the end of a stressful day and slinking into a blissful night’s sleep.

The Divorce Cake strain THC levels may induce slight feelings of paranoia and heightened anxiety, especially in folks sensitive to potent marijuana strains. Stay hydrated and use an optic spray to keep cottonmouth and irritated eyes at bay. 

Divorce Cake strain flavors

The fragrances and flavors of the Divorce Cake weed are like night and day. Prying open a bud delivers citrus and earth perfumed scents with a subtle hint of fuel. 

The flavor profile is different as it’s reminiscent of treating yourself to a heavenly slice of buttery vanilla cake. Floral and creamy notes swirl inside your mouth as your tongue savors sweet fruit, making your mouth water for another helping.

Divorce Cake strain grow information

As the Divorce Cake strain seeds have yet to spread out across the US, there’s very little cultivating information available on them. But from what we do know, the cannabis plants display enchanting dark forest-green leaves blanketed in snowy trichomes oozing rich resin. 

These photoperiod marijuana plants will likely grow short in height with a bushy frame, enabling them to withstand harsh weather conditions in higher latitudes. Divorce Cake weed crops thrive in sunny and warm continental climates like most indica strains.

The 8–10 weeks flowering time suggests a mid-October harvest outdoors, with moderate yields of 10–15 oz. per plant. Indoor cultivation can produce yields of 10 oz./m² under optimum conditions.

As the Divorce Cake strain seeds become readily for purchase in the future, we’ll know even more about growing these indica beauties.

Divorce Cake strain genetics

The Divorce Cake weed strain is a highly potent marijuana variant containing 70% indica and 30% sativa. As a result, it offers an initial cerebral high with a powerful body stone.

Ironically, the Divorce Cake strain unites two of the most popular and well-known weed strains in harmony together. The legendary White Widow and Wedding Cake are the proud parents, passing on their best traits.

Divorce Cake strain genetics

Divorce Cake strain seeds to buy near you

Obtaining Divorce Cake strain seeds outside of California can prove to be a difficult quest. If you live in a state where marijuana cultivation is legal, you can visit your local medicinal and recreational dispensaries.

These cannabis seeds are a rarity, and you may have more luck finding them at US online seedbanks like Homegrown Cannabis Co. In the meantime, here are some marijuana variants similar to the Divorce Cake weed strain we know you’ll enjoy:

  • Wedding Cake feminized seeds: Get ready for your big day and wow your guests with a luscious slice of berry and vanilla-scented buds for dessert. This relaxing and calming indica-dominant variant will steady your nerves as you walk down the aisle with 25% THC content.
  • White Widow autoflower seeds: Grow these award-winning classic indica seeds all year round with one of the Divorce Cake strain’s parents. Cozy up on your chair and embrace the relaxing effects as you drift off into a 19% THC-infused peaceful night’s sleep.
  • Gelato regular seeds: If you’re fond of sweet cannabis desserts, look no further than the indica-dominant Gelato regular strain. Let the 21% THC ease your muscles and calm your mind as you enjoy the delectable berry and citrus flavors from this popular weed variant. 

Celebrate the future with the Divorce Cake strain

Regardless of the name, the Divorce Cake will rekindle your love with potent indica variants with its alluring flavors and fragrances. We predict a bright and positive future for this one.

It’s a rare cannabis variant and hard to source the marijuana seeds, but the more we learn, the more we love it. With such an impressive lineage and high THC content, it’s guaranteed to become a veteran favorite thanks to its powerful, full-body stones.

Our Homegrown Diaries are ideal for keeping tabs and tracking your progress throughout your cultivating expedition. Who knows? You may be the first to share your experiences with the world with a Divorce Cake Homegrown Diary.

Check out our Homegrown Forum for more helpful tips and useful growing information. You may learn specific and unique cultivating techniques, no matter what strain you choose to grow. 

Consider your present marriage certificate to a marijuana variant null and void. Explore life’s avenues, look to the future, and discover the Divorce Cake strain today!

About the author: Derek LaRose

Also known as Kronic from The Cannabis Kronicles, Derek LaRose is a young ambitious cultivator and a staple educator for indoor cultivation.

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