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Top 10 Exotic Weed Strains You Definitely Have To Try

exotic weed

What’s your favorite marijuana strain? Is it one of the classics, or are you an exotic weed fan?

There are currently over 700 cannabis cultivars on the market. Today, we’ve singled out 10 of the most top-shelf ones to try.

Join us to learn what makes weed exotic and discover ten unique cultivars worth a spot on your to-smoke list.

What is exotic weed?

The pre-legalization period of cannabis didn’t leave room for inventiveness, but the situation is changing by the day. Contemporary tokers enjoy exceptional quality, reliability, and variety. Exotic weed is the cream of the crop regarding the last point.

The phrase refers to cultivars with traits diverging from the stinky, couch-locking 1970s ganja. They might display:

  • Exciting flavors—much of the appeal of non-traditional pot is the sensory experience.
  • Interesting effects—this cannabis surpasses the expected indica and sativa categories.
  • Exceptional bag appeal—nug shape, color, smell, and size make up the rare allure.
  • A thought-provoking origin story—whether a distant land or an ingenious breeding idea.

Using these criteria, we singled out ten exoticcannabis strains from our library.

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List of exotic strains you must try in 2022

There’s nothing wrong with well-known cultivars, but your senses sometimes crave something unconventional. Whatever it is, these exotic weed strains are here to scratch the itch.

Expert tip: If our descriptions make you particularly eager to try these herbs as soon as possible, many are available as fast-growing weed seeds.

Runtz feminized

Runtz Feminized

Runtz feminized is a sugary delight in a blunt. The origins of this indica-dominant exotic marijuana cultivar are shrouded in mystery, but its known parents—Zkittlez and Gelato—are dessert-tier crops.

Buds of Runtz deliver 19–22% THC in a multi-layered cloud of smoke. Connoisseurs detect notes of ripe tropical fruit, caramel, and refreshing herbs.

The effects are equally yummy. Despite the indica genetics, the flower packs a psychedelic punch, taking your brain on an adventure while relaxing every cell of your body.

Bubba Kush feminized

Bubba Kush feminized boasts faraway heritage and landrace-level genetic stability. OG Kush and Afghan come together in this exotic marijuana strain with South Asian growth traits.

The Christmas tree structure of this specimen yields supremely gluey colas. They ooze coffee and hashish, delighting the palate with their peculiar scents.

Bubba buds are heavy-hitters, too. Their 14–19% THC brings a buzzing sensation to your entire system, leaving you tranquil and unwilling to move.

White Fire OG feminized

White Fire OG feminized is a one-hitter quitter to test your tolerance. Pairing the potency of Fire OG with White’s prolific resin production, these exotic weed buds are the perfect example of flower power.

This well-balanced hybrid reaches your brain, body, and soul in a smooth one-two punch. The pine-and-pepper plumes of permeating smoke carry its whopping 24–28% THC.

The double-duty effect profile is as feel-good as ganja gets. While your mind explores new creative avenues, the rest of you melts into the cushions.

Bruce Banner feminized

bruce banner feminized

Bruce Banner feminized has you smashing through your tasks like the Incredible Hulk himself. Super-cerebral, fast-acting, and invigorating, this sativa-dominant OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel breed is the go-getter’s go-to.

Many exotic strains of weed are chill and cozy—this one earned its spot by being the opposite. Its scents of earth, ripe strawberries, and sharp fuel awaken your mind and body. The 18–24% THC hits hard and fast.

The next several hours promote social, productive, and creative endeavors.

Granddaddy Purple feminized

Granddaddy Purple feminized is a type of exotic weed that shows its unique nature as early as the flowering stage. Its foliage is almost black and glistening, while the nugs have a stunning violet streak. The best part—its unprecedented bag appeal is only the beginning.

This indica-dominant Purple Urkle x Big Bud cross induces a mind-and-body high with its 15–19% THC. The sugary aroma matches the looks, alluring your senses with notes of berry and grape.

Cerebral euphoria and physical relaxation arrive after a puff of this stuff.

Lemon Kush feminized

Lemon Kush feminized
Lemon Kush feminized

The Lemon Kush feminized is a medley of stellar genetic sources, crossing Afghani, South American, Lemon OG, and Master Kush. It’s indica-dominant, bringing a 26% hit to stimulate and soothe your system.

The crop is speedy, matching fast-flowering strains without reducing the output. You get gorgeous orange nugs with a palate-tickling sugar-and-spice aroma and clear lemon overtones.

The experience with this exotic weed is euphoric, showcasing its sativa streak. It’s the ideal social lubricant and creativity stimulant.

Bubblegum Haze feminized

Bubblegum Haze feminized is here to kick your taste buds into overdrive. An Original Bubblegum x Pure Haze cross, this sticky sativa produces a balanced, juicy high.

The candy aroma makes this exotic weed strain popular with sweet-tooth stoners. It’s sugary, floral, and fruity, exploding into an avalanche of mouthwatering flavors as soon as it exits the mason jar.

The effects are always a surprise with Bubblegum Haze. Some tokers have heady, hazy experiences, while others turn extroverted after the initial inhale. In any case, joy is a guarantee.

Steve’s Dream Queen feminized

Steve’s Dream Queen feminized is a cultivator’s dream come true. Combining the contrasting genes of Skunk #1, Green Crack, and Mazar Star, this herb is squat, sativa-dominant, sturdy, sticky, and sweet.

This exotic strain yields bulbous buds of yellow, orange, and resin-white. The fragrance matches the appearance, sour skunk notes merging with tender, luscious orange.

The scent of sunny tropics arrives with 20–23% THC. It relaxes each muscle and leaves the mind carefree and curious.

Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized

Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized is our in-house exotic strain that crosses Skywalker with OG Kush. It’s an indica-leaning, high-yielding herb to elevate your mind above the clouds.

This cultivar is a brilliant meeting of opposites, blending the strong Skywalker sativa with the laid-back OG Kush indica. The bouquet reflects this diversity; you sense earth, pine, diesel, fruit, and lemon.

The high is cerebral but not productive. With 15–20% THC, Kyle’s creation is a psychedelic powerhouse. Your body melts into the couch while the mind wanders in unexpected directions.

Nikki and Swami’s Taängie feminized

Nikki and Swami’s Taängie feminized tops the charts for exotic weed names, and it doesn’t stop there. This California Orange offshoot is tweaked for greater mental stimulation and physical calm.

Taängie is tangy. Its scent revolves around mellow tangerines and wet earth musk, creating a complex sensory experience.

This sativa has 19–22% THC and an effect profile suitable for spiritual sessions. Its energy is predominantly mental—your body’s utterly calm as you introspect and ground into the present moment.

Spice up your smoking sessions

Why not switch up your usual cultivars with something intriguing now and again? Our list of exotic strains is merely the tip of the iceberg. We’ve given you the perfect jump-off point for exploring the variety of the weed world

So, what are you waiting for? Hop to our shop and experience these exotic strains first-hand. Stay tuned to our blog for more guides on all things cannabis.

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