Fastest Autoflower Strains For 2022

Fastest Autoflower Plants
Author avatar By Parker Curtis
June 09, 2022

Are you tired of waiting forever for your cannabis plants to mature? You sit with your mouth watering in anticipation every time you walk into your grow room. If this sounds like you, it’s time to check out the fastest autoflower seeds.

Autoflowers have the reputation of being slightly difficult to cultivate but not impossible. If you’re at an intermediate to expert level, you’ll be able to raise these fast growing autoflowers with no major problems.

Is there a chance your harvest loses its potency, flavor, or yield from these seeds? Absolutely not. It leaves you with delicious and powerful marijuana in a fraction of the time.

Continue reading to learn about the fastest growing autoflower strains and the essential information you need to grow them.

Fast Auto Cannabis Plant

Why grow super fast autoflowers?

Time is everything when talking about the fastest growing autoflower seeds. Instead of taking months to mature, these strains only take a few weeks.

You could raise two or three harvests in the same amount of time it takes photo-dependent cannabis seeds to mature. Who wouldn’t love that?

These seeds are great if you’re impatient or enjoy consuming different strains of marijuana frequently. Cultivate a sativa dominant, then an indica, or switch from high THC to increased CBD.

The fastest autoflower strains typically mature to a short height, even if they’re sativa-dominant, so they’re ideal for indoor cultivating. With smaller plants, you have more freedom to grow different crops in the same area.

Overall, cultivating the fastest yielding autoflower seeds provides strong and flavorful harvests in record time.

White Widow Autoflower with SCroG
White Widow autoflower

How long does it take to harvest the fastest growing autoflower plants?

Wondering how to make weed plants grow faster?

The time it takes for these cannabis seeds to produce a harvest depends on the strain. Each one has its own life cycle, and some are quicker than others.

That being said, some of the fastest growing autoflowers go from germination to harvest in nine weeks. Other strains might take 10–12 weeks.

But how much quicker is this time frame compared to feminized and regular strains?

The average time it takes for a photoperiod flowering seeds is 20 weeks, but it can reach up to 32 weeks from seed to harvest. Cultivating these seeds cuts the time in half or, in some cases, a third.

Lemon Haze Autoflower

Do the quickest autoflowering seeds need any special conditions?

When comparing the types of cannabis, the fastest autoflower strains tend to be a little fussy about their growing conditions. With a bit of time and patience, there’s no reason a beginner also can’t be successful.

Let’s take a deeper look at what the fastest autoflower seeds need to thrive.

Each strain of marijuana has unique cultivation requirements. After you purchase your fast growing weed seeds, we suggest doing some research.

Start by checking out our Homegrown Diaries to get first-hand experience and tips from fellow cultivators. Ask any questions and gain insight before germinating your seeds.

There are some general rules for successful harvests that are valid for all of the fastest autoflower cannabis seeds.

Never replant your crops into another pot. Since the lifespan is so short, the plants are less forgiving when experiencing stress, like transplant shock. After germination is complete, place your seedlings directly into your growing medium and water them every 2–3 days.

As the fastest autoflower seeds mature, you need to provide them with sufficient light. Since these crops don’t need a shift in their lighting schedule to start flowering, keep the rays on for 24 hours.

This amount of light is beneficial because the crops need as much exposure as possible to grow bountiful harvests. Purchase high-quality 600-watt LED or HPS bulbs to provide your crops with a full spectrum.

Use the Sea of Green (SOG) method when cultivating autoflower cannabis seeds to boost your yields. Perform this technique by placing multiple plants close together, and as they mature, the branches intertwine with one another.

Northern Lights auto strain

Make sure that the pH of your growing medium is in the range of 5.5–6.5 so the roots can absorb minerals and water properly. Always water with some nutrients to maintain this slightly acidic pH.

With fast growing autoflower seeds, you shouldn’t do any high-stress training because it may damage your crops. Instead, practice low-stress training by slightly bending stems to influence the overall shape of your plants.

Overall, you’ll need to concentrate on a few key factors when growing the fastest autoflower seeds. These include the temperature, airflow, humidity, light, and nutrients provided to plants. When you find the perfect balance, you’ll have successful harvests every time.

7 of the fastest autoflower strains to grow in 2022 

Now you know all of the vital information about these seeds, we’re sure you’re waiting to hear what some of the best strains are. Here we break down the most popular fast growing autoflowers available from our store.

Lemon Drizzle autoflower cannabis seeds

Lemon Drizzle autoflower seeds produce potent buds with around 18% THC and 0.3% CBD. This indica-dominant strain is ideal for those who enjoy indulging at night before dozing off.

The high THC clears your mind of any stress you’ve built up over the day. All your senses are heightened, making food taste better, the television looks brighter, and music sounds better.

The flavor profile is sweet lemons with woody undertones, which intensifies during the 6–8 weeks of flowering. The vegetative stage only lasts a few weeks, making this a quick turnaround from seed to harvest.

You’ll see breathtaking burnt green nugs appear with a sticky coating of resin. These fast growing autoflowers produce an indoor yield of 12–14 oz./m² and an outdoor harvest of 4–7 ounces per plant.

Lemon Drizzle Autoflower
Lemon Drizzle Autoflower

Raisinberry autoflower cannabis seeds

Raisinberry autoflower seeds are a blend of two legendary strains; Northern Lights and Mazar autoflower. This combination results in an indica dominant harvest with 18% THC and 0.3% CBD.

When you consume the harvest, your body and mind are at ease. You slowly enter into a utopia of relaxation as the marijuana takes all your tension away. It feels like you’re on cloud nine as you drift into a dreamlike state and melt into your sofa.

Crops only reach around 3–4 feet, making them ideal for indoor growing. These fast growing autoflower seeds produce crops with sage green nugs that have undertones of purple.

The flavor of this marijuana is spicy, with hints of herbal pine and sugar. After flowering for 6–8 weeks, crops produce an indoor harvest weighing 21 oz./m², while yielding around 4 ounces per plant outdoors.

Raisinberry Auto Bud
Raisinberry Auto Bud

Fruit autoflower cannabis seeds

If you like looking to cultivate truly beautiful crops, check out our Fruit autoflower seeds. The leaves are emerald green, and the nugs display a burnt orange hue with a frosted layer of resin. This indica-dominant plant contains 10% THC and 8% CBD.

Consuming this strain offers complete relaxation, both mentally and physically. Its heightened CBD levels calm your body, leaving you without any aches. Then, the moderate THC opens your mind without going into a psychedelic place.

Out of the group of fast growing autoflowers, Fruit tends to be one of the easiest to raise successfully. Its flowering time is 6–8 weeks, with a modest yield of 2–4 oz./m² indoors and 4–5 ounces per plant outdoors.

Fruit Autoflower
Fruit Autoflower

Sticky Dickie autoflower cannabis seeds

If you’re more of a sativa fan, we recommend cultivating Sticky Dickie autoflower seeds. This strain contains 19% THC and 0.5% CBD. The effects are uplifting and energizing, giving you an intense cerebral buzz, perfect for Friday nights before going out.

The lineage of these fast growing autoflower seeds is Critical and AK-47. This blend creates a fruity and earthy flavored harvest with a lot of sticky resin. Use the Screen of Green (ScrOG) technique to support the elongated buds and encourage lateral growth.

Plants can reach up to four feet tall and flowers within 6–8 weeks. The indoor yield is 16–19 oz./m², while outdoor crops produce around 2–4 ounces per plant.

Sticky Dickie autoflower bud
Sticky Dickie autoflower bud

Wild Hog autoflower cannabis seeds

Wild Hog autoflower seeds are the result of crossing Critical Mass, Lowryder, and Northern Lights. The blend creates an indica-dominant strain with 18% THC and 0.5% CBD.

Its effects are peaceful and clear your mind of stress. Use this strain when it’s a rainy day, a Sunday, or any night you want to just chill out. All your worries from work or other daily activities will vanish as you find humor in everything.

The buds from these fastest autoflower seeds offer a spicy yet fruity taste, making your tongue tingle. Crops start to flower after 2–3 weeks and continue blooming for 6–8 weeks. Expect around 14 oz./m² when cultivating indoors, compared to 2–5 ounces per plant outdoors.

Wild Hog autoflower bud
Wild Hog autoflower bud

Blue Amnesia autoflower cannabis seeds

Blue Amnesia autoflower seeds are a balanced hybrid strain, offering both indica and sativa effects. These buds contain 18% THC and 0.3% CBD. It’s a great option for the early afternoon when you want to relax but not feel sedated.

The high THC helps take the edge off after a long day at work while improving your mood. Performing housework or other daily chores won’t seem like a hassle but rather enjoyable.

These fast growing autoflower seeds create delicious tasting cannabis with fruity blueberry flavors and floral notes. Crops produce buds with a blueish-purple hue after flowering for 6–8 weeks.

Indoor cultivators can expect harvests of up to 4 oz./m², while outdoor crops offer around 7 ounces per plant.

Blue Amnesia autoflower bud
Blue Amnesia autoflower bud

White Widow autoflower cannabis seeds

White Widow autoflower seeds produce gorgeous crops with a bright green hue to the leaves and buds. The nugs have golden pistils and a sticky resin that makes them look like they’re covered in snow.

These indica-dominant buds contain around 19% THC and 0.8% CBD. Use this strain before you doze off to sleep. In the hours before rest, you’ll enter into a state of pure peace. The high THC acts on your brain, promoting mental clarity before you get locked to the couch.

Crops can reach up to 3.5 feet and flower in 6–8 weeks. Expect an indoor harvest of 11–16 oz./m², while an outdoor setup can yield 2–3 ounces per plant.

White Widow autoflower
White Widow autoflower

The lowdown on fast growing autoflowers

The fastest autoflower strains are perfect for beginner growers seeking a challenge. You’ll need to give them your full attention but can get multiple harvests per year as a reward.

These weed seeds need some extra love and care because the crops are less forgiving than other types of cannabis. Ensure the specs of the indoor grow room are just right for your favorite strain to get quality buds.

The quality cannabis seeds available from our store give you the best chance of success, promising bountiful harvests every time.

So, what are you waiting for? Purchase your fast growing autoflower seeds exclusively online at Homegrown Cannabis Co. Follow our social channels to stay updated on the newest marijuana seeds.

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