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Fatso Strain Information & Review

Fatso Strain

The Fatso strain is an extremely rare cannabis cultivar that produces heavy yields of incredibly sticky buds. It’s excellent for extraction and tinctures, but its potency sets it apart from its peers.

This chunky marijuana strain has sky-high THC levels, making Fatso one of the most potent options, but that’s not all. This exotic combination also provides abundant yields and unique flavors.

Read on to discover more about this heavyweight alternative and how it could work for you. 

Fatso strain (AKA Fatso OG, Fatso Kush)

The Fatso strain is a chunky cannabis cultivar with A-grade potency and exceptional quality. This mostly indica hybrid produces heavy yields of vibrant cannabis flowers that offer heavy-hitting effects. 

Let’s wade into this Fatso strain review with some vital statistics: 

  • Type: Indica-dominant hybrid
  • THC: 28%
  • CBD: <1%
  • Top reported effects: Sleepy, relaxed, focused
  • Top reported flavors: Lemon, diesel, pepper
  • Dominant terpene: Limonene
  • Flowering time: 8–10 weeks
  • Difficulty: Beginner-friendly
  • Yield: 15–18 oz./m² indoors and 15–20 oz./plant outdoors
Fatso Strain Info

Fatso strain effects

With ultra-high potency, the Fatso strain effects are long-lasting and intense. A few tokes of this 28% THC weed produces a significant mood and energy boost. The excellent feeling pairs with blissful euphoria, leaving you grinning like a Cheshire cat.

The feeling spreads, finding the deepest recesses of your body and mind, and filling them with relaxation. This strain eventually leads to a heavy, full-body stone and probable couchlock.

Eventual sleep is a virtual certainty, so consume this strain in the evening or after work. Some users report positive results when using Fatso for sleep disorders like insomnia. 

So, is Fatso strain indica or sativa? These effects are the typical calling card of indica-dominant cultivars. Our portly pal is about 70% indica and 30% sativa.

This powerful cultivar can even be overwhelming for experienced users, so novices should carefully limit intake.

Fatso strain flavors

The combination of terpenes produces a heavily resinous plant that’s excellent for extraction and making hashish, but the flavor is an acquired taste.

The Fatso weed strain presents floral tones and herbal hints, but they struggle for attention next to the diesel fumes. Some users note a lemony tang, but it’s secondary. Others claim the aroma reminds them of coffee grounds. 

Many tokers report earthy and woody flavors, finding the overwhelming taste of gas or fuel a bit intense. Some say the diesel taste is harsh on the throat, but others actively seek it out. Notes of spicy garlic may be from parent GMO Cookies, a.k.a. Garlic Cookies.

The smell of these buds follows the same path. It’s a semi-sweet, floral, or herbal mix with fruit, coffee, and earthy aromas. 

Fatso strain growing tips

Fatso cannabis strain seeds grow easily indoors, outside, or in a greenhouse. They don’t require any extra knowledge, and even novices can attempt to develop this hardy cultivar. You may need to trim or prune them to ease airflow, but that’s about it. 

Inside, they grow around three feet tall and produce mint, dark green colas with vivid orange pistils. They naturally repel many insects and diseases, which aids inexperienced growers.

They thicken into plump, dense nugs with a heavy trichome covering during bloom. The Fatso strain flowering time is typically 8–10 weeks. In helpful conditions, you could reap nearly 18 oz./m² of exotic, high-potency buds indoors. 

These rare indica cannabis seeds grow well in the great outdoors too. They need a warm Mediterranean or continental climate with little rain and no wind. If germinated early, Fatso plants can grow almost seven feet tall and generate 20 ounces of buds per outdoor plant. 

If you need any specific Fatso strain grow info, look through our Homegrown Diaries or pose a question in our Homegrown Forum. We expect to have stock of this cultivar at our cannabis seed bank soon.

Fatso strain genetics

What strain is Fatso? It’s a sticky combination of the GMO Cookies strain and Legend OG strain. Also known as Fatso OG or Fatso Kush, this rare cultivar produces big, chunky nugs covered in trichomes and resin. Some might even say they’re overweight.

GMO Cookies is a cross of Chemdawg D and GSC (formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies). Legend OG seeds are an indica-dominant OG Kush phenotype with a dank, gassy pungence that passes down to its offspring.

FAQs about the Fatso strain

Fatso strain information is ironically thin, and confusion abounds. We address a few common queries below.

Is the Fatso strain indica or sativa?

It’s an indica-dominant hybrid. Most think it has a 70:30 genetic balance. This strain is typically relaxing with sedative effects that cause lethargy. The body stone is powerful, and Fatso could cause you to succumb to couchlock. 

What strain is similar to Fatso?

The Fatso strain’s THC level is stratospheric, making for a highly potent cultivar. There are relatively few variants in the same ballpark, which reduces the alternatives. We found three comparable strains:

  • Wedding Pie: This indica-leaning hybrid offers 26% THC and a sweet lemon and grape taste with hints of gas or diesel. The potency and genetic edge lead you to relaxation and dreamy slumber.
  • Alien OG: This indica-dominant strain has high THC levels of up to 28% and provides relaxing and happy reactions with some euphoria. The flavors lean towards citrus but include hints of herbs and pepper.
  • Black Widow: This epic cultivar is a blend of South Asian indica and Brazilian sativa landrace cultivars, delivering relaxation and eventual sedation. It may cause laziness and could help with insomnia.

Is Fatso good for anxiety?

This strain is indica-dominant and causes relaxation that should ease stress or anxiety. It’s perfect for a laid-back evening in front of the TV after a tough day at work. The calm reactions are effective in counteracting anxiety and stress.

It starts with a boost of euphoria before a weighty body sensation melts users into the sofa. Fatso strain info suggests side effects of anxiety and paranoia are possible. Limit consumption and pace yourself.

Why is it called Fatso?

Several possible explanations exist. There are claims that the incredibly “heavy” effects of high-THC weed prompted this moniker. 

Some think it derives from severe munchies that inflate your waistline, while others surmise the name might reference the rotund, resinous buds. It could also point to the sedative effects of this strain. Couchlock is a possibility, and that could see you piling on a few more pounds.

Is the Fatso weed plant mold-resistant?

Fatso marijuana strain plants grow dense and heavy nugs that could lead to problems with mold in certain conditions. High humidity is the catalyst to many issues, so remember to reduce humidity through the growing cycle. Lower the RH to 40% during the flowering phase.

How big does a Fatso cannabis plant grow?

Indoors, growers can expect these plants to max out at about three feet tall, but they can grow quite large outdoors. Fatso strain plants can reach up to 5–6 feet tall in helpful climates with long summers and dry conditions.

About the author: Derek LaRose

Also known as Kronic from The Cannabis Kronicles, Derek LaRose is a young ambitious cultivator and a staple educator for indoor cultivation.

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