Gelato Marijuana Strains. Facts and Growing Info.

March 03, 2020

In the brief period that Gelato found its way into the market, its meteoric rise to fame was spectacular. Blessed with two of the tastiest genetic forerunners, it exudes its brand of aroma that enthusiasts love to compare with desserts – sweet and fruity scents of blueberry and orange. Its thick white smoke imparts a woody, floral taste reminiscent of lavender. Upon exhale, it leaves an aftertaste of citrus and berry.

Gelato strain grows into a beautiful plant with purple and green sugar leaves with fiery orange and red pistils. More than frosty, the trichomes surrounding the buds appear crystalline – glimmering, beckoning you to come, grab and never let go.

Once collected, dried, and cured, Gelato feminized buds can have up to 27% THC. First-timers and beginners should strictly keep the dosage small. Although it leans a little bit on the Indica, the effects of this strain are quite balanced – and intense.

It starts with a euphoric rush to the head, instantly wiping out stress and uplifting the mood. The buzzing cerebral stimulation clears the mind while also promoting creative thinking. It takes a while for the physical effects to sneak into the body. From a soothing sensation spreading from the spine to the extremities, it melts muscle tensions, thus inducing relaxation. Rather than promoting laziness, Gelato keeps you focused and able to engage in physical activities if needed.

Gelato is also a revered high-THC medicinal strain. The combination of cannabinoids and terpenes can mitigate symptoms of anxiety and depression. It is also a highly capable analgesic and anti-inflammatory. Countless people have immensely benefited, finding relief from cramps and muscle spasms, headaches, migraines, and chronic pains. As the high subsides, many people also find themselves sleepy, making this strain a useful aid in counteracting sleep disorders.

Gelato Feminized Seeds

  • Genotype: 45% Sativa; 55% Indica
  • THC: 20-27%
  • Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks; Early to mid-October
  • Yield: 500 gr/sqm; 700 gr/plant

Accidental pollinations can happen in the grow room when there are males. In fact, one of Gelato’s parent strain – Sunset Sherbet – came as a result of just that – an accident. Hence, opting for female seeds makes the most sense. It eliminates the possibility of males, up to 99% of the time.

Starting Gelato feminized seeds cannot be any easier too. Homegrown Cannabis Co. guarantees that it is fresh, reliable, and sprouts in 24 to 48 hours.

Hydroponics can boost the growth rate. Gelato, though, is better grown in an organic soil mix. Or, you can take it to the highest level by employing Kyle Kushman’s veganic gardening technique. Organically-grown Gelato will have a better fragrance and flavor profile.

Training the plants is also recommended. This strain thrives in the Sea of Green (SOG). Under 600 watts HPS, it should have no problem producing up to 0.5 kg/sqm.

Note: An odor-control filter is necessary to control its pungent odor. During the flowering period, keeping the dark cycle temperature 10 degrees colder than the light cycle temperature triggers the appearance of purple hues in the foliage.

Gelato Autoflower Seeds

  • Genotype: 35% Sativa; 45% Indica; 10% Ruderalis
  • THC: 17-24%
  • Growth Cycle: 9-10 weeks from seeds to harvest
  • Yield: 500 gr/sqm; 100 gr/plant

Auto strains typically have a lower THC level, and Gelato Autoflower is not exempted. Still, considering that it could reach 24%, you can say that the light-independent Gelato is among the most potent autos.

From the time the tiny sprouts appear, the young plants are better off moved to their final containers. It takes only 9 to 10 weeks for plants to reach adulthood and ready for harvest. The rapid pace of growth does not give the plants time to recover from any undue stress, and that includes transplanting.

Gelato Regular Seeds

  • Genotype: 45% Sativa; 55% Indica
  • THC: 18-25%
  • Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks; Early to mid-October
  • Yield: 500 gr/sqm; 700 gr/plant

Since feminized seeds are available, there is no reason to choose Gelato Regular Seeds unless the purpose is to harvest the highest quality buds. Furthermore, it is more resistant to pests, molds, and other common diseases.

Being stable, the males that emerge can be used in breeding new hybrids or pollinate females to produce seeds. It is also the only way to keep the lineage alive.

Which Gelato Should You Choose?

Gelato, as the preferred strain for home cultivation, is a sound one. You only have to choose between the three types of seeds.

Unless time is limited, opting for feminized seeds is the best choice. Keep in mind, though, that there is slightly under 1% chance of males emerging even if there are no male chromosomes in the seeds.

If there is a pressing need to obtain the stash at the earliest possible time, then Gelato Auto is the best choice. Incidentally, these auto-flowering seeds are also feminized.

The regular seeds may not appeal to most casual home growers. At any rate, it has immense value for breeders. As a cultivar, many have tried in the past, and many more will try to enhance old classics or create a new generation of designer hybrids.