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GMO Cake Strain Information & Review

GMO Cake Strain

If you’re a veteran weed user looking to sample some of the world’s most powerful indica variants, look no further than the mighty GMO Cake strain.

This ultra-rare and highly potent cannabis variant boasts a strong and impressive heritage. Don’t let the GMO title fool you, as these marijuana seeds are a natural cross between two very popular parent strains.

This hybrid cake strain acquired its name because of its unique alienesque colored buds. You’ll discover even more about this mystical variant here, including its fragrances, flavors, and effects. Get ready to take a trip on an alien planet as we take an in-depth look at the new and exciting GMO Cake strain!

GMO Cake strain

GMO Cake weed is indica-dominant, with ridiculously high levels of THC. The marijuana plants are medium to tall, displaying dense purple and olive green buds glistening with sugary trichomes

Before we chill and experience the relaxing effects of GMO Cake, here’s some basic strain info:

GMO Cake Strain info
  • Type: Indica-dominant hybrid
  • THC: 17–28%
  • CBD: <1%
  • Top reported effects: Relaxing, sleepy, uplifting
  • Top reported flavors: Garlic, spicy, sweet
  • Dominant terpene: Beta-caryophyllene
  • Flowering time: 10–12 weeks
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Yields: High

GMO Cake strain effects

The GMO Cake strain contains up to 28% THC, so inexperienced tokers may want to take this one a bit easy. Veterans will appreciate the potency, and all it takes is a single hit to knock you out of this world.

The urge to chill out and relax hits you straight away. A brief and initial cerebral buzz boosts your mood, uplifting you and enabling you to see the positive outlook in all life scenarios

GMO Cake weed is the perfect evening companion to unwind with at the end of a long day. Put on your favorite computer game or movie, and immerse yourself in a fantasy realm of vivid colors and sounds.   

The heavy body stone sets in about 10–15 minutes later and intensifies, loosening up and soothing every muscle of your physical being. Your body melts into your chair like a fluffy marshmallow, embracing the strong, relaxing ripples massaging you from top to bottom. 

Finally, ensure you’re not far from your bed or blanket as the sedating effects from GMO Cake weed make your eyes droop. Snuggle up and enjoy a peaceful deep sleep, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized the next morning.

We don’t know any reported side effects from the GMO cake strain, but its super THC content may cause minor headaches, dizziness, and paranoia. 

GMO Cake strain flavors

Breaking apart a sticky resin-coated colorful bud releases a strong garlic fragrance accompanying sweet bakery undertones. Notable hints of spice burst out among the prominent aromas, tingling your nose.

An intense garlic punch greets on the inhale with sweet, peppery tastes lingering on your tongue. Subtle notes of mint and fuelare present in the flavor and are indications of GMO Cake’s extraordinary heritage.

GMO Cake strain grow information

There’s not much cultivation information available on the GMO Cake strain, but we’re excited to learn more as the cannabis seeds spread across the country. Based on the data we’ve compiled from its heritage, we know it prefers to grow in warm climates with plenty of sunshine.

These indica marijuana crops will possibly have bushy frames with thick branches to support their heavy flowers. Trimming and pruning GMO Cake weed strain plants increases airflow and allows light to penetrate the inner foliage.

GMO Cake strain crops grow large, dense nugs, developing light brown pistils in the later blooming stage. The 10–12 week flowering time suggests a late outdoor October harvest. 

The cannabis plants emit overpowering aromas, so keep this in mind if you’re growing them indoors. Investing in odor neutralizers or carbon filtershelps reduce and conceal the flowers’ fragrance.

GMO Cake marijuana crops are likely to be high-yielding crops like their parent variants. The Wedding Cake strain, for example, has a whopping outdoor harvest of 28 oz. per plant.

GMO Cake strain genetics

Any marijuana strain with a strong Girl Scout Cookies lineage has a solid chance of becoming a future award-winning variant. GMO Cake weed is rockin’ those cookie phenos and has excellent potential to become a true indica favorite.

The GMO Cake strain is a cross between Wedding Cake and GMO Cookies. These indica powerhouses contributed their spicy notes, powerful garlic scents, and high yields to their new weed child. 

Here’s how it would look in a table:

GMO Cake Strain Genetics

GMO Cake strain seeds to buy near you

These cannabis seeds are hard to obtain in marijuana recreational and medicinal establishments. If you can’t find GMO Cake strain seeds in a Green state dispensary, try an online US seedbank like Homegrown Cannabis Co

It may be a while before we see GMO Cake weed seeds readily available to purchase. While you’re waiting, you’ll enjoy the following variants if you’re a true indica fan or appreciate marijuana cake strains:

  • Wedding Cake autoflower seeds: These are the autoflower seeds for you if you’re in a hurry to get hitched with substantial indoor yields of vanilla-scented buds. Wedding Cake contains 17% THC and will settle your nerves at the altar with its relaxing indica effects.
  • Grandaddy Purple regular seeds: Delight your elders by finishing your dinner with this appetite-increasing indica strain. Light up 21% THC buds and let the delicious earthy and berry flavors dance on your tongue.
  • Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds: The crème de la crème of cake strains; GSC is one of the most popular hybrids worldwide. The 24% THC sends tingles through your body as you relax in a happy haze and smile at the world around you.

GMO Cake strain: Out of this world!

More cannabis cake variants appear on the 420 stage annually and are popular choices because of their delicious aroma and flavors. The GMO Cake strain stands out from the crowd with its complex aromas and super high THC levels.

The strong garlic aromas might be unexpected at first, but after a few tokes, the fragrances reveal hidden notes, leaving you craving for more. The powerful physical stone is out of this world, and it’s better than any full-body massage for your muscles.

Planning and documenting your growing experience with these weed seeds is a breeze with our Homegrown Diaries. If you’re lucky enough to obtain this strain, you could be the first to share your progress with a GMO Cake Homegrown Diary.

Our Homegrown Forum also supplies plenty of tips and tricks for cultivating your cannabis plants. Check it out, as you’ll be amazed at what you can discover to aid your growing journey. Experiment and go for the extraordinary with the GMO Cake strain!

About the author: Derek LaRose

Also known as Kronic from The Cannabis Kronicles, Derek LaRose is a young ambitious cultivator and a staple educator for indoor cultivation.

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