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Gorilla OG Strain

Gorilla OG Strain Information & Review

Gorillas are known as jungle kings for their strength, and the Gorilla OG strain isn't any different. This one is famous for packing a serious punch that’ll leave you in a happy couch-locked state

Gorilla OG is a powerhouse strain not for the faint-hearted. Join us as we unravel this bud and explore its terpenes, potency, and effects. We'll also discuss its rumored origins and how you can get your hands on some OG Gorilla

Gorilla OG strain (aka OG Rilla, Gorilla Kush, Gorilla Mango)

Nowadays, it would be a rare scenario to find a stoner who hasn't heard of Gorilla weed. This family of cannabis has become one of the top-shelf buds on the market. Below you'll find some easy to digest Gorilla OG strain info: 

Gorilla OG Strain Info
  • Type: Indica dominant
  • THC: 21%-24%
  • CBD: 0.4%
  • Top reported effects: relaxed, sleepy, euphoric 
  • Top reported flavors: chestnut, honey, grape 
  • Flowering time: 8–10 weeks
  • Dominant terpene: Borneol 
  • Difficulty: Intermediate 
  • Yield: 1-2 oz per ft2 indoors, up to 19 oz per plant outdoors

Gorilla OG strain description

This Gorilla cannabis has dusty green popcorn nugs that glisten with transparent pistils. Sticky trichomes oozing with resins make this strain tacky to handle.

OG Rilla boasts a THC concentration of up to 24%. Its CBD levels don't help to balance out its effects, with only 0.23% present. 

Even the most veteran of stoners class this Gorilla strain as a nighttime-only smoke. A few puffs will induce a rushing head high and an instant blow of euphoria. You'll feel elevated yet dazed, forcing you to sit back and relax.

After some time, you'll find yourself couch locked but with a serious case of the munchies. In the end, you'll feel as light as a cloud and as full as a pig. Together these effects are the perfect combination to help you get a good night's sleep. People living with Insomnia especially value these qualities from the Gorilla OG strain. 

This particular Gorilla marijuana strain has fruity, sour, and peppery flavors. After a few drags, you'll also notice chestnut undertones. Its kush roots also shine through with tastes of deep diesel, earth, and spices. 

If you experience stress or depression, then OG Gorilla strain is an ideal remedy. Many people choose this Gorilla weed strain to reduce pains from arthritis, migraines, and cramps

Gorilla OG strain grow information

Your Gorilla OG strain plants will flower within ten weeks and be ready to harvest soon after. Some buds may appear as early as seven weeks, but patience with this strain pays off. Don't be tempted to start picking; the longer you leave your OG Rilla, the more resinous it'll become. 

This strain is not an easy one for beginner cultivators. It will need experienced care in a sunny, warm, continental climate to thrive to its full potential. 

Gorilla OG strain plants aren't the largest at up to 60 inches tall. Many would think their compact size means they are easy to manage but this isn’t true. They'll need low-stress training to encourage more bud sites. Performing this will also open up your plant, which is an essential step in providing adequate light exposure to its core. 

Indica strains, especially those involving kush, are susceptible to disease in the soil. Your OG Rilla will grow best in an indoor hydroponics system if you can accommodate such a setup. 

OG genetic strains also have a deficiency in calcium and magnesium. You'll need to provide ample nutrients in your Gorilla OG strain feeding schedule to overcome this. Calcium travels through marijuana at a snail's pace. To identify it, look out for crinkly leaves, curled tips, and stunted growth. 

Gorilla OG strains' genetics

There's much debate over Gorilla OG's mysterious origins. One thing’s for certain, Gorilla Glue #4 makes up one side of its lineage. 

The other side divides the camps into three possibilities. Some fans theorize Mango Kush, others OG Cookies, and lastly, Tahoe Kush advocates. The latter club states that the OG Gorilla strain is a limited edition from breeders at Dr. Underground.

The problem is that it features characteristics of all the possible parent plants. Take a toke and see which team you believe. 

Gorilla Glue #4Gorilla OG 
Mango Kush, or OG Cookies, or Tahoe Kush

Gorilla OG strains seeds to buy near you 

If you want to get your hands on some Gorilla weed and you live in a state where cultivation is legal, why not grow your own? Below we've outlined the best seeds to get started.

Gorilla OG Autoflower: These autoflowering seeds will keep your OG Gorilla stash stocked all year round. There's no need to stress about growing seasons or light conditions when they flower with age. 

Gorilla OG Feminized: Its feminized seeds will grow into female budding plants only so that you can enjoy a bountiful crop. You can also turn your green thumbs to harvesting Gorilla OG strain’s possible parents in feminized form too. Search for Tahoe Kush Feminized and Mango Kush Feminized.

Gorilla OG Regular: Get back to basics with regular seeds. Perfect for breeders and pheno hunters in need of pure and unaltered genetics. These seeds will give you a 50/50 chance of growing male and female plants.

Get comfy with Gorilla OG 

If you're in search of the perfect bud to accompany your next stoner movie session, then look no further. This Gorilla Kush strain provides a hard and fast high. It's perfect for a Netflix night or to help lull you into a deep, peaceful sleep. 

A few tokes will send a tingling sensation throughout your body, relaxing your muscles as it goes. These effects are ideal for easing all your tensions while giving you relief from pain.

Gorilla cannabis is a moderately difficult strain to grow. However, if you can give it the care and attention it needs, you'll be reaping the rewards in no time. Check out our Gorilla OG Homegrown Diary. Here you can track your success and share your experiences with our community of like-minded people.

Need some more support? Our Homegrown Forum is overflowing with useful tips, tricks, and expert advice. Take a look today, and don't forget to update Homegrown Diaries with what's working for you.

About the author: Parker Curtis

Parker Curtis has around a decade of cannabis-growing experience, specialising in soil-less and hydro grows. He’s mastering outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor grows.

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