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Grape Pie Strain information

Grape Pie Strain Information & Review

February 8, 2023

Are you looking for a cannabis cultivar with fantastic flavors and easy-going effects? The Grape Pie strain is a favorite among tokers seeking euphoric relaxation and sensational taste. Its popularity is growing, and vendors can’t keep up with the demand.

Read on to discover why Grape Pie is a rare treat within the cannabis community. Learn about its effects, flavors, and genetics. We provide the lowdown on this lush strain and share tips for finding the best seeds and how to cultivate them.

Let’s dive in!

Grape Pie strain

Grape Pie is a masterpiece of cannabis breeding, crossing Cherry Pie and Grape Stomper. This indica-dominant hybrid offers relaxing mental and physical effects and a beautiful bouquet of fruity flavors.

Here’s a brief overview of essential Grape Pie strain info:

  • Type: Indica-dominant hybrid
  • THC: 17–22%
  • CBD: <1%
  • Top reported effects: Uplifted, relaxed, calm
  • Top reported flavors: Sweet, fruity, sour
  • Dominant terpene: Beta-myrcene
  • Flowering time: 9–10 weeks
  • Difficulty: Beginner-friendly
  • Yield: 10–12 oz./m² indoors and 12–16 oz./plant outdoors
Grape Pie Strain information

Grape Pie strain effects

The Grape Pie strain is renowned for its calming and mood-boosting effects, ideal for a chill experience. This cultivar provides tranquility without causing sleepiness. Waves of relaxation replace worries with happiness.

This strain is high in THC with up to 22%, but the effects don’t feel overwhelming. The sensation is surprisingly mild considering the cultivar’s potency, but not disappointing. It allows you to indulge for longer without anxiety or a green out creeping up.

Grape Pie cannabis is ideal for chilling with friends or engaging in other social interactions. Many fans of the cultivar claim it helps with anxiety and promotes a desire to chat with others.

The Grape Pie strain’s effects reportedly provide some medical benefits, such as relief from stress and depression.

Apart from Grape Pie, we recommend trying Monkey OG strain which has lots in common with Grape Pie. Both Monkey OG and Grape Pie are indica-dominant strains, which means they tend to provide deep relaxation and a calming body high. They are well-suited for unwinding after a long day or promoting a restful night's sleep. These strains are known for their potency. Monkey OG and Grape Pie typically have high THC levels, delivering a strong and long-lasting experience. Users can expect powerful effects that may include deep relaxation, euphoria, and a sense of tranquility.

Grape Pie strain flavor and smell

Grape Pie’s bouquet is beautiful and lives up to its name. The strain’s smell is an explosion of sweetness and fills the air with an appealing aroma.

The unforgettable flavor is a primary reason so many tokers love this cultivar. Expect to taste the name with hints of grape and sugar as you inhale. The smoke is smooth, with sour notes underpinning the sweetness.

Grape Pie’s terpenes provide an intensely fruity flavor, and tokers can indulge in the phenomenal taste without becoming too stoned.

Grape Pie strain growing tips

Grape Pie weed plants are easy to grow, but some added attention and TLC always helps. The strain is ideal for beginners, and experts love fine-tuning it.

Information on this cultivar is difficult to find due to its scarcity, but don’t worry. We have some expert tips to help you achieve the best results.

The conditions and environment you provide are crucial for growing the Grape Pie weed strain or any other variety. This cultivar prefers a moderate climate that remains stable throughout its life cycle with low humidity.

Avoid exposing Grape Pie to extreme heat or damp conditions. Its dominant indica heritage results in a bushy plant with lots of foliage, and excess moisture can cause mold.

Outdoor cultivators can’t control the weather, but frequent pruning has enormous benefits. Trimming away excess leaves provides better airflow and allows more light to reach all parts of the plant.

Growing cannabis indoors means cultivators can control the environment and optimize results. The Grape Pie marijuana strain responds well to low-stress training and the Sea of Green (SOG) method.

This cultivar doesn’t grow too tall, so vertical space isn’t an issue. Remember to maintain appropriate pH levels and use premium nutrients to maximize yield and quality.

The Grape Pie strain flowering time is 9–10 weeks, and outdoor growers should harvest in mid-October.

Grape Pie strain genetics

Grape Pie is the product of crossing Cherry Pie and Grape Stomper. The hybrid is approximately 70% indica and 30% sativa. Let’s take a brief look at this strain’s parents:

  • Cherry Pie: This indica-dominant hybrid contains 16–18% THC and 0.5–1% CBD. The strain offers relaxation, happiness, and creativity, while its flavor balances sweet cherry and earthy notes. It’s a brilliant budchild of Durban Poison and Grandaddy Purple.
  • Grape Stomper: This craft hybrid is a complex cross of Purple Elephant and Chemdawg Sour Diesel. The cultivar contains over 18% THC and less than 1% CBD. It delivers an uplifting mental boost and tingly physical sensations with a sweet and sour flavor.

Grape Pie strain seeds to buy near you

This marijuana cultivar is in high demand and short supply. Ensure to check regularly for new stock of the Grape Pie cannabis strain at our store.

If you’re interested in growing now, why not explore this plant’s fantastic family tree? Check out our incredible seed deals and discover the grandparents:

  • Durban Poison feminized seeds: These photoperiod seeds provide female-only cannabis crops in 99% of cases. The flowering time is 8–10 weeks, with yields of 14–18 oz./m² indoors and 18 oz./plant outdoors.
  • Grandaddy Purple feminized seeds: These seeds are photoperiod and provide a 99% probability of producing all-female weed plants. They have a flowering time of 10–12 weeks and expect yields of 18 oz./m² indoors and 18 oz./plant outdoors.

FAQs about Grape Pie

Is our Grape Pie strain review a lot to take in? Here’s a simple lowdown through frequently asked questions with answers from our experts.

Is the Grape Pie strain indica or sativa?

The balance of uplifting and relaxing effects leaves many tokers wondering if the Grape Pie strain is indica or sativa. This cultivar is a hybrid with a surprising genetic ratio. Many tokers assume the strain is sativa-dominant due to its effects, but Grape Pie is about 70% indica.

What strain is similar to Grape Pie?

Grape Pie is hard to get your hands on due to its popularity and scarcity. If you’re looking for similar cultivars, we suggest sampling Sour Diesel. This mostly sativa strain shows that the category isn’t everything. Other cultivars with similar effects include Cherry Pie, Grandaddy Purple, and Grape Ape.

Is the Grape Pie strain good for anxiety?

Grape Pie’s THC level can reach 22%, but its specific cannabinoid profile delivers effects that don’t overwhelm you. Many tokers love this strain due to its uplifting high and claim it helps clear their mind and relieve anxiety.

Why is it called Grape Pie?

Grape Pie gets its name from its mother and father, Cherry Pie and Grape Stomper. Breeders took the first word of each parent to create a strain that tastes like its terminology.

Is the Grape Pie weed strain mold-resistant?

Grape Pie plants have some natural resistance to mold, but their bushy structure can cause issues in the wrong environment. Fungi, pests, and diseases thrive in dense foliage if the conditions are damp. It’s essential to trim away excess leaves and ensure humidity is low.

How big does the Grape Pie strain grow?

Cultivators report a medium size with some lateral development. They’re not small, but they don’t grow too tall. Height doesn’t dictate the Grape Pie strain’s yield as much as other aspects relating to growing. Factors like humidity and temperature play a more significant role in the size of your buds.

About the author: Derek LaRose

Also known as Kronic from The Cannabis Kronicles, Derek LaRose is a young ambitious cultivator and a staple educator for indoor cultivation.

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