Green Crack Strain Information & Review

green crack strain
Author avatar By Derek LaRose
June 09, 2021

Green Crack marijuana strain packs a potent uplifting punch. The crispy buds are perfect for a wake-and-bake session. Whether you have a high or low tolerance, a bowl or a few puffs of a Jay in the morning leaves you feeling energized for ages.

A modified version of Afghan Kush, Snoop Dogg himself named the Green Crack marijuana strain. Read our comprehensive review on what it’s about and where you buy the Green Crack.

Green Crack Strain (aka Green Cush, Super Green Crack)

The Green Crack weed strain name is somewhat misleading, although entirely accurate. Crack is commonly known for its energizing effects, and so is Green Cush.

Before we do our deep dive into its’ uses, let’s take a closer look at the Green Crack strain info:

Green Crack Strain Information

Green Crack strain flavours & effects

Many people ask what strain is Green Crack. Thought to be a 65/35 Sativa/indica hybrid between Afghan Kush and Skunk #1, the name used to be Green Cush before being renamed by Snoop Dogg. He dubbed it Green Crack due to the uplifting, high-energy effects.

Keep it for the morning – or a busy day. The terpenes leave a discrete fruity aftertaste when smoked and give a distinct body-mind high.

As always, have some munchies and a lot of water handy when you hit this bad boy. It’s great for tackling those strenuous activities or chores. If you’re pottering around in the yard, the buzz keeps you chilled and loving the garden.

The head high from this weed strain keeps you focused on your activity and may help those prone to over-thinking. With low CBD levels, high THC positively affects your mental perspective, allowing you to see the joy in everything.

The high stays a while. Some people may experience mild paranoia when smoking this strain at night, as the brain goes into hyper-focus mode. We recommend it as a daytime bud when the mind is needed to be active.

Green Crack Feminized Bud
Green Crack Feminized Bud

Green Crack strain grow information

To grow your own Green Crack cannabis strain at home is easy and fun. Recommended for very brave complete beginners, novice to experienced gardeners can expect a decent harvest if they follow recommended growing methods

The Green Crack flowering time is around 8 to 10 weeks. It carries massive colas, which can make the top branches bend under the weight. To help hold the yield, you can insert support sticks during this stage.

FIMming your plant can increase grow time, and reduce yield. If you don’t use this process, this majestic beauty stands at around 2 to 3 feet tall. Small enough for any home.

During the late stages of growth, the foliage turns from a bright green to a yellowish color. As an extra tease, the resin creates a sticky layer that covers the buds. You can almost smell the anticipation as the days to harvest tick closer.

Those looking for a satisfying mind-high leap in and learn how to grow the Green Crack strain. Same as other strains, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Light it up! The Super Green Crack needs a lot of light when grown indoors. It also prefers temperatures between 70 to 79 ℉. 
  • Humidity. Although prone to mildew, you don’t have to watch it like a hawk. Keep an eye on them to ensure it doesn’t develop.
  • Water Checks. Make sure your soil is always moist. Your ganja will thank you for keeping the thirst at bay.
  • Feeding. If you use natural soil, moderate feeding should be acceptable. Try to make sure you test the ground before you plant and feed to maintain the pH levels.
  • What about the outdoors? In the northern hemisphere, wait until summer. The marijuana strain “Green Crack” needs plenty of sunlight.

When your Green Crack strain yield is ready to harvest, grab your scissors and have a seat. Trimming the plants while wet prevents the leaves from sticking to the corals during the drying period. 

Green Crack Feminized Bud
Green Crack Feminized Bud

Green Crack strain genetics 

The hybrid Green Crack may have originated from Athens during the 70s. The exact origin is still under speculation. Green Crack has an indica coral structure, offering clustered, dense buds that crisp up nicely.

Many people ask about the Green Crack strain lineage. The truth is, it’s a plant from all over the world. Fortunately, we know the Green Crack strain genetics:

Skunk #1Acapulco GoldMexican Gold
Afghan KushTha (Thai Stick)
Green Crack strain genetics 

Green Crack Strain Review

Check out our Green Crack review from OrganiGrower. He details all there is to know about this strain, from the look and feel of the bud, the taste of the toke and the all-important growing information:

Green Crack strain seeds to buy near you 

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Your own Green Crack Strain

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The beauty of the Green Crack weed strain is that everyone can enjoy it. With patience and learning, even beginners can give it a go. 

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