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10 Highest Yielding Strains You Should Grow ASAP

January 26, 2022

Harvesting weed plants is the most anticipated time of the year for cannabis growers. You may regularly see a list of “highest-yielding strains” when browsing through a catalog of marijuana seeds.

What are high-yield strains, and why are they important when choosing weed seeds? What are the best cannabis variants guaranteeing bumper yields of mouth-watering buds?

We’ll answer those questions and more right here. Read on to learn all about high yields and our top-pick marijuana strains for heavy handfuls of luscious buds outdoors and indoors. 

Northern Lights Autoflower
Northern Lights Autoflower

What are high-yield strains?  

The average yield of a cannabis plant is calculated from different cultivators. The weed is dried and weighed to determine the overall yield of your harvest. The highest-yielding strains will produce significant numbers of dried marijuana. The number of ounces that your harvested cannabis crops produce is your overall yield.

All marijuana strains vary in yields, but many cannabis users unanimously agree that 17.5oz. per weed plant is the universal average. Marijuana growers consider any cannabis crop that produces more than 17.5oz. as a high-yield variant. 

The yields from outdoor strains are calculated by an ounce per weed plant. For example, the Sour Diesel strain rewards you with up to 24oz. per marijuana plant and is classed as a high-yield variant. 

If you’re growing cannabis indoors, the yields are tallied by ounces per square meter or per square foot. Critical Mass strain is a prime example of a high-yielding indoor weed plant. It can produce colossal harvests of up to 26 oz./m2 or up to 2.4oz./ft2

As a rule of the green thumb, sativas tend to produce higher yields than indica strains. Cannabis sativa seeds can reach towering heights and sometimes resemble little trees. Their extensive green canopies will produce more bud sites around the marijuana crop.

Indica weed strains may be shorter and bushier, but they also flower faster, allowing for speedier harvests. You can cultivate most indica seeds all year round, boosting your total yearly marijuana yields. But the longer your weed plant remains in the vegetative state, the more significant your harvest is likely to be.

What are the benefits of high-yield strains?

Here at Homegrown Cannabis Co., we know the simple answer is more for your stash! But, we also know there are more advantages than having a substantial amount of cannabis. Here are some benefits of high-yield strains:

  • Space-saving: High-yield cannabis plants are ideal for saving space indoors. You can top them and apply techniques like low-stress training without hampering the yields.
  • Better value: High-yielding strains will save you money as you’ll gain significantly more weed when harvest time comes around.    
  • Better time management: Instead of maintaining numerous cannabis plants, you can cultivate a few high-yield strains. You’ll have more free time to play around with and can manage your cannabis crops better.   
  • Quality and quantity: Some of the best marijuana strains in the world are high-yielding variants. What could be better than enjoying substantial harvests from classic Cannabis Cup Winners like the Northern Lights strain?
Cannabis flower
Cannabis flower

What are the 10 best high-yield strains?

We could have chosen only sativa-dominant cannabis variants for our highest-yielding strains, but what about indica lovers? Indica weed plants can produce fast and plentiful harvests if you nurture them and carefully maintain their growth. We also looked at indoor and outdoor yields because not everyone can choose where to cultivate their marijuana plants.

Without further ado, here are our top sativa and indica picks for the highest-yielding strains of 2021.

1. Northern Lights Feminized

You don’t have to journey above the Arctic Circle to view the Aurora Borealis when you grow the Northern Lights. Experience the effects of euphoric dancing lights as you answer the call of your inner creativity and get inspired. 

THC levels of up to 18% will provide you with a soothing calmness that’ll wrap around your body, and you’ll enjoy the flavors of earth, wood, and pine.

The feminized Northern Lights weed seeds contain 0.3% CBD, and the dominant terpene is myrcene. Northern Lights is one of the highest-yielding indica strains, and it’s suitable for beginners. 

You can harvest up to 25 oz. per weed plant outdoors. Successful indoor cultivation of Northern Lights will reward you with 21 oz./m2. For the highest-yielding autoflower strains, why not check out Northern Lights Autoflower seeds for indoor growing?

Northern Lights Feminized
Northern Lights Feminized

2. Wedding Cake Feminized

Here comes the bride. The Wedding Cake strain will give you up to 28 oz. per marijuana plant outdoors when harvest time comes around. Wedding Cake seeds are some of the highest-yielding strains available to buy for an indica hybrid. Its parents are the Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie variants, and it’s a popular choice for seasoned smokers.

Wedding Cake feminized seeds are highly potent, boasting a THC content of 25% and CBD levels of 0.08%. With a myrcene-dominant terpene, you’ll be impressed with its cerebral euphoric highs and creative effects. You’ll giggle as you would on your wedding day while savoring the sweet flavors of berry and vanilla.

Wedding Cake Feminized
Wedding Cake Feminized

3. White Widow Regular

One of the most well-known cannabis names worldwide is also one of the highest-yielding strains indoors. The White Widow strain is a pleasure to grow in a SOG (Sea of Green) setup, producing beautiful budding colas with yields of around 17 oz./m2 inside. You can also get up to 21 oz. per weed plant outdoors, which is a decent harvest for an indica-dominant hybrid.

White Widow Regular contains THC levels of 22% and CBD levels of 0.6%. The flavor may be a bit bland, but you’ll still savor earth and pine tastes when you inhale this vintage marijuana strain. 

The myrcene-dominant terpene will ease your muscles as you feel energetic, focused, and creative. All it takes is a little maintenance to indulge in the bountiful yields from White Widow.

White Widow Regular
White Widow Regular

4. Sour Diesel Feminized

Sour Diesel strain is fuel for your creative mind as you embrace the energetic and focused effects of the weed plant. This sativa hybrid plant has a dominant terpene of limonene and will help reduce those anxious thoughts in your head. 

Sour Diesel will cruise down that harvest highway, producing around 24 oz. per cannabis plant outdoors. It’s one of the most popular highest-yielding marijuana strains worldwide. 

The Sour Diesel feminized seeds have levels of up to 22% THC and contain 0.7% CBD. A child of Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk, you’ll soon realize how Sour Diesel got its name when you light it up. There’s no mistaking the diesel flavor with undertones of citrus and herbs, so start your engines and enjoy the drive.

 Sour Diesel Feminized
Sour Diesel Feminized

5. Green Crack Feminized

The Green Crack strain has delighted weed cultivators for years as one of the highest-yielding strains from short cannabis plants. The marijuana crops grow to 2 - 3 ft. high, yet you can expect bumper yields of up to 28 oz. per weed plant outdoors. It also grows well indoors, with users reporting harvests of up to 23 oz./m2 with a bit of maintenance.

The Green Crack feminized seeds contain 15% THC and 0.5% CBD, and the dominant terpene is myrcene. When you consume Green Crack, you’ll instantly feel uplifted, happy, and bursting with creativity. Ensure you savor the sweet, citrusy, and earthy flavors as you appreciate the energetic buzz.

Green Crack Feminized
Green Crack Feminized

6. Blue Dream Feminized

Conquer those blues with the sativa-dominant Blue Dream strain. Blueberry and Super Silver Haze are the proud parents of this popular cannabis variant. Blue Dream features in many highest-yielding strains lists, including ours. With indoor yields of about 21 oz./m2 and harvests of around 24 oz. per weed plant outdoors.

Blue Dream feminized seeds contain 20% THC and 0.4% CBD. The dominant terpene is myrcene, and sweet flavors of berries and blueberries will grace your mouth. 

You’ll experience uplifting and euphoric feelings as the effects sweep over you. You’ll also enjoy a swift burst of energy, making it an ideal time to take on some tedious chores. 

Blue Dream Feminized
Blue Dream Feminized

7. Amnesia Haze 

Amnesia Haze strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that produces significant yield when you use a SOG setup. Inside, you can expect up to 23 oz./m2 making her one of the highest-yielding indoor strains. The dominant terpene is myrcene, and the feminized cannabis plants contain 0.7 CBD and 22% THC.

This weed plant is not a strain for newbies, as consuming too much could make you feel forgetful. As you inhale her, you’ll enjoy the flowery, earthy, and citrusy flavors with every toke. 

The sativa will work its effects on you, and you’ll soon feel euphoric and creative. You’ll also feel quite talkative, so gather your close pals around you and engage in fun debates and meaningful conversations.   

8. Moby Dick

If you’re looking for one of the highest-yielding outdoor strains, look no further than the Moby Dick strain. This sativa-dominant behemoth can reach heights of 12 ft. outdoors in all its glory. If you apply your best cultivating techniques, you’ll enjoy colossal yields of up to 53 oz. per cannabis plant outside.

With a CBD content of 0.8% and THC levels of 25%, this whale of a weed plant isn’t for beginners. Your taste buds will enjoy savoring the citrus, pine, and woody flavors as you light up. 

Myrcene-dominant terpenes will wash a calming wave over you, as the creative and energetic effects inspire your productive nature. You’ll experience the ambiance of swimming gracefully with a pod of whales.

Moby Dick
Moby Dick

9. Critical Mass

Veteran smokers recognize the indica-dominant Critical Mass strain as one of the highest-yielding strains for indoor cultivators. If you carefully maintain Critical Mass in a SOG setup, you can reap the rewards of yields over 26 oz./m2. You can also grow the cannabis plants outside in a sunny area to produce around 21 oz. per plant outdoors.

The dominant terpene myrcene will ensure you’re relaxed as you experience euphoric highs before drifting deep into a good night’s sleep. The weed plant has 20% THC levels and an impressive CBD of 2.6%, making it ideal for medicinal use. You’ll enjoy spicy, earthy, and citrus flavors swirling around your mouth and all the above benefits from Critical Mass feminized seeds.

Critical Mass
Critical Mass

10. Purple Thai

Purple Thai strain is another one of the highest-yielding sativa strains for outdoor cultivation. While you can expect decent yields of up to 23 oz./m2 indoors, you’ll get mammoth harvests of 35 oz. per plant outdoors. This sativa-dominant hybrid is a child of Highland Oaxacan Gold and Chocolate Thai strains.

Purple Thai feminized seeds contain 21% THC and 0.03% CBD. When you light her up, you’ll feel happy, euphoric, and want to partake in some creative activities. The dominant terpene is ocimene, and you’ll enjoy sweet flavors of coffee and chocolate, and nuts from this magnificent cannabis strain. 

Purple Thai
Purple Thai

Reap the rewards with high-yield strains

All it takes is a little effort to produce high yields from your weed plants. If you’re a grower that loves experimenting with different growing techniques to produce the biggest buds, these strains are perfect for you. Nurture your cannabis seeds and lovingly care for them, and you’d never know. You may finish up with more weed than it’s humanly possible to carry. 

Enhance your green thumb and get creative with your marijuana crops. Who knows what magic you’ll produce? We may see your name in the Guinness Book of Records for growing the highest-yielding strains!

About the author: Parker Curtis

Parker Curtis has around a decade of cannabis-growing experience, specialising in soil-less and hydro grows. He’s mastering outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor grows.

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