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Jealousy Strain Information & Review

A hybrid herb of two delectably creamy parents, the Jealousy weed strain is perfectly balanced and packs a potent punch. It leaves tokers feeling chilled out and relaxed for hours.

The strain is a popular choice among medicinal users; it’s reportedly excellent at easing feelings of physical discomfort and mental stress. Recreational users enjoy its euphoric and uplifting sensations.

With its pleasing aromas and sky-high THC levels, Jealousy definitely won’t make you nasty. Keep reading to find out more about this intriguing cannabis cultivar.

Jealousy strain

The genetic makeup of this hybrid strain is bursting with flavor at every toke. This cross of Gelato and Sherbet creates a full-body effect that won’t leave you feeling weighed down.

Below, we’ve gathered some essential Jealousy strain info:

  • Type: Balanced hybrid
  • THC: 26–30%
  • CBD: <1%
  • Top reported effects: Creative, euphoric, relaxed
  • Top reported flavors: Creamy, fruity, citrus
  • Dominant terpene: Caryophyllene
  • Flowering time: 9–10 weeks
  • Difficulty: Beginner-friendly 
  • Yield: 14–16 oz./m2 indoors and 15–19 oz. per outdoor plant
Jealousy Strain information

Jealousy strain effects

Jealousy weed offers euphoric, calming effects that help clear your mind and provide mental clarity. A flood of motivation flows through your system on the first toke. Users report feeling motivated and creative, eager to take on daily tasks.

The relaxing elements leave you feeling laid back without forcing you into a couch lock. 

Medicinally, the strain is said to significantly improve chronic stress, fatigue, depression, and mood swings. Veteran tokers highly recommend this cultivar as a treatment for these ailments.

The herb has low levels of cannabidiol, less than 1%, and boasts impressive THC levels of 26–28%. In optimal growing conditions, they could reach 30%.

Highly recommended as a balm, this strain works directly on the nerves while simultaneously distracting your mind from pain. 

Jealousy strain flavors

The outstanding flavors of the Jealousy marijuana strain are unlike anything else. Overflowing with flavor and tasty aromatics, these nugs will have you licking your lips.

Sweet, creamy flavors thrill your taste buds on inhalation. When exhaled, tokers report a fruity, sour-citrus note accented by fresh vanilla. 

A rich, sweet scent takes over your olfactory senses. The final aroma is an earthy, diesel-laced smell. The strong flavor is a key trait of the strain.

Jealousy strain growing guide

An excellent strain for novice cultivators, Jealousy hybrid seeds are great at adapting to changing environments. The cultivar’s forgiving nature allows for hassle-free growing and quick recovery from minor mishaps.

The strain responds well to all mediums, whether grown directly in the ground, in soil-filled pots, or hydroponically. 

A warm climate and ample ventilation are vital to growing juicy buds that bring in big yields. In optimal conditions, Jealousy strain THC levels can reach 30%.

The flowering time lasts around 9–10 weeks. Since it’s half indica and half sativa, rooting and bud production takes slightly longer than usual.

The expected harvest time is late October for outdoor cultivation. Around five months after planting, indoor growers can prepare for the takedown. 

A sure sign that plants are ready is when they broaden. The small buds are laced with fluffy trichomes and striking orange pistils.

Experienced growers recommend super cropping. This practice allows for short, bushy crops with ample spacing. Plants reach an average height of four feet.

Yield sizes range between 15–16 oz./m2 when grown indoors and around 15–19 oz. per plant for outdoor cultivation.

Veteran growers suggest investing in odor control measures. The pungent aroma expelled from the herb can make discreet flourishing challenging.

To get the best results, refer to our growing guide for tips from the cultivation master. For premium-quality seeds at prices that won’t break the bank, browse our marijuana seed bank.

Jealousy strain genetics

A genius invention, the Jealousy strain genetics boast an impressive makeup. Its parent strain combination makes these weed seeds a favorite among tokers and cultivators alike.

Let’s take a look at their qualities.

  • Gelato: Jealousy inherited the heavy-hitting effects offered by Gelato. This trait allows it to provide tokers with a heavenly, long-lasting high.
  • Sherbet: Jealousy’s flavor-bomb qualities are all thanks to this variant. The creamy sweetness of this herb makes it a must-try for all tokers. 

FAQs about the Jealousy strain

Do you still have some queries about this marijuana cultivar? We’ve answered the most frequently asked questions below to ensure you get all the Jealousy strain info you need.

Is Jealousy indica or sativa?

The variant is known for its perfectly-balanced combination of 50% indica and 50% sativa genetics. This ratio is what makes the strain so popular. The combined effects offer calming relaxation that floods the body and delivers an uplifting cerebral buzz. 

What strain is similar to Jealousy?

Runtz and Jealousy are step-sisters. The parent strains of the former are Zkittlez and Gelato, making its flavors sweeter and fruitier.

Veteran tokers often smoke these two cultivars together or mix them. The combination of effects and tastes is reportedly excellent if you’re seeking a particular sensation.

It’s important to remember that mixing strains increases THC levels, so be sure to know the content before blending them.

Is Jealousy weed good for anxiety?

Thanks to its balanced effects, the Jealousy strain helps with a range of medical ailments. The strain may help to calm users and create focus. For severe anxiety, it’s best to use a cultivar with a slightly lower THC content.

Why is it called Jealousy?

With no real reason for its name, it’s been speculated that tokers who miss out on this weed strain will experience extreme Jealousy.

Is the Jealousy strain mold-resistant?

Jealousy is still relatively new to the cannabis world. With not much information for research regarding growing, it hasn’t yet been determined if the variant is mold-resistant. 

It’s reported to be beginner-friendly and adapts well to most environments. As with all cultivation, it’s essential to moderate humidity and moisture. Excess moisture is a feeding ground for mold.

How big do Jealousy weed plants grow?

The strain grows medium-sized plants, just over four feet, with small spade-shaped buds. Colors range from vibrant green to purple yellow-hues during flowering. Jealousy strain yields are of average size with crystal-loaded trichome buds.

About the author: Parker Curtis

Parker Curtis has around a decade of cannabis-growing experience, specialising in soil-less and hydro grows. He’s mastering outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor grows.

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