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Layer Cake Strain Information & Review

Layer Cake Strain

If you go by its name alone, the Layer Cake strain sounds like a wonderful sweet mix for those with a sweet tooth. Most folks are surprised when they find a robust skunky marijuana plant with a strong smell of cheese and cedarwood

The Layer Cake offers a very compelling trip. You feel energized for a while and forget about anything challenging. The strain is ideal for an active evening working out or a social gathering with friends.

Are you wondering if the Layer Cake strain is indica or sativa? This marijuana plant is a prized indica with an impressive lineage worth studying. Get ready to learn all the secrets of this strain, its effects, and how to grow it at home.

Layer Cake strain 

Before we take a shot with these exotic nugs, let’s have a look at the profile of the Layer Cake strain

  • Type: Indica-dominant hybrid 
  • THC: 25–27.4% 
  • CBD: 1%
  • Top reported effects: Calm, happy, hungry
  • Top reported flavors: Cheese, cedarwood, butter
  • Dominant terpene: Beta myrcene
  • Flowering time: 9–10 weeks 
  • Difficulty: Expert
  • Yield: 7 oz./m² indoors or 11oz. per plant outdoors
Layer Cake Strain Info

Layer Cake strain effects

The effects of the Layer Cake are complex. This marijuana plant is a heavy indica leaning strain, yet its effects don’t feel like it. One toke of Layer Cake sends a quick rush of adrenaline through your body, making your senses sharper than usual. 

The Layer Cake strain THC levels warrant moderation. This marijuana plant hits you with 25–27.4% THC in a matter of moments. It’s enough to make you feel fidgety or even paranoid if you haven’t built up a tolerance. 

Many users report a powerful sense of relief. The Layer Cake is a fantastic choice for individuals dealing with chronic pain, anxiety, muscular tension, and cramps. After the body buzz wears off, hunger sets in—make sure to keep some snacks close by. 

The Layer Cake cannabis strain is an excellent choice if you want to wake and bake or close your day on a high note. You need a good hydration kit nearby to deal with red eyes and a dry mouth.  

Layer Cake strain flavors

The lineage of the Layer Cake strain helps this strain build a strong profile when it comes to sensory experiences. These plants have a potent aroma that’s difficult to place apart from their flavor. 

Just a whiff of this cannabis reveals the strong scent of cheese and cedarwood. The flavor is similar in tone but more powerful and leaves a trace of buttery goodness with mild herbal undertones on your taste buds.   

Layer Cake strain grow information

The Layer Cake marijuana strain is challenging to grow. The good news is that you can cultivate your Layer Cake strain seeds indoors or outdoors without worries. The strain thrives much better indoors, given the amount of care they need. 

Your Layer Cake strain seeds will do well in a Mediterranean climate, but you need to sow them in clean, rich-nutrient soil. They’re prone to mold, mildew, and pest issues, so require daily maintenance and a fixed schedule to get the nutrients and irrigation right.

You have more control over your Layer Cake plants in an indoor garden. Room temperature must be 70–80°F,and relative humidity should stay at 40–50%. Layer Cake seeds grow photoperiod plants, so they need a 16 x 8 hours fixed lighting schedule.

Layer Cake strain plants are pretty bushy, as is the norm with most indicas, but they can grow tall at six feet high. A good crop offers flat, heavy greenish buds covered in solid orange pistils highlighted by a thick layer of trichomes after 9–10 weeks of flowering

If you get everything right, expect to harvest 7 oz./m² of cannabis indoors or 11 oz. per plant outdoors.

Layer Cake straingenetics 

If you’re up for a history lesson in marijuana genetics, it doesn’t get any better than studying the origins of the Layer Cake. This exotic cannabis plant is a mixture of four powerhouse strains on their own merits: Wedding Cake, GMO, Triangle Kush, and Skunk #1.

The Layer Cake strain was created back in 2005 and was a rarity until recently. The seeds have gained a foothold in Colorado in recent times, and now they’re widely available in most dispensaries online. 

Layer Cake Strain Genetics

Layer Cake seeds to buy near you 

Since the Layer Cake strain is always in high demand, getting your hands on some of the seeds can take some time. We don’t have any of this strain in stock right now at Homegrown Cannabis Co. However, we’ve picked three different strains that offer a similar experience:  

  • Layer Cake regular seeds: If you wish to experience the natural flavors of pinewood and musk in your cannabis, try Hindu Kush regular seeds. Remember, you’ll get a 50% male crop, and you need to pay attention to pollination.
  • Layer Cake feminized seeds: The buttery flavor of the Layer Cake is also present in Wedding Cake feminized. With feminized seeds, you don’t have to worry about male flowers at all.
  • Layer Cake autoflower seeds: If you feel like trying something with a strong profile, you can’t go wrong with Skunk#1 autoflower seeds. This cultivar offers a similar experience to the Layer Cake for flavor and smell, but you don’t have to worry about lighting schedules. 

A taste of curated class 

The Layer Cake strain is one of the most complex and coveted marijuana cultivars out there. The strong cheese smell and wacky pinewood flavor take some time to get used to, but it grows on you fast. Cultivating Layer Cake strain seeds requires some gardening experience under your belt. The plant thrives in any setup but is vulnerable. 

Do you have experience with growing the Layer Cake strain? If you do, make sure to be the first to start a Layer Cake Homegrown Diary and log your journey on Homegrown Diaries. Other gardeners will learn from you, and you can trade secrets with them to achieve a successful harvest.

Don’t give up or feel defeated if the first try isn’t successful. Ask fellow growers questions in the Homegrown Forum. There’s a grounded community more than willing to help you out. All you need to do is buy a pack of Layer Cake strain seeds, and get gardening.

About the author: Derek LaRose

Also known as Kronic from The Cannabis Kronicles, Derek LaRose is a young ambitious cultivator and a staple educator for indoor cultivation.

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