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Lemon Drizzle Strain Information & Review

The Lemon Drizzle strain is the perfect dessert for cannabis connoisseurs, particularly those with a penchant for sweet, citrusy aromatic weed strains. If you’re a veteran smoker looking for a new indica strain lush in fresh lemon flavors, you’ll appreciate this one. 

This exciting weed variant is rapidly rising through the cannabis ranks in popularity. We know very little about this new cannabis rookie, but the more info we unearth, the more we love Lemon Drizzle weed. 

Read on to discover the exquisite flavors and effects of this indica-dominant cannabis variant. You’ll also find out its lineage and yields and how to grow it. Most importantly, discover where to buy Lemon Drizzle seeds. 

Lemon Drizzle strain

Before we dive into the stimulating effects of the Lemon Drizzle strain, here’s some basic info on this new weed variant:

  • Type: Indica-dominant hybrid
  • THC: 18%
  • CBD: 0.3%
  • Top reported effects: euphoric, relaxing, hungry
  • Top reported flavors: citrus, pine, woody
  • Flowering time: 6–8 weeks
  • Difficulty: experienced
  • Yields: 4–7 oz. per plant outdoors and 1.2–1.4 oz./sq ft indoors
Lemon Drizzle Strain info

Lemon Drizzle strain effects

Lemon Drizzle weed is ideal for early evening use after a long day at work. The 18% THC content may be too high for newbies, but veteran tokers will enjoy unwrapping the exciting layers of cerebral and physical effects.

A rushing wave of warm euphoria engulfs you and casts aside any negative thoughts after the first few tokes. Happiness bubbles within as you enjoy a mental journey revisiting memories where you made excellent life choices.  

Enhanced colors and sounds compel you to create something unique and beautiful from your preferred artistic medium. It’s not long before the munchies begin to surface, but you can sate the hunger beast by consuming plenty of healthy snacks. 

The physical indica effects from the Lemon Drizzle strain start creeping in, and a soothing relaxation covers you from head to toe. Free from tension, your body succumbs to the chair as you cozy up and watch your favorite tv show from droopy eyelids.

Expect the typical minor inconveniences of dry eyes and cottonmouth when you consume Lemon Drizzle weed. Adverse side effects include severe couchlock, so don’t overindulge in this cannabis if you have to attend something important!

Lemon Drizzle strain flavors

Lemon Drizzle weed has a delicious blend of fragrances and flavors. The pungent and sweet citrus aroma first fills the air when you ignite a bud, thrilling your senses.

Notable tones of fresh pine, flowery herbs, and earth are detectable among the prominent lemon fragrance smacking your lips. Traces of sweet wood linger on the roof of your mouth after exhaling. 

Lemon Drizzle strain grow information

The auto Lemon Drizzle strain is straightforward to grow for seasoned cultivators, although it may not forgive rookie mistakes. These autoflower cannabis seeds take ten weeks to grow from germination to harvest and allow no time for error.

The Lemon Drizzle strain prefers Continental and Mediterranean climates with plenty of warm sunshine. Its sturdy indica frame ensures it can survive tougher weather conditions in higher latitudes in semi-humid environments.

Lemon Drizzle marijuana plants are short and compact, reaching heights of 2–3 ft. They produce thick foliage and dense resin-drenched buds and need plenty of pruning to manage their horizontal stretch. 

The flowering time is 6–8 weeks, and you can gather yields of 4–7 oz. per plant outdoors. While this doesn’t seem so generous, you can harvest all year round with Lemon Drizzle auto seeds to increase output.

Lemon Drizzle strain yields are significantly higher indoors. You can harvest 1.3 oz./sq ft of strong, lemon-scented buds in optimal conditions with the autoflower weed seeds. 

Lemon Drizzle strain genetics

It’s no surprise this indica-dominant hybrid is a child of two award-winning weed variants. Critical Auto and Mazar Auto are the proud parents, passing their robust ruderalis genes and delectable flavor terpenes to the auto Lemon Drizzle strain. 

Lemon Drizzle Strain genetics

Lemon Drizzle strain seeds to buy near you

It’s challenging trying to find the Lemon Drizzle strain in medicinal and recreational dispensaries. If you live in a Green state, you can commute to an establishment to see if you can get your hands on these cannabis seeds. 

You can always bypass the high dispensary prices and inconvenient journey and order your marijuana seeds online. You can purchase Lemon Drizzle auto seeds from HMG and grow your cannabis crops all year round!

Remember to abide by your state’s marijuana laws and keep up to date with the rules and regulations of cannabis cultivation. You can’t germinate Lemon Drizzle weed seeds if it’s illegal in your jurisdiction.

If you love lemon-scented weed strains, you can always check out the following marijuana variants for your mellow yellow fix:

  • Lemon Kush feminized seeds: This indica-dominant strain boasts 21% THC and a strong Hindu kush heritage. Unleash your creative side and embrace a deep-rooted euphoria in a haze of citrus and earthy fragrances.
  • Lemon Crush feminized seeds: With parent strains Skunk #1 and Northern Lights, you can expect great things from this indica-dominant hybrid. Reap the rewards of substantial outdoor yields of  32 oz. per plant outdoors, bursting with lemon scents and 17% THC.
  • Nikki & Swami’s Lemon OG feminized seeds: Relax and happily converse to your heart’s content with these awesome 20% THC weed seeds. Enjoy savoring the fresh lemon and lime flavors of this indica-dominant strain.

Lemon Drizzle strain: A new and exciting zest for life 

The Lemon Drizzle strain is a newcomer and has yet to make a name for itself on the 420 stage, but it will soon. Its splendid flavor profile, hard-hitting cerebral highs, and physical body stones are drawing the attention of cannabis veterans globally. 

This sturdy indica variant adapts to harsher environments and is a joy to cultivate indoors and outdoors. You can harvest buds oozing with citrus fragrances all year round with the Lemon Drizzle auto strain.

If you’re a marijuana cultivator, you can keep track of your growing journey on our Lemon Drizzle Auto Homegrown Diaries. Share your experiences and knowledge of this new weed variant with others!

You can also gain more helpful hints and cultivating tips when you join our Homegrown Forum. No matter your growing expertise, you’re guaranteed to find some new and surprising techniques. Be sure to check out our other Homegrown Diaries for even more inspiration. 

We predict great things for this exciting weed strain in the future. So add more zest into your life and cultivate the Lemon Drizzle strain today! 

About the author: Derek LaRose

Also known as Kronic from The Cannabis Kronicles, Derek LaRose is a young ambitious cultivator and a staple educator for indoor cultivation.

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