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Lodi Dodi Strain Information & Review

Lodi Dodi Strain

The Lodi Dodi strain gives the impression that it’s a very playful and friendly strain based on the name alone. However, it’s a popular sativa-dominant hybrid enjoyed by many, especially in Washington State.

Lodi Dodi has a unique tropical fruit flavor full of sweetness and delight. Along with this comes a surprisingly strong yet pleasant smell that will tickle your brain in no time.

Featuring a high, which can be described as cerebral and creative, Dodi weed will leave you feeling insane in the membrane. 

Lodi Dodi is bred solely by a weed plant nursery based in Cornelius, Oregon, USA. The strain’s genetic heritage is unknown to most people as the creators have made sure it’s a well-kept secret.

Strain description

The Lodi Dodi weed strain is here to help with its clear-headed, uplifting, and creative high. So whether you’re writing, creating art, or just relaxing with some of your favorite music, the world becomes your playground.

The brain high you experience makes anything you do feel more exciting and enjoyable. This has to do with the Lodi Dodi strain THC content, which is relatively high. How high, you ask? Here’s a list of all the information you might want on Lodi Dodi weed.

Lodi Dodi Strain Information
  • Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid 
  • THC: 19% 
  • CBD: 1%
  • Top reported effects: Happy, uplifted, and euphoric 
  • Top reported flavors: Sweet, tropical fruit, and wildflower
  • Dominant terpene: Terpinolene 
  • Flowering time: 10-12 weeks (Indoors)
  • Difficulty: Intermediate 
  • Yield: 12 oz.

With its secretive genetic background, the Lodi Dodi strain is a hybrid cloaked in mystery. We may not know where it comes from, but we sure know where it’ll take you.

Dodi weed is loved for its sweet flavor and energetic, therapeutic high. This, coupled with the wide range of positive effects, will set you up for an enjoyable experience.

Some of these effects include creativity, euphoria, mindfulness, and analytical awareness.

Lodi Dodi for brain and body. The high is perfect for problem-solving, relaxing conversations, listening to music, exercise and even just sitting on the couch.

Grow information

Because no Lodi Dodi seeds have been put up for sale, it’s quite difficult to give exact information. Although, based on the plant’s natural habitat and environmental factors, we can figure out roughly what Lodi weed needs to grow.

If you plan to grow this strain, you will need to acquire some clippings from an adult plant in good condition. Even then, you must be aware that an exact genetic clone might not be possible. 

Lodi Dodi flowers can grow indoors or outdoors. When growing outdoors, just keep in mind that a semi-humid climate with temperatures between 72-80°F during the day is important.

There isn’t much known on how to cultivate the Lodi Dodi cannabis strain. It is a sativa – dominant strain with tropical characteristics means spindly, tall plants. They have to be kept in good condition by trimming and pruning regularly and early on.

After your 10-12 weeks of patiently waiting, you should cure your harvested buds to keep that delicious flavor and uplifting high close by.

Lodi Dodi strain genetics 

This shouldn’t come as a surprise now, but not much is known about the Lodi Dodi weed strain lineage. We don’t even know the Lodi Dodi strain’s parents. All we know is that Lodi Dodi is possibly Hawaiian in origin.

Lodi Dodi Strain Genetics

Lodi Dodi strain seeds to buy near you

If Lodi Dodi is a strain you enjoyed, you should check out our other strains at Homegrown cannabis and purchase some seed packs. Our online store can ship your seeds to you quickly and securely. Here are some seeds you can buy that are similar to Lodi Dodi.

  • Lodi Dodi Strain Autoflower – an amazing seed that will grow in any lighting and temperature. We recommend OG Kush autoflower seeds to get the job done until we can offer you this.
  • Lodi Dodi Strain Feminized – These seeds germinate into potent female plants in no time. Perfect sativa for an uplifting experience. Until we get these seeds, something similar to our beloved Lodi Dodi is Rainbow Zest feminized.
  • Lodi Dodi Regular – Another seed that will grow into a healthy plant with only your love and attention needed, although water and light along with soil are recommended. While you wait for us to get those seeds, we recommend that you try Candy Punch regular.

Lodi this and Dodi that

Overall it’s safe to say that Lodi Dodi is here to stay. With positive reviews all around the board and very few negative effects to speak of, this strain is one to write home about. 

Whether you want to clean the house or write your next masterpiece, Lodi Dodi is the strain for you.

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About the author: Parker Curtis

Parker Curtis has around a decade of cannabis-growing experience, specialising in soil-less and hydro grows. He’s mastering outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor grows.

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