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Mandarin Cookies Strain Information & Review

Mandarin Cookies Strain

Do you enjoy Girl Scout Cookies but find it too couch-locking for daytime use? You’ll love the Mandarin Cookies strain.

This member of the Cookies family boasts uplifting effects, high THC levels, and a mouth-watering aroma. It’s perfect for stressed-out tokers, creatives, and anybody else craving some sweetness. Cultivators love its robust structure, undemanding nature, and resin-rich buds.

Join us for a deep dive into the Mandarin Cookies strain info. We discuss its flavors, effects, genes, and growth traits.

Mandarin Cookies strain (aka Mandarin Mints)

What strain is Mandarin Cookies? Before zeroing in on its traits, here’s an overview of the basics:

  • Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid
  • THC: 19–26%
  • CBD: 1%
  • Top reported effects: Happy, uplifted, relaxed
  • Top reported flavors: Citrus, pine, pepper
  • Dominant terpene: Limonene
  • Flowering time: 8–10 weeks
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Yield: 16 oz./m2 indoors and 18 oz./plant outdoors
Mandarin Cookies Strain information

Mandarin Cookies strain effects

The Mandarin Cookies strain effects are predominantly cerebral and 100% feel-good. This pot leaves you carefree, giggly, and blissful. It brings comfort to the body without locking it to the couch.

The first few hours are high energy. There’s a rush of euphoric sensations, and negative thoughts and emotions seem far away. Colors and sounds amplify, but not to the point of trippiness.

This boost suits social situations and artistic endeavors. It gets the creative juices flowing and helps you surpass inspiration blocks. If you’re out and about, several puffs will turn you into the life of the party.

A warm and tingling sensation appears as time passes, bringing a pleasant body high. Tokers pair the tension-free physical experience with movie nights, hot baths, slow-paced stretching, or low-effort tasks.

Mandarin Cookies strain THC level is high, so start low and slow to bypass side effects like dizziness and drowsiness. Keep yourself hydrated and use eye drops to manage red eyes and cottonmouth.

Mandarin Cookies strain flavors

Limonene, linalool, and caryophyllene are the dominant Mandarin Cookies strain terpenes. As a result, this marijuana has a fresh, sweet, and spicy aroma.

Cured buds smell like wet earth and oranges, and combustion intensifies the fragrance. Scents of pine, lemon, and herbs greet your nostrils. Connoisseurs may detect floral, nutty, and diesel notes in the bouquet.

The Mandarin Cookies tastes as good as it smells, delivering lemon, pine, spice, herbs, and sugar to the palate. The nutty aftertaste resembles an almond cookie.

Mandarin Cookies strain growing tips

The flavors and effects make this weed a favorite among tokers. Let’s look at the Mandarin Cookies strain grow info to see why cultivators love it.

Plants are moderately tall and strong-limbed, with dense foliage. The buds are bright green, oblong, and dotted with yellow pistils. As your garden ripens, shimmering trichomes cover the structure.

This cultivar thrives in warm, sunny, and moderately humid conditions. It can grow indoors or out, and it prefers organic soil.

Maintain a 75–85°F temperature range with 45–60% relative humidity in vegging and 70–80°F with 40% in flowering. Use powerful lamps throughout to increase the Mandarin Cookies strain yield. Advanced cultivators may also employ the Sea of Green training technique.

Sow in a sunny, breezy spot if growing outdoors. Prune regularly to minimize the mold risk and maximize the bud sites’ light exposure. Introduce companion plants to your garden to keep the pests and predators at bay.

The strain is a moderate feeder, so be mindful of excessive fertilization. Water only when the soil feels dry to avoid choking the roots.

The Mandarin Cookies strain flowering time is 8–10 weeks indoors, and you collect 16 ounces of weed per square meter. Outdoor gardens are harvest-ready in mid-October, each plant with 18 ounces of buds.

Mandarin Cookies strain genetics

Is the Mandarin Cookies strain indica or sativa, and what are its parents? There are two versions of this cultivar’s family tree.

Some sources define it as Thin Mints GSC x Tangerine Power; others call it Mandarin Sunset x Forum Cut Cookies. In either case, Girl Scout Cookies play a significant role in its genetics.

The Mandarin Cookies weed strain is sativa-dominant, and its bouquet and effects resemble GSC. The other parent made it refreshing, putting a sativa spin on the classic.

Mandarin Cookies seeds to buy near you

The Mandarin Cookies strain is rare and not always available in our store. Luckily, we stock numerous equally sweet alternatives that are easier to come by.

Here’s a hybrid marijuana seed suggestion for each cultivator preference:

  • Cinderella 99 feminized is the go-to for most growers. It produces sweet-smelling, moderately potent buds with happy effects.
  • Zkittlez autoflower is perfect for time-sensitive and cold-weather grow ops. This cultivar is a potent relaxer that lets you taste the rainbow.
  • Rainbow Glue regular is ideal for aspiring breeders. It yields male and female plants with potent buds, letting you create new honey-sweet, happy strains.

You can also try Mandarin Cookies marijuana strain’s famous parent, Girl Scout Cookies. We stock its feminized and autoflowering variants.

Want to start an ambitious cultivation project and never run out? Visit our wholesale page for budget-friendly bulk purchases and set yourself up for numerous growing seasons.


Is the Mandarin Cookies strain sativa or indica? Can you use it to relieve stress? Find the answers to these questions and more below.

Is the Mandarin Cookies Strain indica or sativa?

The Mandarin Cookies cannabis strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid. According to most sources, it has 70% sativa and 30% indica genetics.

What strain is similar to Mandarin Cookies?

If you like Mandarin Cookies, check Mango Smoothie, Candyland Peyote, and Cinderella 99. Folks who enjoy balanced weed may look into the best hybrid strains. Search for cultivars with limonene and linalool-dominant terpene profiles if you like sugary, floral, and citrus aromas.

Is the Mandarin Cookies strain good for anxiety?

According to Mandarin Cookies strain reviews, it’s an excellent cultivar against anxiety. Its effect profile is simultaneously uplifting and soothing, alleviating physical and mental stress symptoms.

Why is it called Mandarin Cookies?

Girl Scout Cookies is a superstar that started an entire family of delicious Cookies cultivars. This particular specimen tastes of juicy tropical fruit: its name reflects its origins and main aromatic notes.

Is the Mandarin Cookies weed strain mold-resistant?

The Mandarin Cookies is relatively mold-resistant, especially if you prune regularly. It’s better to keep the humidity levels low, though, as its lush foliage could trap moisture.

How big does it grow?

Growing the Mandarin Cookies requires some space. These plants are moderately tall and very bushy, courtesy of their mixed heritage. They’re around five feet in height and have long lateral branches, resembling a Christmas tree if left untrained.

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