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Master Kush Strain Information & Review

master kush strain

If you’re looking for a marijuana strain that’ll give you a full-body relaxing high and that’s easy to grow, this is the plant for you. Get ready to experience asmooth vintage flavor as bursts of earthly and citrus smells, with a hint of incense, tingle your senses. Our strain review will provide you with everything you need to know.

Even though it has been around since the ‘90s, the Master Og Kush Strain has won numerous awards throughout the years. It won the prestigious Cannabis Cup twice, first prize for being the ultimate Kush in 2017’s Highlife Cup, and it’s constantly ranked in the global top 10 best strains.

Master Kush Strain (aka High Rise)

Master Kush has been around for quite a while, and it’s a favorite with veterans and beginners alike.

We’ll have a quick look at the basic info before we start talking about the marvelous effects and the joys of growing it.

Master Kush Strain Info  THC, CBD lvl, effects, flowering, yeld
Master Kush Strain info


The Master Kush strain enjoys fame and is reportedly one of Snoop Dogg’s top choices. It’s an award-winner and took first prize in the hydro segment of the Cannabis Cup in 1994. 


The buds are eye-catching and conical, with various shades of green and hints of orange. They exude sweet scents of citrus, pine, and wood. Most of these translate into the flavor.

On the inhale, you taste citrus, skunk, and spice with earthy undertones. As the smoke makes its way to your lungs, the flavor changes. Pine notes come to the fore, with distinct hints of wood. As you exhale, you detect pepper, skunk, and wet earth.

Master Kush Strain Feminized Bud

Master Kush Feminized Bud


The effects of the Master Kush strain are incredible. It’s potent and induces powerful sensations even for veteran tokers. Initially, you experience a cerebral rush of uplifting euphoria. You feel blissful with mental clarity as all traces of negativity vanish from your mind. Tokers with lower tolerance levels may experience trippier sensations, but this effect varies according to the individual. The cultivar pairs well with tasks that require little energy. Activities like fishing, reading, knitting, or hanging out with friends are ideal. Once the joyful buzz fades, relaxing sensations set in. Your body starts unwinding and your limbs soften. Tension melts away as the sedative effects take over. It’s a good time to load up on snacks, as a case of the munchies typically follows. Some tokers experience couch-lock, so find a cozy spot to spend the evening.

The Master Kush strain is also popular among medicinal users who report that it helps with anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress, and pain

Novice tokers should take it easy with this cultivar, as there may be some discomfort if you overindulge. Some common side effects include dry eyes, cottonmouth, and dizziness.

In rare cases, some individuals may experience paranoia. Overcome these symptoms by staying hydrated and toking in moderation.

Grow Information

Cultivating the Master Kush strain is a challenge that’s well worth it. The task is best suited to intermediate-level growers who have some experience with hybrids. It requires nurturing and consistency to flourish.

The crops have a natural resistance against pathogens like mold and are resilient against harsh weather. The strain is suitable for indoor or outdoor cultivation and delivers bountiful yields.

Growth stages

Marijuana crops go through four stages of growth. During the germination phase, your seeds require a warm environment with high humidity levels.

There are various options for getting them to sprout. Some techniques take a day or two, while others need two weeks to be effective. One of the most efficient options is the paper towel germination method

Once the roots appear, your Master Kush strain seedlings are ready for transfer to a permanent grow medium. If you opt for soil, ensure that it’s of premium quality and contains the necessary nutrients.

The plant stays in this growth phase for approximately 2–3 weeks before entering the vegetative stage.

At this point, crops grow rapidly and indoor cultivators can decide how long they want to wait before allowing the plants to transition to the last part of maturity. The duration can be anywhere from 3–16 weeks.

Once the crops receive a 12/12 light and dark cycle, they flip to the flowering phase.

Flowering time

The final stage of a cannabis plant’s life cycle is crucial to harvesting healthy buds. When you grow Master Kush strain crops, the flowering time is around 8–10 weeks

If you cultivate these plants outside, expect to have your nugs ready by mid to late September. The typical yield for indoor crops is 7–14 oz./m² indoors and 18 oz./plant outdoors.

Growing tips

The ideal environment for these plants consists of warm conditions with humidity levels averaging around 45%. The ideal temperature range is 70–80°F. 

Supply adequate light indoors and give the plants a trim when they get too bushy. Pruning helps expose the lower foliage to more light and also improves airflow around the crops. As a result, the risk of mold and mildew lowers.


There’s an air of secrecy surrounding the Master Kush strain, and the genetics are a bit unclear. The plant is almost purely Indica dominated, although other cannabis seed varieties belonging to this group combine both Indica and Sativa.

Hybrid versions, including the White Master Kush and the Grand Master Kush, have a 50/50 balance, and the Purple Master Kush Strain with a level of 70/30.

The plants grew wild and free in the Hindu Kush mountain range, home to many more Indicas. The strain got developed in Amsterdam during the early ‘90s, and it first carried the name ‘High Rise.’

It’s tricky to determine the exact combination, as Master Kush strain information on specific genetics is hard to find. We do know it contains the following:

Master Kush Genetics
Master Kush Genetics

Master Kush Seeds to Buy Near You

If you like the sound of this strain, you know exactly what to do. Our Homegrown Store has everything you need; you can even purchaseMaster Kush Feminized if you want to enjoy extra yields.

Those of you looking to experience parentage, check these out:

Hindu Kush Regular – A pure Indica hailing from the rugged mountain range from which it was named after, Hindu Kush is local to the region between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Hindu Kush Feminized – With high THC levels, has the potential to deliver a crippling full-body knock out in large doses.

Why not head over and take a look? You’ll unearth more surprising and exciting facts about this superior plant in numerous Og Master Kush strain reviews. Treat yourself and embrace your wellness today with this vintage classic.

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The Master Kush strain has received so much recognition from cannabis enthusiasts, both veteran growers and beginners. Discover why this relaxing Indica beauty enjoys immense popularity to this day. Our Homegrown Forum will keep you up-to-date with all the latest news, and tips to ensure a healthy growth cultivation for your cannabis plants. 

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