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master kush strain
Author avatar By Derek LaRose
June 14, 2021

If you’re looking for a marijuana strain that’ll give you a full-body relaxing high and that’s easy to grow, this is the plant for you. Get ready to experience a smooth vintage flavor as bursts of earthly and citrus smells, with a hint of incense, tingle your senses. Our Master Kush strain review will provide you with everything you need to know.

Even though it has been around since the ‘90s, the Master Og Kush Strain has won numerous awards throughout the years. It won the prestigious Cannabis Cup twice, first prize for being the ultimate Kush in 2017’s Highlife Cup, and it’s constantly ranked in the global top 10 best kush strains.

Master Kush Strain (aka High Rise)

Master Kush has been around for quite a while, and it’s a favorite with veterans and beginners alike.

We’ll have a quick look at the basic Master Kush strain info before we start talking about the marvelous effects and the joys of growing it.

Master Kush Strain Information

Master Kush Strain Description

Originally called High Rise, the name got changed due to its origins in the Hindu Kush mountains. The plant produces luscious, colorful, and heavy buds that burst with THC and CBD just before harvest.

The Master Kush strain is perfect for relaxing after a hard day’s work. If you find that you carry your job stress home, the Indica effect of this cannabis is exactly what you need. You can expect happiness, feel your body unwind, and let your troubles melt blissfully away in a sleepy sea of relaxation.

We found during our Master Kush review that the strain has medicinal benefits for chronic pain relief from the likes of migraines, muscle pain, and sciatica. It can even help with nausea and reduce anxiety. The Socal Master Kush strain aids people who suffer from epilepsy and inflammation. 

What makes this plant unique is that you’ll also experience mental clarity and spurts of creativity, ideal for artists looking for inspiration. It can also bring on a severe case of munchies, so make sure you have your favorite snacks within reach. 

Master Kush Strain Feminized Bud
Master Kush Feminized Bud

Master Kush Strain Grow Information

Cannabis lovers will be delighted to hear that this marijuana plant is straightforward to grow indoors and outdoors. The plant can reach three feet at its peak, and it’s ideal for cultivators that want to conceal their outdoor crop. The Master Kush strain also thrives well in an indoor SOG setup, so you can enjoy even higher yields with multiple plants.

Eager cultivators can look forward to speedy growth times, as this fantastic Kush Master strain has a flowering time of just 6 to 8 weeks. Here are a few simple techniques you can use to help boost your plants:

  • Hydroponics: The Master Kush marijuana strain thrives in well-moisturized areas. We recommend a hydroponic set up to help you maintain adequate dampness levels.
  • Heat: The marijuana plants initially grew in a hot climate, so it’s no surprise that they love the heat. An indoors SOG is the ideal location for the Master Kush strain; it will perform best in a sunny, warm spot outdoors in your garden. 
  • Nutrients: The plants will require a lot of feeding, so you need to ensure that you provide them with sufficient nutes. You can use a high-nutrient fertilizer to sustain your crops’ high energy levels.
  • Trimming: The Master Kush strain’s leafy compact stems make it simple for you to prune, control your growth, and increase your yields. You can trim the blades to direct more energy to the top colas for a more plentiful harvest.

The plant is also highly robust and resilient to pests and diseases, living up to its title as a master strain. But it would help if you stay vigilant, as all good masters need support now and then.  

Master Kush Strain Genetics

There’s an air of secrecy surrounding the Master Kush strain, and the genetics are a bit unclear. The plant is almost purely Indica dominated, although other cannabis seed varieties belonging to this group combine both Indica and Sativa.

Hybrid versions, including the White Master Kush and the Grand Master Kush, have a 50/50 balance, and the Purple Master Kush Strain with a level of 70/30.

The plants grew wild and free in the Hindu Kush mountain range, home to many more Indicas. The strain got developed in Amsterdam during the early ‘90s, and it first carried the name ‘High Rise.’

It’s tricky to determine the exact combination, as Master Kush strain information on specific genetics is hard to find. We do know it contains the following:

Master Kush Genetics

Master Kush Seeds to Buy Near You

If you like the sound of this strain, you know exactly what to do. Our Homegrown Store has everything you need; you can even purchase Master Kush Feminized if you want to enjoy extra yields.

Those of you looking to experience Master Kush parentage, check these out:

Hindu Kush Regular – A pure Indica hailing from the rugged mountain range from which it was named after, Hindu Kush is local to the region between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Hindu Kush Feminized – With high THC levels, Hindu Kush has the potential to deliver a crippling full-body knock out in large doses.

Why not head over and take a look? You’ll unearth more surprising and exciting facts about this superior plant in numerous Og Master Kush strain reviews. Treat yourself and embrace your wellness today with this vintage classic.

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The Master Kush strain has received so much recognition from cannabis enthusiasts, both veteran growers and beginners. Discover why this relaxing Indica beauty enjoys immense popularity to this day. Our Homegrown Forum will keep you up-to-date with all the latest news, and tips to ensure a healthy growth cultivation for your cannabis plants. 

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