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moby dick strain genetics

Moby Dick Strain Infomation & Review

September 29, 2022

Looking for weed with a super high THC content, offering medicinal benefits, and providing growers with a mega yield? The Moby Dick strain ticks all the boxes.

Let’s explore the herb to discover why it’s a favorite of marijuana enthusiasts, medical patients, and cultivators. You’ll also learn how to grow and harvest massive buds for your private stash. 

Moby Dick strain

Who created the Moby Dick strain? Dinafem Seeds bred the cultivar by crossing White Widow, a potent indica hybrid, and a pure sativa, Haze.

The result? One of the strongest sativas available today. 

The strain is a popular choice of seasoned cannabis tokers because of its high 27% THC content. Medical patients favor the Moby Dick weed strain because of its medicinal properties.

Growers love the strain because it offers a high yield after a short flowering period

Here’s the Moby Dick cannabis strain profile, which we’ll discuss in more detail:

  • Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid
  • THC: 24–27% (Autoflower 15%)
  • CBD: 1%
  • Top reported effects: Calming, creative, uplifting
  • Top reported flavors: Citrus, woody, sweet
  • Dominant terpene: Myrcene
  • Flowering time: 9–10 weeks (Autoflower 10–12 weeks)
  • Difficulty: Non-beginner
  • Yield: Regular and feminized: Indoor 23–28 oz./m2 Outdoor 53 oz./plant

Autoflower: Indoor 1–6 oz./m2 Outdoor 2–7 oz./plant

Let’s review the Moby Dick strain info.

moby dick strain infomation

Moby Dick strain effects

If you’re looking for a daytime cannabis strain, Moby Dick is perfect. It gives you an energy boost that gets you going in the morning and lingers as you get through your day.

You’ll focus better, and your creative juices will flow, helping you with problem-solving tasks and artistic endeavors. 

Tokers love the Moby Dick marijuana strain for its ability to uplift you while keeping you calm. You’ll feel your stress, anxiety, and depression melt away.

Medical marijuana patients also report relief from chronic pain and fatigue. Cancer patients with a lack of appetite can benefit from the food craving the strain stimulates.

As the Moby Dick weed strain is highly potent, don’t over-consume, or you may experience dry eyes and cottonmouth. Stay hydrated and have eye drops close by. More adverse effects include paranoia, dizziness, and increased anxiety.

Disclaimer: The information provided should not be treated as medical advice. Be sure to consult a physician before consuming marijuana for health reasons.

Moby Dick strain flavors

To most users, the Moby Dick marijuana strain tastes citrusy and sweet, much like its scent. You may experience a woody pine and Haze aftertaste that’ll leave you wanting more. 

Weed connoisseurs are more vivid, describing the flavor as intensely sour on the inhale, which leads to a lingering sweet and piney taste in your mouth.

Moby Dick strain grow information 

Generally, growing this cannabis is challenging for beginners, but this Moby Dick grow info will help you cultivate marijuana plants that produce massive sweet-tasting buds.

Moby Dick thrives in warm, sunny Mediterranean climates. Keep the plants away from strong or cold winds to avoid damaging their fragile branches. 

The cultivar takes up a lot of space because the plant can reach insane heights of more than 11 feet and produce huge buds.

As the Moby Dick colas hold mammoth nugs, the plant’s delicate branches will need help supporting their weight. Prune and trim the tall plant to ensure the lower limbs get enough light and air circulation.

These tasks require skill and experience, which is why Moby Dick is not recommended for newbies.

When growing the Moby Dick cannabis strain indoors, ensure that the temperature is between 70–80°F. Use a smaller pot and shorten its vegetative period to limit its size.

With optimal conditions, its flowering time is about 9–10 weeks. You can expect a bumper Moby Dick strain yield of 23 oz./m2. Autoflower seeds will give you 1–6 oz./m2.

For outdoor cultivation, give your plants ample sunlight and space to expand vertically and horizontally. 

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, harvest your crop before the cold weather sets in at the end of October. Your Moby Dick marijuana strain can produce up to 53 oz./plant

With autoflower seeds, you get a lower harvest of 2–7 oz./plant.

Moby Dick strain genetics 

The genetics of the Moby Dick cannabis strain is impressive. Its parents are the potent indica-dominant hybrid, White Widow, and Haze, a pure sativa with an uplifting effect.

While the mix ratio varies, the Moby Dick is typically 75% sativa and 25% indica.

moby dick strain genetics

Moby Dick strain seeds to buy near you 

Look no further if you want the Moby Dick for your crop. Here, at Homegrown Cannabis Co, we have all three seed variants:

Moby Dick feminized - growers favor these seeds because you only get the female plants that produce the tasty bud. There’s no need to weed out any males.

Moby Dick autoflower - you get buds as soon as your crop matures with no effort on your part to adjust the light cycle. 

Moby Dick regular - these robust plants grow quickly and produce bountiful yields. They’re perfect for breeding with a mix of male and female seeds.

Moby Dick strain reviews 

Here are some Moby Dick strain reviews from our satisfied customers:

Barbara W. - Moby Dick Feminized

“Very fast delivery! Thank you. I have successfully germinated 4 seeds. 2 plants are in the 4th week of flowering and 2 vegetating plants are almost ready for the flowering room. Very big healthy plants. No problems.”

Tyler C. - Moby Dick Feminized

“100% germination in 3 days and vigorous sativa growth”

Brent S. - Moby Dick Feminized

“These have been awesome so far! Have 2 of these and 2 Blueberry OG Kush from Homegrown and my tent is full!”

Roy G. - Moby Dick Feminized

“Satisfied with this product and will always use”

Mark N. - Moby Dick Authoflower

“Nice buds plants turned out nice. Happy camper.”

Have a whale of a time with Moby Dick

Now that you know the euphoric and invigorating effects of the Moby Dick strain and its therapeutic properties, what else can you ask of a sativa?

Cultivate any of the seeds, and the size of its yield will fill up your stash and keep you happy for a long time.

To record your cultivation adventure, join our Homegrown Diaries, where growers share their cultivation progress. Better still, start your own Moby Dick Homegrown Diary.

Meanwhile, sign in to our Homegrown Forum and post your stories and pics for others to enjoy.

About the author: Derek LaRose

Also known as Kronic from The Cannabis Kronicles, Derek LaRose is a young ambitious cultivator and a staple educator for indoor cultivation.

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