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The Top 10 Most Relaxing Indica Strains

most relaxing indica strains

Treat your body and mind to a full-blown tranquil experience and discover the top ten most relaxing indica strains of 2022. Learn all about these exciting cultivars and why they’re so popular among folk wanting to sit back, put their feet up, and chill out.

Indica fans already know the benefits of these mellow variants. You’re sure to discover which weed strain relaxes you, suits your needs, and can adapt to your cultivating technique. You’ll also find the best place to buy these incredible indica seeds. 

Everything you need to know about chilled-out indica cultivars is here. Let’s start by learning what the best weed for relaxing has in common.

Indoor Cannabis plant growing marijuana in a grow box under the

What does the best weed for relaxing have in common?

The best weed for relaxingcomes from indica buds. Sativa-dominant cannabis has more energizing cerebral effects, whereas indica-dominant marijuana promotes physical relaxation and mental calmness. 

Myrcene is strongly presentin most relaxing indica strains. Reports claim this terpene holds many health benefits, including decreasing anxiety and stress. It may also provide relief from painful physical ailments, allowing the muscles in your body to loosen and relax.

The best strains for relaxation are ideal for late afternoon or early evening consumption. The powerful body effects compel you to indulge in some well-deserved laziness and get snug on your coziest chair.

Indica seeds areusually easier to grow, thanks to the plants’ short to medium-sized frames and robust branches. They also have a faster flowering time than sativa cannabis crops, allowing you speedier harvests of relaxing weed.

Indica cannabis plant
Indica cannabis plant

The top 10 most relaxing indica strains for 2022

If you’re wondering what weed strain makes you chill, we share some of the best indica strains available to buy. Not only will you discover feminized cultivars, but you’ll also see autoflower, regular, and CBD variants featured in the list.

There are many renowned relaxing strains to choose from, but it’s impossible to list them all. Without further ado, here are ten excellent indica variants guaranteed to help you mellow out at the end of a hard day’s work.

Northern Lights autoflower

Experience the uplifting light of the Aurora Borealis all year round with Northern Lights autoflower seeds. This indica classic is the perfect relaxation tonic for your body, mind, and soul.

This autoflower cultivar is a cross between its award-winning feminized counterpart and a ruderalis strain. It’s easy to grow, produces decent yields of 16–19 oz./m² indoors, and emits sweet pine forest fragrances with delicious spicy tones.

Northern Lights autoflower marijuana contains 12–18% THC with a CBD content of <1%. Cannabinoid terpenes myrcene and linalool are strongly present in this relaxing weed, providing calming and soothing effects for your mental and physical enjoyment.

Northern Lights Autoflower
Northern Lights Autoflower

Blueberry regular

Described by indica lovers as one of the most relaxing weed strains available, Blueberry is a well-established cultivar with signature fruity fragrances. This multi-award-winning berry cannabis has a strong lineage of Afghani and Thai landrace strains.

Blueberry is renowned for its sedating and relaxing effects, and medicinal marijuana users frequently purchase this weed to help them sleep. It contains 15–20% THC, first uplifting your mood in a euphoric burst, then transitioning into a deep, sedating body stone.

Not only do Blueberry regular seeds’ buds taste and smell delicious, but the cannabis plants are also easy to grow and suitable for beginners. Myrcene, pinene, and beta-caryophyllene terpenes help enhance the relaxing experience of this High Times Cannabis Cup Best Indica strain.

blueberry regular
Blueberry regular

Do Si Dos feminized

The marriage of Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG created one of the strongest and most relaxing indica strains. The cannabis from Do Si Dos feminized seeds is incredibly potent, and its THC levels can soar to 30%.

Clear your to-do list before you savor this cotton-candied and earthy-scented marijuana. One toke goes a long way and can leave you happily fused to your couch for hours with a wide grin.

This relaxing weed could relieve your muscles of pain and tension and lift burdening stress off your shoulders. These gorgeous marijuana plants grow well indoors and out and are suitable for rookie gardeners. 

Do-si-dos Feminized
Do-si-dos Feminized

Cream autoflower

Surround yourself in a smooth, creamy cloud bursting with citrus and orange blossom fragrances with Cream autoflower cannabis. Grow one of the most relaxing indica strains all year round with these popular autoflower seeds.

The weed from Cream autoflower seeds contains 12–16% THC and is an ideal nighttime treat to help you unwind and relax. It’s also one of the best strains for mental relaxation because it enhances focus and may wash away anxiety.

This cannabis boasts a decent terpene profile, including myrcene, pinene, and linalool, to help ease you into a peaceful deep sleep. The marijuana crops are ideal for indoor cultivation, with yields of 10–14 oz./m² available every harvest time.  

Cream autoflower
Cream autoflower

OG Kush feminized

The famous OG Kush feminized seeds are a top-shelf choice in medicinal dispensaries and a favorite among celebrities in the music industry. This power-house feminized variant contains 19–26% THC, making it one of the most potent indica-dominant cultivars available worldwide.

Ranked high among the best strains for relaxation, OG Kush washes away stress and tension, leaving your body wrapped in a positive blanket. The buds’ zesty lemon and spicy wood aromas and flavors thrill the senses and enhance the experience.

There’s no doubt OG Kush was born to walk the red carpet, thanks to parent strains Fire OG and The White. With a little TLC, enjoy harvesting up to 16 oz. per plant outdoors from these desirable feminized plants. 

OG Kush feminized
OG Kush feminized

Girl Scout Cookies feminized

Answering the doorbell to the indica-dominant Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) is a unique, uplifting experience. GSC feminized is another one of the best strains for mental relaxation because it provides users with hearty fits of giggles.

This tasty variant is renowned for its seductive, sweet vanilla cake flavors and 16–21% THC content. It’s also a multi-award-winning High Times Cannabis Cup cultivar, providing marijuana enthusiasts with relaxing body stones after a hard day’s work.  

Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds’ cannabis boasts a rich terpene profile, including linalool, beta-caryophyllene, and humulene. These marijuana plants are easy to grow indoors and out, providing copious yields of delicious caramel and citrus-scented resin-drenched buds.

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized
Girl Scout Cookies feminized

Skunk #1 feminized

Look no further than Skunk #1 if you want a quick energy boost to finish your chores before a calming wave engulfs your body. Mellow out with one of the most relaxing weed strains available, and indulge in its creative and happy effects.

This indica-dominant variant boasts a lineage of Colombian Gold, Acapulco Gold, and an Afghani landrace strain. Its buds tickle the senses with a concoction of sweet citrus, earthy, and skunky aromas and flavors.  

The marijuana from Skunk 1# feminized seeds contains 18–22% THC and <1% CBD, making it an ideal choice for experienced tokers partial to skunky cultivars. The dominant-terpene myrcene contributes to the relaxing properties of this cannabis and may help relieve stress and improve sleep.

Skunk buds
Skunk #1 feminized

Grandaddy Purple regular

Grandaddy Purple is one of the most relaxing indica strains, guaranteed to give your body and mind the time-out they deserve. Appreciate the wisdom of your elders as this weed could help your physical being shed off stress while bringing peace to your soul.

This calm and soothing cultivar is a child born to parents Purple Urkle and the indica-dominant Big Bud. Let the 22–24% THC content aid you into a tranquil evening followed by a deep, relaxing sleep. 

The buds from Grandaddy Purple regular seeds emit delicious scents of wood, red berries, and grapes. These marijuana plants can easily grow indoors and out and develop stunning magenta-hued flowers in cooler, nighttime temperatures.

Grandaddy Purple regular
Grandaddy Purple regular

Master Kush feminized

If you’re wondering which weed is the most relaxing, Master Kush demands your allegiance with its knock-out 20–24% THC content. These feminized plants develop exotic-scented buds during their speedy 6–8 weeks flowering time. 

This indica-dominant variant bagged 1st prize in 2017’s High Times Cannabis Cup Kush category. Master Kush feminized seeds also boast a strong lineage of Hindi Kush landrace strains and a terpene profile containing pinene, beta-caryophyllene, and camphene.

The initial euphoric effects gradually succumb to a heavy, physical body stone, relaxing your body from head to toe. Obey your master and consume this amazing weed in the late evening while relishing its peppery and spicy flavors.

Master Kush
Master Kush feminized

CBD White Widow feminized

Are you searching for one of the most relaxing indica strains available but don’t wish to become overwhelmed by high THC content? Try CBD White Widow feminized seedsall the soothing benefits of its feminized counterpart, but without intense psychoactive effects.

The CBD and THC content of 5.5% equates to a perfect 1:1 ratio, allowing you to enjoy a mild, relaxing buzz. This lemon-citrus and fruity weed lets you enjoy your day stress-free without leaving you glued to the couch. 

CBD White Widow keeps on giving with colossal yields of 53 oz. per plant outdoors. Enjoy relaxing with a Cannabis Cup winner fused with a high CBD strain to enhance your wellbeing today.

CBD White Widow
CBD White Widow feminized

Where to buy the best relaxing weed strains

Now you know what the most relaxing indica strains are, you probably want to go shopping and choose your ideal variant. First, you need to find out where to buy them.

If you live in a state where marijuana is legal to consume, check your local recreational and medicinal dispensaries. Relaxing variants are in high demand so prepare to pay top-shelf prices for some famous indica cultivars.

Ordering your relaxing weed strains online helps you bypass high dispensary prices and cut down commuting costs. Save yourself the hustle and bustle and buy your favorite indica seeds online from a reputable company.     

At Homegrown Cannabis Co, we’re a prime example of a website that sells some of the strongest indica strains in the US. We offer fast shipping on high-quality indica seeds and feature expert advice from legends like Kyle Kushman and Steve De Angelo.

Decide which weed is the most relaxing to you, and let your body and mind unwind in a sea of tranquility. Order your favorite indica strain today!

Storing cannabis buds

Indica: a relaxing tonic for your body and mind

A relaxing cannabis variant can help you recuperate after a stressful day if the hustle and bustle wears down your body and mind. Even better—these marijuana plants are usually beginner-friendly, allowing you to harvest bumper yields of indica-rich buds. 

Not only do cannabis tokers enjoy these relaxing strains to experience their recreational effects, but medicinal users can potentially benefit from them too. Indica plants may provide many advantages to folks with physical conditions like multiple sclerosis and arthritis.

The best weed for relaxing also calms down troubled minds and slows racing thoughts. Their uplifting and euphoric effects could help shift anxiety and stress, allowing you to bathe in peaceful, happy thoughts.

The most relaxing indica strains contain many terpenes that promote relaxing and calming properties. They’re a perfect tonic for your soul, lulling you to sleep with their tranquil and soothing effects. 

Check out Homegrown Cannabis Co. today, andbrowse our exciting catalog of new and classic indica strains. Who knows? You could be a few clicks away from finding your perfect relaxing weed.

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