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Pineapple Express Strain Information & Review

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last decade, you’ve probably heard of the Pineapple Express strain. Popularized by the 2008 film Pineapple Express starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, this ganja has left its mark on the world. Contrary to what you may believe, the Netherlands was enjoying it for over 20 years before the movie was released.

Consumers experience a potent high that highly compliments creativity and productivity. The sativa dominant genes induce an energetic feeling that’s long-lasting and perfect for wake-and-bake sessions. Considered by many to be the best marijuana strain, pineapple express easily lives up to the title.

Pineapple Express strain

You’re probably wondering, “what strain is pineapple express?” In short, this baby is a hard-hitting Dutch creation of epic proportions. With a combination of indica and sativa strains, growers experience the benefits of both variants, and so do consumers.

When cultivated, the cannabis plants create lime-green, yellowish, fluffy buds. The resulting smell of pine, mango, and pineapple is thanks to the high limonene terpenes. Here’s all the Pineapple Express strain info we’ve gathered:

  • Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid
  • THC: 15–25%
  • CBD: 1%
  • Top reported effects: Creativity, uplifting, energetic
  • Top reported flavors: Pineapple, mango, pine
  • Flowering time: 55–65 Days
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Yield: 3 - 6 oz / sq ft
  • Dominant Terpene: Limonene
Pineapple Express Strain Info

Pineapple Express strain description

As the name suggests, it has a subtle pineapple flavor backed by a fruity mango taste. The Pineapple Express strain THC content exceeds expectations at an incredible 25%. Whether you’re a veteran or a casual smoker, you immediately board the express train to stoned-town.

The beauty of the Pineapple Express is the energizing, uplifting high. After a few puffs, you’ll be ready to go spelunking or surfing. With roughly 40% being indica, the relaxing effects compliment the head high beautifully.

You won’t feel the need to lounge around and contemplate your existence. Rather, users often feel the urge to express themselves creatively or experience what life has to offer. After a few hours, as with almost every marijuana strain, pineapple express winds down after a while, leaving you with the munchies and desire to chill.

Unlike many other indica hybrids, you won’t feel the same lethargy once it wears off. Most consumers have a lovely morning joint and report the effects lasting for hours. Regardless of your weed preference, the Pineapple Express is a must-try for anyone who enjoys cannabis.

Like with other cultivars, growers enjoy experimenting with making more variants. If they didn’t, Pineapple Express wouldn’t exist. Newer variants include the Purple Pineapple Express strain that offers higher yields, resin production, and a pretty purple hue.

It’s important to remember that everyone experiences weed differently. Similarly, how much you smoke, and the intensity of Pineapple Express will affect the high. To keep it moderate and not overwhelming, take a puff or two and give it a minute to kick in before hitting it again.

Pineapple Express strain grow information 

It’s remarkably easy to grow your own Pineapple Express marijuana strain at home. Cultivators living in Mediterranean or continental climates are blessed with the perfect conditions for a hefty harvest. If indoors is more your style, grow lights and ventilation are a must-have.

The Pineapple Express strain flowering time averages around 55 to 65 days. Being sativa dominant, they can grow quite tall if given space. These genes also add to the fluffiness of the buds and their light color.

When it comes to trichome production, the Pineapple Express has it going on. Each cola offers a mouth-watering flavor that you can smell from a mile away. Buds are clustered tightly with a heavy resin coating that packs a punch.

As a grower, you have to take care of your Pineapple Express. While weed is generally a hardy plant, it can become sick or fall prey to mold and pests. To help you prevent pitfalls, and get the highest Pineapple Express strain yield, remember:

  • It’s not a vampire. Even if you’re growing a Pineapple Express #2 strain, weed needs light. If it’s possible, sunlight is the best choice. Although it’s not always an option to grow weed outside, you can add some LEDs or CFLs to your outdoor greenhouse to compensate where needed.
  • Ventilation. It’s important to keep the humidity balanced when you grow cannabis. If you don’t have good ventilation, your weed plants could develop mold. Fortunately, because the Pineapple Express is sativa-dominant, the foliage is more spread out.
  • Watering. To prevent root damage, keep the soil moist without overwatering.
  • Nutrients. Keep your marijuana plants healthy with a feeding routine. Regularly check the pH of your soil and water to keep it balanced for optimum uptake.
  • Location. If you plant outdoor cannabis seeds, choose a sunny spot away from public sight with at least 8 hours of daily light. Indoor and greenhouse setups should have a light cycle to ensure your receive what they need.

To make your Pineapple Express strain yield more, you can use topping or supercropping methods. When your crop is ready to harvest, trimming while wet is the preferred choice. If you dry your branches first, the leaves tend to stick to the buds and wipe off trichomes.

Pineapple Express strain genetics 

While the movie made it seem like it was developed in some underground bunker, that’s quite far from reality. The Pineapple Express original strain is a genius result of Dutch breeding methods. By combining Hawaiin landrace and Trainwreck genes, you get a tropical taste that hits like a train.

Still wondering what kind of strain is Pineapple Express? It’s quite simple. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid with a high THC content. On a more molecular level, the Pineapple Express strain genetics are: 

Pineapple Express Strain Genetics

Pineapple Express seeds to buy near you 

If you’re keen to try your hand at cultivating a Pineapple Express, you can buy seeds online. As an online retailer, Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers the best seeds you can find, like

  • Pineapple Autoflower. A genius result of adding ruderalis genes, the autoflower capabilities allow even novice growers to give it a go.
  • Pineapple Haze Feminized. A variant of Pineapple Express, this baby adds the kick of Haze for an even higher sativa kick.

Find your perfect Pineapple Express strain

As with other weed plants, cultivating a Pineapple Express marijuana strain is fun and educational. To keep track of your progress, you can subscribe to Pineapple Express Homegrown Diary and check out Homegrown Diaries of other strains. You can create a diary, record your plant progress, and compare it to see where to improve.

Although the Pineapple Express weed strain is fairly easy to grow, it takes some understanding of cannabis plants to be successful. Fortunately, you can visit the Homegrown Forum to learn everything you need to start growing weed.

About the author: Parker Curtis

Parker Curtis has around a decade of cannabis-growing experience, specialising in soil-less and hydro grows. He’s mastering outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor grows.

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