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Purple Kush Strain Information & Review

purple kush strain

The Purple Kush strain is a legend amongst stoners. This Indica strain has made a name for itself for its calming properties. The brainchild of growers out in California has made a mark for being a strong painkiller, antidepressant, and anti-anxiety herb. 

It’s perfect for relaxing and chilling out with friends, but be wary that you’re likely to polish off a tub of ice cream and some extra-large bags of chips when the hunger strikes.

Our Purple Kush review takes you through the details of what makes this such a popular option for treating anxiety and boosting mental wellbeing.

Purple Kush strain (aka Purple Hindu Kush)

Purple Kush strain Info:  THC, CBD lvl, effects, flowering, yeld

Effects & flavors

Purple Kush is famous for its phenomenal effects and flavors. It’s among the few pure indica cultivars and offers an appealing array of tastes and sensations.


This strain’s smell is a sublime balance of sweetness and earthiness. An appealing aroma fills the air with thick fruity smoke after a few puffs.
The flavor mirrors the sensational smell. Expect to taste sweet berries with undertones of earthy sandalwood as you inhale. The smoke is smooth with a spicy aftertaste that lingers pleasantly in your nose and mouth.


Purple Kush is renowned for its powerful knock-out effects and pain-relieving properties. The strain delivers instant alleviation of physical and mental tension. Waves of euphoria wash over you and replace feelings of stress with bliss.

This cultivar is potent with 19–22% THC, but not overwhelming. As you indulge further, relaxation turns to sedation and wraps your mind and body in a sleepy, tranquil blanket.

The Purple Kush strain is ideal for an evening of couch-locked entertainment or a stress-relieving slumber. Prepare for a pleasing lack of productivity as it pushes pain aside and promotes positivity.

Many fans of the cultivar claim it offers significant relief from chronic physical discomfort. The strain reportedly provides multiple medical benefits, from relieving pain to easing anxiety.

Purple Kush Feminized Bud in details
Purple Kush Feminized Bud

Grow information

This strain can be challenging to cultivate, but a little knowledge goes a long way. The crops’ pure indica genetics make them short and stocky with dense foliage, but the maintenance effort is worthwhile. These plants are a joy to watch as they develop vibrant purple and green flowers.


Purple Kush strains thrive in dry, warm conditions outdoors, but also do exceptionally well indoors. The plants’ short stature of around three feet and lateral growth makes them ideal if you have low ceiling space.
They enjoy temperatures of 70–79°F and low humidity of around 40–50%. Ensure not to expose these plants to extreme heat or dampness. Indoor set-ups allow for easier maintenance and environmental control to maximize results.

Flowering time

Purple Kush has a flowering time of 7–8 weeks, so you won’t be waiting long to reap the rewards. The plants get their famous color as they mature.

May is the optimal month to plant the seeds if you’re growing outdoors. The ideal time to harvest is around late September to mid-October.


Purple Kush cultivars are short but can deliver bountiful harvests of delicious buds. With the proper attention, expect yields of 15–20 oz./m² indoors and over 21 oz./plant outdoors.

The strain can be challenging to grow, but there are some tips and tricks to help you achieve optimal yields.

Tips and tricks

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced grower, individual cultivars have specific preferences and requirements. The Purple Kush cannabis strain needs a little more attention than others to reach its maximum potential.

A convenient feature of this cultivar is its bitter-tasting leaves, which deter pests. The plant’s dense vegetation can be a breathing ground for diseases and other issues, so frequent trimming is essential. Ensure to wear gloves and use proper gardening tools when pruning.

Fresh airflow around the plant is also crucial for avoiding mold. Prepare plenty of fans and adequate ventilation if you’re growing indoors.

Ensure your plants receive frequent feeding but don’t over-water them. Keep pH between 6.2 and 6.8 if your medium is soil.
Purple Kush thrives in a hydroponic system with slightly lower acidity levels. The Sea of Green (SOG) technique is also excellent for helping with horizontal growth


It isn’t the best strain to indulge in if you want to be productive, as it gives a euphoric buzz while simultaneously relaxing you. It’s a strong contender in the cannabis industry even though there are so many other equally potent strains available. 

The Purple Kush was created by a group of breeders in Oakland, California. It stems from the blending of two Indica landraces from the lush forests of South-East Asia. If you’re wondering, what is the dominant strain in Purple Kush? The short answer is there isn’t one; the plant is 100% indica. 

The Purple Kush strain specs are as follows:

Purple Kush Genetics

Purple Kush strain seeds to buy near you

If you’re looking for the best Purple Kush strainsseeds to buy, then look no further than the three most popular ones below. 

It’s not a plant to cultivate for beginners, but with the proper care, ventilation, and soil, you’ll be happy-go-lucky in no time. 

Chill out with the Purple Kush strain

The Purple Hindu Kush strain is one of legend, as it’s established itself in the world of cannabis users through its calming yet mood-enhancing properties. It’s a strain worth trying for pain control, depression, and insomnia with benefits for people suffering from anxiety and overall restlessness. 

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You’ll want to buy these Purple Kush strain seeds to plant. The chilling effect of the weed strain is second to none. Just make sure you have a healthy stash of snacks for when the munchies hit.

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