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Purple Sunset Strain Information & Review

Purple Sunset Strain

The Purple Sunset strain is known for its profoundly calming effects coupled with euphoria and creativity. It serves as a brilliant late afternoon option, eliminating stress and any physical discomfort.

It doesn’t take long for the Purple Sunset marijuana strain to affect your mind and body. Plus, these buds are enough to put you into a hypnotic trance with their gorgeous hues.

Join us as we find out all the Purple Sunset strain has to offer in this review, including its fragrance and effects. You’ll also find all the information you need to raise these cannabis seeds at home.

Purple Sunset strain

The Purple Sunset strain is one of the hardest cultivars to find at most marijuana seed banks or dispensaries. Still, its fabled potency and bag appeal continue to place it at the top of any cannabis connoisseur’s bucket list.

Before we get wrapped up in the relaxing qualities of the Purple Sunset strain, let’s take a look at its main talking points.

  • Type: Indica-dominant hybrid
  • THC: 18–22%
  • CBD: 0.8%
  • Top reported effects: Uplifted, creative, and relaxed
  • Top reported flavors: Grape, citrus, and plum
  • Dominant terpene: Caryophyllene
  • Flowering time: 8–10 weeks
  • Difficulty: Beginner-friendly
  • Indoor yield: 12 oz./m²
  • Outdoor yield: 14 oz./plant
Purple Sunset Strain info

Purple Sunset strain effects

Smoking the Purple Sunset strain opens the doors to a stress-free environment. Within moments of it entering your system, you feel an uplifting high take hold of your mind. This mellow cerebral rush doesn’t disorientate you but rather triggers increased focus.

The Purple Sunset marijuana strain also helps bring out your creative side, allowing you to think outside the box. Conversation effortlessly flows as you discuss deep, meaningful topics with friends.

After a short period, the Purple Sunset strain reveals its indica might by inducing a powerful, relaxed state. Productivity becomes the last thing on your mind as you sink deeper into your comfortable couch.

Higher doses can reinforce these sedating sensations, making the Purple Sunset marijuana strain a prime candidate for afternoon use.

Purple Sunset strain flavors

Flowers from the Purple Sunset strain emit a surprisingly fruity fragrance, drawing you in for a closer look. You’ll also pick up subtle hints of floral and spicy earth, balancing out the sweet scent perfectly.

These succulent flavors become even more pronounced in your mouth as you light up the Purple Sunset marijuana strain. A combination of grape, plum, and citrus tastes wash over your tongue as the creamy smoke enters your lungs. 

As you exhale, a peppery reminder lingers on your lips, coaxing you into taking another toke of this delicious mixture.

Purple Sunset strain grow information

Purple sunset seeds are a brilliant option for first-time growers and experienced cultivators seeking potent THC levels. These three-foot plants resist pests and pathogens, eliminating the stresses of outdoor cultivation.

Whether you raise these marijuana seeds indoors or outside, regularly pruning your crops is essential. This technique helps increase air ventilation, lowering the chances of mold and mildew. It also helps send nutrients to newer sections for healthier buds.

Soil is the best growing medium for Purple Sunset seeds. It helps to boost your plant’s immune system and enhances the flavor of your nugs. While hydro has its benefits, it tends to increase humidity levels around your crops, leading to moisture issues.

Thanks to the small size of these cannabis crops, they fit comfortably inside a grow tent. If you raise multiple marijuana seeds at once, consider using the Sea of Green (SOG) method. This technique maximizes the space you have available and can bolster potential yields.

To get the most out of the Purple Sunset strain, keep the temperatures between 68–80 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also beneficial for these cannabis crops if you maintain the humidity levels below 50%. 

The Purple Sunset strain has a flowering time of eight to ten weeks. After this period, you can look forward to yields around 12 oz.m² indoors.

A Mediterranean climate ensures the best from your cannabis seeds if you cultivate them outdoors. Growers need to start harvesting crops around October for premium bud, netting up to 14 oz./plant.

Purple Sunset strain genetics

Two incredibly colorful and fruity cultivars are responsible for the creation of the Purple Sunset strain. Breeders combined Purple Punch with Sunset Sherbet, producing a 60% indica 40% sativa hybrid.

Besides the sweet flavors, both of these parent cultivars passed down their potent potential. You can expect 18–22% THC from the Purple Sunset marijuana strain, along with around 0.8% CBD.

Purple Sunset Strain genetics

Purple Sunset strain seeds to buy near you

Excited to get your hands on some Purple Sunset seeds after this review? Head over to  Homegrown Cannabis Co. and place your order for this stress-busting strain. You’ll find this cultivar comes in three different versions, which are:

  • Purple Sunset regular seeds: We don’t offer this variety yet. While you wait for it to hit our shelves, try out regular Granddaddy Purple seeds. This classic option contains male and female seeds and offers similar fruity flavors and relaxing effects. 
  • Purple Sunset feminized seeds: If it’s heavy harvests you’re after, the feminized version of the Purple Sunset strain is for you. Until we have these cannabis seeds in stock, check out feminized Purple Punch seeds and reveal the cultivars’ genetics. 
  • Purple Sunset autoflower seeds: Experienced cultivators looking to speed up the process required to harvest their buds can opt for the autoflowering version. These plants don’t rely on light to grow and promise slightly smaller yields in half the time. 

Watch your stress disappear with the sunset

The best way to describe the Purple Sunset strain is like a breath of fresh air in the dying light of dusk. These fruit-flavored flowers send you on a short uplifting journey before laying you down on a calming cloud of comfort.

You can raise Purple Sunset seeds at home without a hitch, even if it’s your first time growing cannabis. Make sure your crops receive loads of sunshine, and remember to trim the older leaves regularly. 

Why not start a Homegrown Diary to track the progress of your plants? Compare your crops to other cultivators in our community and upload photos for bragging rights. You can also use your Purple Sunset Homegrown Diary as a reference for your next marijuana grow.

Check out our Homegrown Forum for the latest cannabis news, tips, and tricks. Plus, if you find yourself in a sticky situation with your Purple Sunset strain, you can reach out for assistance.

About the author: Parker Curtis

Parker Curtis has around a decade of cannabis-growing experience, specialising in soil-less and hydro grows. He’s mastering outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor grows.

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